Treat quit smoking depression

علاقة الإقلاع عن التدخين بالاكتئاب

علاقة الإقلاع عن التدخين بالاكتئاب

What does quit smoking depression? Have a question, a lot of the next two on this step, we will through the following article about the relationship of smoking with depression , and what leads to it? Roads followed in the event of it.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking

Withdrawal symptoms of smoking after quitting sleepless and very stressful, and that is why you may think smoked too much before the decision to quit smoking. And it is possible that you quit smoking in some short-term problems, especially if you have been smoking greedily on consecutive years..

This temporary problems with short-term lead to the emergence of withdrawal symptoms. And withdrawal symptoms are common associated with quitting smoking may include the following:


During the first day or for a while after quitting, enjoy the article about smoking is an appetite for a very short time. And cigarettes on the material (dopamine, andsee the laws), which lessen the sense of hunger, loss of appetite, if I quit cigarettes, and thereby decreased the rate of availability of these materials in the body, goes your mind automatically feeling hungry.

Some people find that they spend the time they used to smoke in the eating, unfortunately be appetite often hand sugars and starches.

The urgent desire to return to smoking

The desire to restore the nicotine of symptoms that will remain with you long after you quit smoking, you may begin to desire to smoke after just half an hour of smoking your last cigarette.


Respiratory couldn’t do without him and clean him fully if as long as the nicotine stuck to it, and this continues for weeks of quitting smoking.


There will be a headache, but in a way lighter weight than the rest of the symptoms

General weakness

Nicotine is a catalyst used for the nervous system, abandoned it may cause some pressure, insomnia, and feeling satisfied.


For the first month only, it may be constipation of the negative impacts of burdensome

Some of the symptoms of withdrawal other the following:

  • Anger, frustration, agitation of the nerves.
  • The general feeling of tension and anxiety.
  • Depression.

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Treat quit smoking depression

Natural that we all feel sometimes sad for some time after quitting, if I felt depressed minor after you quit smoking, usually starts with that feeling after the first day of quitting, and continue for two weeks, and growing with you for a month.

In the event that there is a history of depression, it is associated that some of the withdrawal symptoms, which include severe depression, while people who do not have a history of depression it is rare that they get it after takeoff.

Tips when feeling depressed after quitting smoking

Many people wonder whether it is better in the case of depression associated with quitting smoking back to smoking? If you had this question you have to follow the following:

  • Call a friend you and try to find other plan for your day, eating with him, or watch a movie, or attending a party.
  • I knew of your feelings exactly at the same time, which affects your feeling depressed.
  • Recommended increase in physical exercise, may help you to improve your mood.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Write a list of things that make you frustrated, and their solutions.
  • If you continue to depression. to more than a month, it is advised to visit the doctor, describe you to a doctor some medicine, and alternatives to nicotine that help in quitting smoking.

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But dear readers are advised to visit a doctor in case you feel any of the withdrawal symptoms. After exposure to the treatment to quit smoking with depression and the other symptoms of quitting, if you have any consult, consult one of our doctors here.

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