Tips to relieve the state of the natural herb for the treatment

The elements of the decision

Try to ladies and girls relieve PMS that feel which is one of the hardest problems that occur in their lives each month, where women face hormonal changes greatly affect her health and mood analysis to minimize them as much as possible.

Feel Girl pain lower abdomen with the depression and pain in various parts of the body often natural ways are the best to get rid of pain without side effects and this is the focus of our article next.

تخفيف الام الدورة بشاي البابونجRelieve the state chamomile tea

Effective ways to relieve the state

There is a set of tips that can be followed to alleviate the aches of the menstrual cycle, including:

– The war on heating where it causes the increased pain, attention must be paid to warm the abdomen by using bladders of warm water on it which reduces the spasms and contractions of the uterus.

– Eat foods rich Health also which works to reduce muscle tension and treats spasm of the uterus and relieves pain, and can be obtained from the banana because it is rich in this element.

– Eat iron-rich foods to what lose the of blood during menstruation which causes him vertigo and general weakness, chills, and get it from green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, red meat, liver, honey and black.

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– Eat foods rich in omega 3 it helps in reducing the pain associated with PMS such as fish, salmon and tuna liver oil of the whale.

– Attention to exercise and malfunction of this period which helps to reduce the pain, especially walking and abdominal exercises, light yoga and relaxation.

– Do a massage for the abdomen and using some soothing oils such as peppermint oil or lavender oil to calm spasms and reduce the pain.

– Eat sufficient amounts of water to reduce fluid retention in the body that occurs due to hormonal changes during this critical period.

– Reduce the intake of spicy foods and salty, which works to increase the pain and increase the fluid trapped in the body and cause swelling of the feet.

– Eating calcium-rich foods that reduce the spasms of the uterus, such as milk and milk products, yogurt, curd, cabbage and eggs.

– Eating chocolate that helps produce the hormone serotonin, which works to calm the nervous system and reduces the pain and improves the mental state and moods.

– Taking the pill after consulting a doctor because it helps to reduce menstrual pain, but can cause side effects such as vomiting, nausea, pain of breast.

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Treatment of PMS in the region

تخفيف الام الدورة بشاي الشمرRelieve the state of the Shah of fennel

Herbs natural relieve the pain State

Can use of medicinal herbs for relief of PMS by eating some as occasions warm reduce contractures and deformities and provide feeling of comfort and relaxation, from the most important of these herbs are the following:

– Intake of a decoction of fennel three times a day during the days of the menstrual period reduces pain because it contains elements of anti and relieves pain and calms the spasms.

– Intake of a decoction of cinnamon three times a day with the addition of bee honey to it, since contain ingredients that reduce pain and and treats dysmenorrhea and feeling vomiting and nausea, it is also anti-inflammatory.

– Intake of a decoction of sage since the first day of the menstrual cycle at a rate of a cup to two cups a day reduces uterine contractions and can be taken with cinnamon and honey bees.

– Intake of a decoction of ginger, which contains elements of anti-pain and inflammation and helps to relax the nerves and muscles, as eating to soothe the pain and cure gas and bloating and poor digestion which treats pain and menstrual cycle.

– The use of compresses of warm ginger on the area of the abdomen and lower back helps to treat muscle spasms and reduces pain and.

– Eat boiled leaves and berries that have proven effective in the treatment of uterine contractions and stimulate the respiratory tract, the leaves are boiled the berries in water and eat the resulting drink after sweeten sugar or bee honey at least twice a day.

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– Relieve pain State by using the herb of Mary that reduce the unpleasant symptoms preceding menstruation, which notice also especially breast pain and uterine contractions and bad mood, constipation, nervousness, is doses ranging from 20 to 40 mg daily of this herb.

– Intake of a decoction of chamomile, which contains a substance Gleeson that minimize contractures and deformities in the pelvis of the uterus, is to eat two cups of chamomile a day before the beginning of the menstrual cycle several days and will notice to get rid of the pain and the feeling of comfort, relaxation and tranquillity during the days of the menstrual cycle.

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الشيكولاتة الداكنة لعلاج الم الدورة الشهرية وتحسين المزاجDark chocolate treat pain PMS and improve your mood

Depends relieve the state of the important things you care about girls and didn’t cause him such pain discomfort and tension monthly affects the exercise of her life. naturally it is possible to follow the tips and try some herbs to feel better so pass these days quietly and peacefully.

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