Tips for every week of pregnancy


The first week

Consult your doctor regarding the intake of multi-vitamins as a supplement food in the morning. You’ll get 400 micrograms of folic acid at least a day to help on prevention of some abnormalities in the brain and heart and spine of the fetus especially during the first weeks of pregnancy. As you should containing supplements on the calcium, iron and vitamin B12.

The second week

Now you’re trying to find out if you are pregnant or not, but unfortunately you have to wait a little bit after four days of fertilization of the egg starts the levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG to rise and is the one who says your blood test to reveal it but might need another week so that the device can detect its presence by the blood (via the special examination in the lab) then (later) through the urine (via a device purchased from a pharmacy and use it easily at home).

The second week

Make sure to choose a good doctor and you can trust in the end it will be this doctor supervising your pregnancy and your birth and you will need to ask hundreds of questions you have and will lose many of the tests and cases need different you understand, and guide you through the journey of your pregnancy and after your birth.

The fourth week

I don’t learn if you don’t ask you to the doctor visit before the completion of your 8 Week – 12 of pregnancy many of the doctors ask the nurses to conduct a blood test to confirm the pregnancy first, and waiting a suitable period for pregnancy so that the process of estimating the date of birth and photography class (sonar) more accurate and clearer.

The fifth week

Regardless of the problems you currently remember that you’ll get adequate amount of sleep and rest at least eight hours. You may feel like currently being dizzy and sleepy all the time, whether you’re at work or in front of the TV or even in the middle of a sentence talking to him, and that the high level of progesterone in blood and low sugar levels and blood pressure and increased blood volume.

The previous week

Are you having difficulty in taking supplements of vitamins? May be the size of a grain of Medicine great sometimes and it would be difficult for you ingested, especially if you feel nauseous. You can consult your doctor regarding the intake of grains small in size and which includes chewing her own children in addition to folic acid.

The previous week

It must have hard negotiation with others, especially with all these changes that occur in the belly but you have to think about the participation of your partner in this period where some couples have they are very helpful while the others as a result of these accelerating changes in their lives. It is very natural that your husband is concerned about the material things or the need to change the stuff in the House. Talk with your husband about what’s worrying you and listen in return as well.

The second week

Do something for yourself this week! Easy to pour all your focus on your child these days and might do your friends and family this also. Enjoy some time to yourself before the arrival of your baby, you can go to the salon to acknowledge your nails or read a good book or go for a walk. Consider this time a part of your task as a mother in taking care of yourself in what you do to relieve stress will be beneficial on your child, isn’t it?

The ninth week

Start thinking about any examine Jenny may be requested by the doctor in terms of if it was worth really done or if the usefulness of conducted outweighs the potential risk. You may need to meeting at length with your doctor to take your decision.

The tenth week

You can in this week to take a clear image from sonar where your child will be able to your doctor to determine the fingers of the hands and feet and they will give you to your baby’s heartbeat.

Week Xi

Still hormone progesterone and estrogen in increasing mean, so you may notice that your clothes become tight especially in the chest area, in fact you’ll need to buy carriers new bra soon. If you’re planning to breastfeed, we recommend you purchase bras that used didn’t after the birth so that the process of breast feeding easy.

The twelfth week

Wish many couples in the declaration of pregnancy during this period it may also you need to inform your manager at work about your pregnancy, you should consult the laws of your place of work about maternity leave and all that.

The twelfth week

Don’t forget periodic reviews of the dentist according to the stats, 80% of pregnant ladies suffer from weakness or bleeding in the gums.

The fourth week ten

You start to recover your energy during this period of pregnancy then you can exploit the opportunity to work for sports light to medium after consulting a doctor so that the sport helps the growth of the fetus where they stimulate blood circulation and therefore access larger amounts of oxygen to the fetus and can reduce many of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy such as back pain and swelling of the abdomen and the feet.

The fifth week ten

In addition to being the second trimester of pregnancy is easier it is considered the most sexually exciting as well. Getting the desire and orgasm in many women during this period. Avoid sex in the event your order your doctor to do so.

The seventeenth week

Even if you don’t suffer from constipation during the first trimester of pregnancy may start this offer during this period of pregnancy where the hormone progesterone on the relaxant muscle connective tissue and along the gastrointestinal tract may also lead to puffiness also. Hunted half pregnant constipation during this period. I don’t advise taking pills, laxatives or mineral oils, but you can drink large amounts of fluids and fiber as you can avoid foods that make it worse such as legumes and cabbage, and dairy products.

The seventeenth week

Is it safe to eat fish? Can your child benefit from the omega-3 found in fish such as salmon, but you’ll avoid the fish contents on the high percentage of mercury, which may harm the brain and nervous system for your child. So we recommend that pregnant women avoid eating swordfish, shark, and mackerel Amendment, and the thickness of the phone. In fact contain all kinds of fish on a small proportion of mercury, so you have to eat limited amounts of all types of Fish and even gas are prohibited.

The twelfth week

Unfortunately it is common infection hemorrhoids during this period of pregnancy, so you should talk with your doctor about medications and treatments that can be eaten to relieve the pain. To avoid injury hemorrhoids in the beginning of it you drink sufficient amounts of water and fiber intake to avoid constipation and avoid pressure when using the bathroom.

Week XIX

Alert when urinating where increasing the likelihood of developing infections of the urinary tract during this period of pregnancy where increasing amounts of the bacteria present in the bladder as a result of the hormonal changes. If you’ve noticed yourself urinating number of times more than the previous or if you feel pain or burning during urination you should consult a doctor immediately. You may need to take the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor and safe for your baby to relieve the symptoms. Drink a glass of cranberry juice daily as it contains anti-bacterial and that may help you get rid of the infections.

