Treatment constant nausea and the reduction of

علاج الغثيان المستمر

علاج الغثيان المستمر

Nausea something most people know, it feels bad and can arise in many situations, including pregnancy and tuberculosis, and the use of some anti-nausea medicine to help ease, but unfortunately, it can be of these drugs negative side effects of its own, including drowsiness; and here are some ways to cure constant nausea natural which doesn’t require taking any medications.

Methods of treatment of persistent nausea

  • May be daily dose of ginger is an effective alternative to pharmaceutical anti-nausea, including during pregnancy and after chemotherapy or after surgery.
  • The smell of peppermint oil at the beginning of the feeling of nausea may help reduce your symptoms.
  • Acupuncture and light therapy are two ways to scientifically proven their effectiveness to reduce nausea.
  • Might help the smell of citrus, whether lemon or essential oils, to reduce the nausea associated with pregnancy.
  • Breathing techniques are selected that are controlled are home remedies effective for nausea.
  • May lead some spice to reduce the frequency or severity of nausea successfully, however there may be a need to large doses there is a need to further studies to confirm the effectiveness of this technique.
  • Muscle relaxants, whether through massage or the techniques of progressive muscle relaxation PMR, may help in relieving nausea and treating nausea constant with time.
  • For pregnant women who suffer from nausea, think vitamin B6 is a safe and effective alternative to drugs and anti-nausea.

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Constant nausea and ways to reduce them

الغثيان المستمر

الغثيان المستمر

In addition to the above tips, you may lead some other recommendations to reduce the possibility of nausea or help alleviate its symptoms:

  1. Avoid spicy or fatty foods may lead to diet is gentle on the stomach, such as fever, Pratt, and foods such as bananas or rice or apples or crackers or baked potato to relieve nausea and reduce the likelihood of occurrence of disorders in the stomach.
  2. Add protein to your meals: meals rich in protein have been sharing and working to cure constant nausea better from meals rich in fats or carbohydrates.
  3. Avoid large meals: it may help to choose smaller meals when you feel sick to relieve the symptoms.
  4. Stay upright after eating: you are likely to learn some persons, tothe height of the esophagus or get sick if you lie down within 30 to 60 minutes after eating.
  5. Avoid drinking liquids with meals: you may drink any fluids with meals to increase the feeling of fullness, which may lead to worsening of nausea in some individuals.
  6. Stay hydrated: dehydration may exacerbate the nausea, if nausea is accompanied by vomiting replace the fluids lost fluids provide you with energy, such as mineral water or vegetable broth or any sports drink provide the energy.
  7. Avoid strong odors: may cause pungent smells aggravate the nausea, especially during pregnancy.
  8. Avoid iron supplements: pregnant women should those women who have normal levels of iron and avoid taking iron supplements during the first three months of pregnancy because it may aggravate the feeling of nausea
  9. Exercise: exercise may be aerobic andyoga ways useful particularly to assess and treat persistent nausea some individuals.

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It should be noted that most of these tips the last is supported only by the evidence of the story, however, these tips are safe and worth a try, but after consulting with your doctor first; for more information on ways to cure constant nausea , you can consult one of our doctors here.

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