Treatment of allergic rhinitis and photo definitively proven

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For the treatment of allergic rhinitis and photo, you must follow a set of tips because of Allergy of the chronic ailments which has to be adaptation, and stimuli in general, more about treating allergic rhinitis and photo from the website of the pharmacy.

Allergic rhinitis of the things that has plagued a lot of people, whether adults or kids, the main reason for allergies is the transformation of certain materials may be present in the food or the atmosphere or air surrounding us everywhere.

Natural ways to treat allergic rhinitis

Apple cider vinegar

  • Of the most natural materials that work to cure allergies or at least alleviate their symptoms, because apple cider vinegar contains a large percentage of antibiotics and antihistamines.
  • To use apple cider vinegar to get rid of allergic rhinitis, is melt a little apple cider vinegar in warm water, with a little bit of honey with the juice of a lemon, and drink.

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  • Of natural materials, multiple-use in the treatment, because it is rich in a large proportion of the material is anti-life, as well as antioxidants that fights free radicals, and anti-inflammatory substances.
  • To use turmeric in the treatment of or alleviating symptoms of allergy is mixing a quantity of ground turmeric with a little of the honey bee, eating a spoonful of the mixture.

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  • Entered the world of Natural Herbal Treatment of the long and wide acceptance among the people and at all the pharmacies, and the importance of it to the wheel of allergies in being rich in perfectly with the anti-anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory.
  • Is put the amount of leaf nettle in a cup of warm water, and then cover the mixture and filtered, and add to it the amount of honey.

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Where the local crop to get rid of mucus in the nose, it is better to add a little baking soda with salt and water with the need to put all material in distilled water, and rinse the nose crop by dragging a few of the crop inside the nose and then out.

علاج حساسية الانف والعطاس Treatment of allergic rhinitis and photo


  • Of natural materials which are used in the treatment of sore throat get rid of cough and phlegm, because it contains antibiotics that fight off viruses and infections.
  • Can put the amount of grated ginger in the water to avoid astringency of ginger can be added cloves and cinnamon, and then boil the ingredients and leave to cool, then filtered with the addition of a little honey, preferably adding a bit of lemon juice too, to increase the effectiveness and then drink twice a day.

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Eat chicken instead of meat

According to the study of modern medical procedures on people with sensitive nose, it has proven study that those who ate meat containing monounsaturated fats are also vulnerable to PCOS the Great injury of the sensitivity of the nose.

  • Doctors advised to wear a hat and sunglasses, because this helps to keep pollen from your eyes and thus underestimate the injury itching of the eyes associated with in the original sensitivity of the nose.
  • Fish oil supplements, help in general to reduce the symptoms of Asthma disease allergies chest and rear.

Causes of allergic rhinitis

  • Unfortunately, a week has now multiple significantly, such as exposure to soil or sand.
  • The change of weather especially in spring, where the spread of pollen in the air is what causes the two nose and also.
  • Inhalation of spices and perfumes with strong odor.
  • Eat foods that contain cocoa or some other food such as strawberries.
  • Infection cold and zakat and its treatment.
  • Human injury dehydrated and not eating had plenty of water because the dryness of the throat helps in injury allergies where does the human breathing from the mouth not the nose.

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Symptoms of allergic rhinitis

Severe itching in the nose and wanting pussy.

  • Coughing and sneezing repeatedly without stopping.
  • Secretions severe of the nose may vary their color according to the degree of sensitivity.
  • Incidence of insomnia due to difficulty breathing at night.
  • Gonorrhea severe of the nose, cold.
  • Pain in the area surrounding all of the eye, nose, and WAM is known as headache sinus.
  • Infections in the eye with a runny eye.

We have provided you the different ways to treat allergic rhinitis and continuous, with the clarification that the sensitivity of the chronic ailments that they have to talk to her remoteness from all that might be.

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