Week xx

It is very natural to accompany you dreams faded and uncomfortable and annoying during pregnancy, where she produces tension of the idea of maternity or childbirth. Don’t worry your mind too much with these dreams, but learn to relax and to take deep breaths as you wake up. If you suffer from your concerns we recommend you share these fears with your partner or one of your friends.

Week twenty-first

Do you suffer from stress? Make sure to get sufficient sleep and moderate after chronic damage to the negative on your pregnancy, such as premature birth and the baby’s weight a little after the birth.

The second week, and the twentieth

Try not to talk at length about the pregnancy and your due date so that it is your main concern and focus of your life. Talk with your friends about other things and get out of the circle of pregnancy.

The second week, and the twentieth

Do you suffer from pain in the upper part of your back? You then buy a bra a size bigger.

The week of the fourth and the twentieth

If you suffer from insomnia at this stage of pregnancy due to the big size of the belly you can resort to some natural ways to improve sleep such as meditation exercises, drink hot milk before bedtime, exercise during the day.

Week five and Twentieth

You can alleviate the symptoms of heartburn by changing your diet and the way you eat food. Eat 5-6 small meals spread over the day where it will be easier to digest. Avoid fatty foods and fried where you need a longer time to digest, avoid spicy foods and rich spices. Drink water between meals and not during meals to avoid stomach. Stop eating several hours before bedtime to prevent indigestion bone. If you don’t find any of these tips work, you can consult a doctor about intake of antacid drugs.

The previous week, and the twentieth

You may notice that it has not become easy to wear and take off your shoes and your ring as before. In fact 75% of the pregnant bulge of the hands and feet where excess fluid in the body to the extremities like the hands and the feet and the knees, causing bloating. Drink adequate amounts of water helps get rid of excess fluid in the body.

The previous week, and the twentieth

If the size of your belly living the practice of your sport you can resort to the race where you lose a sense of your excess weight in water.

The second week, and the twentieth

You can start by getting to know the signs of Labor and birth now so that the full contraction of the tension coupled with the mandate.

Week twenty-nine

You can start by learning some of the skills you’ll need after birth, such as feeding and diaper change and swaddling, and other

Week thirty

If you happy on your stomach may want you to your baby kicking! You can play with your baby before birth! You can note that your baby’s movements subside if we sing to him.

Week thirty

You may begins around throwing a barrage of tips the weird and wonderful you! So that protrusion of the belly is clear now attracts the kind of volunteers! Remember that your opinion and the opinion of your doctor is what matters only.

The second week, and thirty

While approaching your due date would be a good in-depth knowledge of the early signs of states such as the descent of water, convulsions and cramps, vaginal bleeding, increased pressure in the pelvic area and diarrhea. With the exception of the descent of the water head, don’t worry if you feel symptoms other during this period of pregnancy where they don’t always mean the case of congenital early, but in order to be on the safe side you should tell your doctor about the symptoms that you feel.

The second week, and thirty

Are you concerned about your continued work up to the date of your birth? You can start by taking your vacation before the date of the birth of your period and don’t forget to exploit your holidays accumulated before starting the consumption of maternity leave.

The fourth week and the thirtieth

If you can’t sleep, you can resort to exercise moderate. Seek the help of a pillow of the body they give some support to your body to help you sleep better especially when sleeping on the side. If you suffer from heartburn, you can the early date of the dinner and avoid my triggers movement such as spicy foods and sour and soda.

The fifth week, and thirty

You can start to compensate your child (if you have more kids) on the idea of the baby coming soon, like decorate the room new born with or you buy new clothes don’t with and have fun with.

The previous week, and thirty

You may be thinking when it comes due. really? When you feel cramps, not strong, and appear every 4-5 minutes for an hour to two hours you should immediately contact your doctor. Other symptoms of the descent of the water, even if you don’t feel the two parts.

The previous week, and thirty

You may have your baby at any time now you feeling of enthusiasm and fear with my doctor too. Your body starts in this period producing materials of chemical called prostaglandins that expand and make the cervix have a softer and less intense. When is the production of prostaglandins in large quantities based on the stimulation of the uterus you have to start contraction.

The second week, and thirty

Become many pregnant women are more willing to clean the house in this period! Make sure not to overdo it in this for you in the last month of pregnancy and you need to the energy states and beyond!

Week thirty-ninth

Whatever you imagine my natural birth you have only that what may happen may be different for each what you think! Like Have your water break without contractions so you may need to give birth or caesarean section may be the birth of you so fast that you can’t get the needle back. Equipped for all eventualities! And make sure that whatever study states you have to be part of the story of your child’s life is wonderful enjoy it.

Week forty

Once you arrive at the hospital the doctor will perform many of the things most important examination of cervical dilatation when you arrive 3-4 cm will save you the doctor taking the needle back to relieve the pain or you may choose two states without any type of anesthesia whatever you decide, don’t forget that you can change your mind whenever you want.

Week forty

You may resent if the doctor has advised you to resort to have a caesarean delivery, or when the doctor says your analysis caesarean section after hours of labor while he is normal and familiar, remember that it doesn’t matter how you gave birth to your child but what really matters is to be born healthy with.

The second week, and forty

Wait till after the due date may make you feel nervous about it. Spend think about this reading like. When you decide your child that it’s time to go out into the world you’ll be very busy!!



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