Through the bedroom situation in the fourth month

طريقة نوم الحامل في الشهر الرابع

طريقة نوم الحامل في الشهر الرابع

Know with us on the way to the bedroom situation in the fourth month and there are certain modes help you sleep better during this period of pregnancy and what are the most important tips? Keep with us dear readers the following article to find out.

The bedroom situation in the fourth month

There may be no problem in sleeping in the early period of pregnancy may be the biggest problem facing the situation is how to cope with pregnancy symptoms nagging that appear for the first time in the first weeks of pregnancy, but when you get the need to the third trimester of pregnancy (the beginning of the fourth month to the sixth month of pregnancy) they begin to face other problems annoying.

The case begins from the beginning of the fourth month to address the problem of difficult to sleep comfortably because her belly became bigger than before as a result of increased fetal size, which makes them not be able to find the appropriate mode while you sleep so you always feel insomnia and anxiety.

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Through the bedroom situation in the fourth month

Since the beginning of the fourth month approximately, You may find the situation difficult to find the appropriate mode to sleep during the night, and sleep in conditions wrong can harm the fetus and affects the blood vessels during sleep, so the best way to look at this period in the following:

Avoid sleeping on the back or abdomen

Can cause sleeping on the back in the pressure plus the aorta andthe inferior vena cava as well as the blood vessels that pass behind the uterus and blood to the parts of the body which affects the transfer of adequate blood to the fetus.

As to sleeping on the abdomen can also cause pressure on the uterus along with the larger size of the breasts and the large size of the abdomen during pregnancy may prevent you from sleeping on your stomach comfortably and safely.

Sleep on the left side

Sleep is on one of the sides is the best way to look for the deal in the fourth month, and provides experts for on the left side in particular, because it helps to improve blood circulation in your body, which allows supplying the fetus with nutrients needed to do better, also to sleep on the left side helps to reduce the pressure on the liver because of increased body size during pregnancy.

Use pillows between the legs

Can help you use pillows between your legs and under your belly while sleeping to support the back and abdomen and provide more comfort and prevent back pain, as the use of pillows down your body may help you prevent sliding on your back or belly during sleep to keep on your side all night.

You can buy cushion custom long to download and available in different shapes and sizes or can use regular pillows until you find a situation that is comfortable for you.

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Tips to cope during sleep

After the battle the way you sleep the situation in the fourth month the most important ways that you can follow so you can sleep better, you must know some other tips that helps you while you sleep, and includes the following:

  • You can support the head of the bed and raise it a little to help you relieve heartburn during sleep.
  • Avoid eating a big meal right before bedtime, as it prefers to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day instead of large meals to provide protection and indigestion.
  • Try putting a specific routine and regular sleep, it helps you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

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In the end, dear readers and that you know my way to the bedroom situation in the fourth month of the best tips that you can follow, and hope that we have answered to all your questions on this subject and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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