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Irritable bowel syndrome is a disease that manifests through several symptoms of intestinal and at the same time with each other, and may take these symptoms for a period of up to about 3 months, by 3 days in the month, and they vary from person to person depending on the severity and the duration of the hold, the lost person is suffering from some minor symptoms and suffer from more severe symptoms affecting his daily life, so learn the ways of treatment, whether with drugs or even herbs, the more about the treatment of the colon herbal remedies in this article

Herbs for the treatment of colon altogether

Can the treatment of the colon herbal remedies is through the use of some herbs powerful effect with a view to get rid of the pain of the colon and cure it once and for all, such as the following herbs:

  • Ginger: it is used to persons in public ginger to ease the pain of the gastrointestinal tract, which also helps in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, especially if not a great ability in reducing inflammation, as well as enhances the bowel movement inside the body and strengthens the stomach lining, and can be equipped to the south through the use of some of the filled bags before, in some cases, the industry can brew with honey, or with turmeric even.
  • Turmeric: many studies have proven that turmeric has a great role in relieving the abdominal pain as well as have a positive effect and alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and caution when used by diabetics as well as patients with problems of the gallbladder.
  • Can the treatment of the colon herbal remedies using mint fluffy: wearing this kind of herbs process soothe the digestive system in the body, it also relieves abdominal pain and works to reduce the contraction of the intestinal, as it relieves symptoms of gas in the intestines.
  • Fennel: helps this type of herbs on the process of relaxing the muscles of the intestines in the human body/ as well as relieve gas and swellings of the abdomen, which is suffering also constipation and cramping intestinal.

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أعشاب لعلاج القولون نهائيا

Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome permanently herbal

Can treatment colon herbal through the use of some herbs that contribute in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome once and for all, a proven and available in most homes, as follows:

  • Crop : is a fruit dryer, one of the plants used for mashed potatoes or even Whole Foods clear and it works as an antidote to the uprisings where they contribute significantly in relieving the symptoms of the colon, as well as get rid of the gases.
  • Flaxseed: scientific research proved that the use of the number three tablespoons of this herbal powder twice and even 3 times a day with a lot of money have the capacity to cure inflammation of the diverticula is large, it can calm the bowel within the body as they include some metals that a person loses when the process output.
  • Honey : treats honey many diseases particular variety and it food easy to digest, unlike artificial sugar completely which is not digested and does not have any medical benefits for all or case, which is used in expelling abdominal gas by eating a tablespoon of it after eating every meal of the day, it also treats diarrhea and helps the patient to maintain the lining of the colon internal.

Herbs colon home kitchen

Can the treatment of the colon herbal remedies through herbs reduce the bulges of the colon, mainly, including:

  1. Anise: one of the drinks that are used in the treatment of the colon Herbal Remedy, which helps in the elimination of abdominal gas significantly, and one of the well-known beverage that give the rest of the exhibition, and drink a decoction to achieve the best results.
  2. Fennel seeds: the fennel food item in other articles, which are used effectively in the elimination of the bulges of the colon, it also eliminates gases, it acts on the diuresis effectively, adds more comfort to the patient, it also works on improving the digestive system, and can be used through chewing in the morning on an empty stomach daily, it can be taken in a decoction with a view to get rid of the pain of the colon and bulges.
  3. Facilities and services : one of the hot drinks that increase the discomfort in the stomach and you from bloating and the colon, as it facilitates the process of directing, and eat decoction daily until you eliminate the puffiness quickly.

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Herbs the law and the

  • Mint, one of the natural drinks that are used heavily in the treatment and relief of the pain of the stomach, colon as well, as that peppermint oil itself contains menthol, and the effects of diverse anti cases of spasm of the muscles of your digestive tract.
  • Lavender : includes many of the wonderful benefits that protect the digestive system in the human body, many of the studies confirmed in the case of eating through the mouth and its ability to protect the stomach against the loan.
  • Dandelion, the herb has many benefits to adults as well as nutrient health, it contains various metals including iron as well as zinc, protein and calcium, it also works to purify the blood and cleanses the liver.

أعشاب للقولون و المعدة

Herbs colon constipation

  1. Flax seeds: it is known he is full of dietary fiber useful for all persons, and in the event you added to your diet will increase the intestinal health during the day, they hide it Diseases of the digestive system pain.
  2. Logo: includes fibers work to reduce cholesterol as well as blood pressure in the human body suffering from high cholesterol, as it reduces sugar in the blood.
  3. Seeds don: seeds are full of fiber and natural health, is the increase of taking out the waste products from the body in large quantities, usually be used in cases of severe constipation or chronic, and in some cases, be combined with do laxatives again.

The best treatment for irritable bowel syndrome chronic

There is no apparent cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome eliminates it completely, but it can be cured by following some systems and methods that alleviate those pains are good and effective, can cure irritable bowel syndrome like this:

  • Treat puffiness which happens or befalls a person through the use of some medical drugs or even the use of home remedies such as herbal drinks, natural which has great benefits.
  • Lifestyle changes associated with pattern of daily diet and follow a healthy diet is useful with the introduction of fresh vegetables in anyone’s diet, not eating fatty foods excessively.
  • Removed from any effects may lead to injury colon nervous and trying to ease the tension that may be not the person.

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أفضل علاج للقولون العصبي المزمن

The treatment of the colon herbal tried

There are many diverse ways to have been tried in the treatment of the colon using herbs without medical intervention of surgery or medication, the Medical, is this the road what’s to come:

  1. Methods of treatment of the colon herbal extract of chamomile, one of the well-known herbs which is used as an anti-inflammatory which is characterized by the effect of a strong.
  2. Mint or mint tea, a project is used in the disposal of cases, flatulence as well as gas is the process of calming the stomach muscles effectively.
  3. Turmeric : you can use a floured or covered with gauze, where he has a great ability to cure the colon effectively and.
  4. Fennel: used as a treatment strong through it is to get rid of most of the symptoms resulting from the colon and digestive tract such as the expulsion of gas or even bloating as well as constipation and it works to relax the muscles.
  5. Can the treatment of the colon herbal remedies using anise: the project used heavily in the treatment of problems of the gastrointestinal tract as a result of it contains some properties which calm the nerves and alike.

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