Toothache for no reason suddenly.. why happen?

وجع الاسنان بدون سبب

وجع الاسنان بدون سبب

Have you ever been a toothache for no reason suddenlyis? Have you thought about why this happened? Follow us dear reader the following article to find out the reasons of occurrence of tooth pain suddenly.

Toothache for no reason

May occasionally suffer from a toothache for no reason suddenly, and may think you suffer from tooth sensitivity, or think that one of your teeth has been injured by caries.

But in reality there are many reasons that may lead to tooth pain suddenly, and the good news is that you can be easily processed by the development of the situation by the dentist.

Why does a toothache for no reason?

Exposure to extreme heat or cold

Can occur soreness and tooth sensitivity because the tooth enamel damaged, or the nerves exposed in the teeth, then when you eat or drink something high temperature or very low for natural, feel pain sudden severe in your teeth.

Recession of the gingival margin

The gum is the tissue layer of pink which covers the bone, and the root of the tooth to help protect the nerve endings of the teeth, has been related to this tissue with age to the recession of the gingival margin.

Think this recession than a week a toothache for no reason suddenly, because it leaves the roots of your teeth exposed, making you more prone to gum disease anddental infections, and makes your teeth more sensitive.

Erosion of tooth enamel

Refers to reliable sources that at least 12% of people suffer from tooth sensitivity excessive, which caused them discomfort when eating, and have this condition occurs due to a diet high in the bathroom, or brushing the teeth vigorously or the other.

As a result of this case begin the tooth enamel that coats your teeth in the corrosion, which leads to sharp pain, and stabs the severe may cause chills in the spine when you bite your teeth to certain foods, therefore, are of the most important cases that lead to a toothache for no reason.

Tooth decay

May be tooth decay or what is sometimes called the “cavity of tooth” is what leads to a toothache without cause, the starts on the sides of the teeth or top of the tooth enamel for some time without causing any problems, but once developed it may cause you pain sudden sharp.

Gum infection

Disease affects the gums more than 47% of adults aged over 30 years, and cook on gum disease in its early stages, “gingivitis“, and may not know the mission that they have this condition.

Cracked tooth or a dental crown

Can lead to cracking of the tooth or next to pain and tooth sensitivity, there are cases where the tooth cracked by a simple so that you can’t see it, but it may cause pain.


Is one of the symptoms of sinus infection tooth pain and jaw, so that when the inflammation of the sinuses they can press on the nerve endings of the teeth.

Grind or compress the jaws

May lead to grind and squeeze the jaws firmly to the occurrence of tooth sensitivity chronic, because you caused this erosion of tooth enamel, and can sometimes do this without public awareness due to increased stress or lack of sleep, which leads to toothache for no reason.

Dental procedures

Can cause some the procedures of the teeth such as dental fillings to make nerve endings more sensitive, has used sensitive teeth resulting from it for up to two weeks.

Teeth whitening products

You can end a toothache for no reason on the use of bleaching gels or performing the teeth whitening at the doctor’s office, and often the pain resulting from the whitening of the teeth temporarily, and restless when you stop using these products.

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Related topics

Need to consult a doctor

You may suffer from a toothache for no reason suddenly, but you should consult a dentist immediately in the following cases:

  • The persistence of a toothache for more than 48 hours.
  • Throbbing acute pain restless.
  • Migraine or headache thunder that extends to your teeth.
  • The campaign which coincides with a tooth ache.

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In the end, dear reader, that you know a toothache for no reason, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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