Treatment of allergic sinus .. file a comprehensive

علاج حساسية الجيوب الانفية

علاج حساسية الجيوب الانفية

Allergic sinusitis, or hay fever, is a response to the sensitivity of certain pollen are the most common allergens in seasonal allergic rhinitis; of allergic symptoms that occur with the change of seasons many, How can the treatment of allergic sinus and of her symptoms?

Symptoms of allergy sinus!

Common symptoms of allergic sinusitis include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Itching in the nose
  • Cough
  • A sore throat or a desire to knit or scratch the throat
  • Itchy eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • A recurring headache
  • Symptoms similar to eczema, such as the presence of severe itching or dryness and itching of the skin
  • Chills
  • Excessive fatigue

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Will usually one or more of these symptoms immediately after contact with or exposure to an allergen, it may not challenge some of the symptoms, such as frequent headaches and fatigue, only after long-term exposure to the allergen; the bathroom is not the symptoms of allergic sinusitis.

Some people suffer from symptoms only rare, often happen when exposed to the allergen in large amounts or for a long time, while others suffer from symptoms throughout the year.

Talk to your doctor about allergies if symptoms persist for more than a few weeks and she seems to be talking.

Methods of treatment of allergy sinus!

Include methods of treating allergy sinus medications, as well as home remedies and perhaps alternative medications; and talk to your doctor before trying any procedure new therapeutic for the treatment of allergic rhinitis.


You can take antihistamines to treat allergies; some include antihistamines common that you don’t need to a prescription:

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Talk to your doctor before starting a new medication, make sure that the allergy medication new will not interfere with medications or other medical conditions.


You can use decongestants, over a short period, not more than usually three days, to relieve stuffy nose sinus pressure.

May lead to use them for a longer time to the occurrence of a relapse, which means that once you stop it will increase drained get worse, and decongestants common:

  • Oxy reason.
  • Pseudoephedrine.
  • Phenylephrine.
  • Cetirizine with pseudoephedrine.

If you are suffering from arrhythmias or heart disease or a history of stroke, anxiety or sleep disorders, or high blood pressure or bladder problems, talk with your doctor before using decongestants.

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Eye drops sprays and nose

طرق علاج حساسية الجيوب الانفية

طرق علاج حساسية الجيوب الانفية

Eye drops sprays and nose can help in relieving itching and other symptoms associated with allergies for a short time, however, the construction on the house, you may need to avoid long-term use of some products.

Can lead to excessive use of certain eye drops and nasal drops also to the occurrence of relapse.

Advised usually using nasal sprays steroid as a useful long-term to manage symptoms of allergies, which is available both on prescription and without prescription.

Talk to your doctor before starting any regimen for treatment of allergic sinus to make sure that you take the best drugs and.

Your doctor can also help you in determining the appropriate medication for short-term use which is suitable for long-term transactions.

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Stem cell therapy

Your doctor may recommend immunotherapy or allergy shots if you have a severe allergy; you can use a treatment plan, with medications to control symptoms.

These injections reduce the response of climate to allergens own over time, but requires long-term commitment to the treatment plan.

It starts therapy system, going to the doctor to get a dose of one to three doses a week for about three to six months to allow your body to get used to the allergen.

It is likely to need additional injections of each period to ensure continuation of the effect, these injections are taken every two to four weeks over three to five years.

Some cases may vary allergic reaction to this injection, so will be the work of sensitivity testing it first before taking it.

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Sublingual immunotherapy

This includes treatment put tablet contains a combination of many of the allergens under your tongue to recognize them, which works similar to injection allergies, but without the injection.

This therapy is effective for the treatment of rhinitis and allergic asthma caused by weed pollen, trees, dander, cats, and dust mites and herbs.

And you can take this treatment at home after an initial consultation with your doctor, after you take the first dose in the doctor’s office to make sure no allergic reaction, and are taking the drug repeatedly over a period of time determined by your doctor.

Potential side effects include itching in the mouth or ear and throat irritation, and in rare cases an allergy can occur excessive; talk to your doctor to see if this treatment is appropriate for you or not.

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Home remedies

Home remedies depend on the causes of your allergies, if you suffer from seasonal allergies or pollen, then you can try to use the air conditioner instead of opening windows if possible add a filter designed for allergies.

Can help you use a dehumidifier or air filter high particulate high efficiency to control your allergies while you are at home.

If you are allergic to dust mites so I washed the covers and blankets in hot water higher than 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4 degrees Celsius).

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Treatment of allergic sinus seasonal and alternative medicine

الري الملحي الأنفي

الري الملحي الأنفي

Due to potential side effects, looking for more people allergy for ways to address the symptoms of hay fever naturally, however it is important to remember that any medication can have side effects, even if it is considered normal.

Apart from home remedies, you can include options and also alternative medicine, but the downside of this treatments can be that there is little supporting evidence to prove they are safe or effective and may be difficult to determine the correct dosages or do accurately.

According to the National Center for health complementary and complementarity (NCCIH), may be some of the remedies listed below are useful in the management of seasonal allergies, but there is still a need for more research, talk to your doctor before trying any of the following:

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Although these alternative therapies are derived from plants and other natural materials, but it may interact with medications, as well as cause allergic reactions.

Try methods of treatment of allergic sinus alternative carefully, and ask your doctor before using it.

Treatment depends on your condition, and also nose seasonal allergic usually not be severe, and you can manage it well with medication, however, the severe forms of this allergy are likely to develop a relationship long-term, so consult your doctor whenever got the right treatment for you early whenever she can manage the symptoms of these allergies; for more information about the methods of treatment of allergic sinus seasonal you can consult one of our doctors here.

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