These Thiotacid | indications and side effects

Tablets these Thiotacid medication treats inflammation of the nerves, and is one of the important medicines which are used effectively in the treatment of inflammation of the nerves that arise from the optic nerve as well as cases of diabetes mellitus, the drug helps in the treatment of cases of impaired fertility in men, as it has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of several cases of a variety, which depends on the body ampoules injection as well as tablets, and is taken only after consulting a doctor to prevent contracting any side effects.

What is the medication these Thiotacid

Usage : suffering medication cases of neurogenic inflammation and impaired fertility in men.

Company product : the drug product by the company Eva Pharma for pharmaceuticals.

Active substance: the active substance is acid like.

Classification of medication: the medication within the medication treatment of inflammation of the nerves.

What is the format of the pharmacological reasons these Thiotacid

  • Tablets concentration of 300 mg.
  • Packs contain the number 2, provided each of which contains 10 tablets.
  • Refill 20 disc concentration of 600 mg.
  • Ampoules injection.

ثيوتاسيد علاج التهابات الأعصاب

What are the reasons for the use of these Thiotacid

  • Used drug in the treatment of cases of inflammation of the nerves that are caused by diabetes.
  • It is used in the treatment of cases of inflammation of the optic nerve.
  • Treats inflammation of the nerves of the brain.
  • Can be used in the alleviation of severe pain in the region of the neck and back due to inflammation of the nerves.
  • Be used in the mitigation of cases of impaired fertility in men as well as erectile dysfunction.

What are the contraindications of the use of the medication these Thiotacid

There are some cases prevents the use of the drug to prevent the occurrence of health problems, as follows:

  • Prevents the use of the drug who have a severe allergy to the medication or components of its internal components, and allergy symptoms, a severe rash as well as redness of the skin with curettage.
  • Do not use in case of breastfeeding or pregnancy to prevent any health damage to the embryos without reference to a doctor.
  • You should be careful when used in case of diabetic patients, follow-up the proportion of sugar in the blood continuously.
  • The occurrence of impaired vision.
  • In the case of appearance of any problems as a result of the use of the drug should go to the nearest medical center for treatment or refer to a physician for the relief of symptoms of allergies that may appear in the case of the use of the drug.

What are the side effects of a drug these Thiotacid

May show some side effects or adverse effects as a result of the use of medical drugs because of the way the use or the presence of a health problem in the patient or the situation it is possible symptoms, and side effects resulting from use of the drug as follows:

  • You may encounter some cases dizzy with confusion in the vision.
  • Some cases may suffer from pain in the teeth.
  • Of the side effects is because the medication tendency of vomiting or nausea.
  • Some cases suffer from a headache continued for a while.
  • The appearance of some symptoms of allergic reactions such as rash and redness in the skin or the government on the cases following the use of the drug.
  • Some cases encounter some pain as well as cramps in the muscles in the body as a result of the use of the drug.
  • Feeling some pain in the lower abdomen with shortness of breath is among the side effects resulting from use of the drug.
  • In the case of emergence of side effects or allergic reactions due to the use of the medication, you should consult a doctor immediately for treatment or go to the nearest medical center for treatment of side effects due to the use of the drug.


What are the precautions the use of medication these Thiotacid

  • Be cautious when you use medication with diabetes.
  • In pregnancy and breastfeeding caution should be taken before its use and chose a doctor and refer you to make sure the safety of the drug to the mother and fetus to prevent the occurrence of side effects.
  • You should not use the medicine on your own to maintain your health.
  • You should not stop the drug or increase the dosage on your own.

What are the drug interactions drug these Thiotacid

  • In the case of taking the drug with other medications may occur some chemical reactions due to taking them together.
  • You should tell your doctor of any illnesses suffered during the period of treatment.
  • You should inform your doctor of your medications during the treatment period whether they are herbal or medical, or nutritional supplements.

What is the dose of medication these Thiotacid for children and adults

Drive: the dose to be concentration of 300 to 1800 mg daily, in divided doses suitable for every health condition according to their situation.

Intravenous: the dose will be the concentration of 600 mg equivalent of 20 milliliters is given by 1.2 ml per minute per day until the duration of two weeks to 4 weeks according to the instructions.

The price of medication these Thiotacid in Egypt

  • Expect the packaging of the drug 30 tablet concentration of 300 A at a price of 67.50 pounds.
  • Available packaging concentration of 600 A at a price of 67.50 pounds for a one by 20 tablet.

ثيوتاسيد التهابات الأعصاب

These erections

Is the use of the drug with men suffering from cases of erectile dysfunction.

She explained many of the studies that the use of medication with testosterone for up to 12 week effective and powerful in alleviating the problem of erectile dysfunction in men of diabetics.

Pills these dietary supplement

  • Using the pills in the treatment of inflammation of the nerves caused by diabetes mellitus.
  • Treat cases of inflammation of the optic nerve.
  • Come in strong cases of impaired fertility in man.

These 300 dietary supplement

The dose of the drug from those 300 in the case of the disks will be by eating a concentration of 300 to 1800 mg / day, to be divided multiple times, as instructed by the doctor.

Should be by the use of the drug as a dietary supplement consult a doctor and find suitable for his situation and to determine the dose and times of taking them while taking the treatment, taking into account that you follow up with your doctor to follow your health status.


These treatment for a year.

There are many studies that have been conducted through the use of the injection of these for a period of up to about 3 weeks, as confirmed by studies on the use of the drug in the form of tablets for a period of up one year and two years safe and there is no problem behind the use for a long time.

These increases the weight

Even now there are not any studies confirming that being overweight is a side effects resulting from use of the drug these tablets or even injections.

Nevertheless, there is research confirming the i material acid these within the medication these has a significant role and in the process lose weight have cases but a small percentage compared with drugs that work to lose weight greater.

Those by the most

Is the intake dose of the drug of these Thiotacid before meals daily food or before eating, especially because foods reduce the process of absorption of the drug within the body, so it’s best to eat on an empty stomach.

Dear reader, now you may know all the details belonging to the medicine these…do not take medicines without the doctor’s permission

The information contained in the indicative only, and refer for a specialist before taking the drug determine the appropriate dosage according to each case

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