These are the causes of tinnitus and dizziness you know it

Tinnitus of things are annoying to some people, and cause pain and discomfort, although it is not indicative of a serious illness, however, with the progress of the work, can require a and cause hearing loss, so you must know what are the causes of tinnitus and dizziness, even traded it with treatment and improve the situation.

What is tinnitus of the ear

Is hear like a ringing or humming, it also can become a sound similar to the noise, staring at the ears, or one ear, you can use these sounds for some time or may vary, but in all cases of its causing pain, tension, poor concentration, and dizziness.

ما هو طنين الأذن

Fear tinnitus

After feeling my belly the ear show the feelings of fear and anxiety that controls the source entirely, as he thinks that it is not related to psychiatric disorders because of to hear those sounds, especially because it is a module that allows it, but is the truth is completely irrelevant, he is over because of hearing loss or having damaged inner ear and some other reasons.

Tinnitus and headaches

The longer the hair the belly the ear of the most notable symptoms of a migraine which is accompanied by some other symptoms such as: –

  • Throbbing.
  • Nausea.
  • Control of light.
  • Pain.

The nerves of the neck tinnitus ear

After exposure to injuries in the neck or head, resulting in a lack of blood flow and problems in the nerves and muscles that accompanied by usually a headache, as a result of shocks that occur in the neck produces a feeling of ear ringing, however, people who suffer from problems in the jaw joints (such as joint temporomandibular jaw) are more susceptible to ear ringing.

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Types of tinnitus

Tinnitus self(personal)

Is the most common type, occurs as a result of problems in any of the inner ear, or the internal or central, and may be due to problems in the nerves or auditory pathways.

Objective tinnitus (substantive)

Of a rare type, which allows the doctor only during the examination and treatment for the presence of contractions in the muscles of the ear, and blood vessels.

أنواع طنين الأذن

Causes of tinnitus and dizziness

Causes of tinnitus dizziness the most common

Are the causes of tinnitus dizziness the most common affecting a lot of people who follow some of the bad habits or other things such as:

  • A work in progress where the category most at risk of tinnitus of the ear who plan to age the age of 60 years.
  • Ear wax is not a great benefit it blocks bacteria and germs for the ear, but when you leave the ear without cleaning accumulates directly and cause injury to the ear drum of the charges and hearing loss which results in the feeling of ringing ear.
  • One of the main causes of tinnitus and dizziness is exposure to loud sounds directly in to a lot of people, such as the sounds of loud music, or the loud, frequent exposure to these images can lead to hearing loss permanently.
  • Hardening of the bones of the middle ear and contraction.
  • The presence of inflammation viral bacterial.
  • Due to water entering the ear during the dive.
  • A nervous laugh.
  • Having some problems in the vertebrae of the neck or jaw.
  • The availability of some toxic substances in the ear.

Tinnitus and dizziness due to medications and illness

Some of the causes of tinnitus and dizziness do not treat the implementation of certain medicines, injury and some diseases, some medications side effects cause a feeling of ear ringing, as it can lead to complete loss of hearing, such as:

  • Doses a lot of aspirin and acetaminophen which distract without Prescription up to 12 tablet per day.
  • Drugs that are used to generate the urine (such as bumetanide) and(Lasix photo).
  • Cancer treatment drugs such as (vincristine).
  • Drugs antibiotics (such as gentamicin), and(erythromycin).

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The pathological conditions which are the leading causes of tinnitus dizziness are:

  • High blood pressure level.
  • Injury to disorders of the temporomandibular jaw.
  • The high level of fat.
  • The incidence of failure, which greatly affects the hearing and causes loss of balance and specifically affects the inner ear.
  • The presence of a benign tumor in the ear called doctors (lipoma vestibular), and in that case occurs tinnitus one ear only.

Causes of tinnitus and dizziness sudden

You may feel ringing in the ear suddenly begins to hear a noise with his own ears, which usually produced for reasons such as: –

  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  • The presence of circulatory problems.
  • Malnutrition and anemia.
  • Failure of the thyroid gland.
  • Zhou capillaries.
  • Smoking.

The causes of tinnitus ear constant

Chronic tinnitus, or Continuous, that which is felt for a long time, almost months or maybe years. this causes: –

  • A work in progress.
  • The permanent exposure to noise for long periods.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Syndrome losses.

أسباب طنين الأذن

The symptoms of tinnitus

Think tinnitus is a sufficient but may vary the sound in each case from the other these are the symptoms of tinnitus common:

  • The feeling voice rang fixed in some cases be high or low.
  • The presence of a pulse in the ear.
  • It may happen loss of hearing in some cases.
  • Loss of balance and dizziness.

After learning about the symptoms of tinnitus if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned, you or someone close to you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

How is the diagnosis of tinnitus

After noting the symptoms of ringing in the ear, consult a doctor immediate That Will What are the causes of tinnitus and dizziness, then ordering the to conduct several tests such as:

  • In the beginning the doctor says by asking several questions until he can reach the causes of tinnitus and dizziness potential, and history, don’t, drugs that it receives because some of the causes of tinnitus and dizziness.
  • Examination of the organization of the ear by inserting a flexible pipe attached camera to scan all of the drum channels, to ensure absence of any damage to the can, or to find any of the causes of tinnitus dizziness that the patient suffers.

In some cases, the doctor can find out the causes of tinnitus and dizziness tests previous to ordering the following: –

  • The hearing screening self.
  • Examination of noise in the ear.
  • Examination of balance disorders.
  • Hearing screening objective.
  • Analysis of Whole Blood.
  • Examination of the skull, magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Screening CT scan of the skull.
  • The doctor examines each of the vertebrae of the neck and jaw.
  • All measurement of Heartbeat, and blood pressure level.

Ways to treat tinnitus of the ear

Different treatment methods depending on the knowledge of the causes of tinnitus and dizziness, which is prescribed by a doctor after the preview, these are some of the treatments that are used in the treatment of tinnitus and dizziness associated with no: –

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Depends treatment with drugs to lower the vote that allows its source, such as:

  • XANax.
  • Amitriptyline.
  • Nortriptyline.

Is exchange some of the counter medications (such as Zoloft), obese (Paxil).

Tips you should follow to manage tinnitus

These are some of the tips that must be followed to manage tinnitus home alleviation of the feeling of the sounds such as: –

  • Ear cleaning in the right way and stay away from the use of cotton buds and the usual.
  • The use of ear plugs medical help in alleviating the sound of noise if the work cause the version sounds very high.
  • Hear the sounds of music headphones at an average level.
  • A complete stop on smoking.
  • Stay away from all that excites the ear such as eating drinks that contain a high percentage of caffeine.
  • Maintain ideal weight and adjust the level of blood pressure.
  • Exercise with follow a healthy balanced diet.
  • Pick up rate file.
  • Not taking aspirin in large quantities without a prescription.

Causes of tinnitus and dizziness may be varying between different cases, but remains known to the doctors can be traded, it is very rare to have tinnitus portends a threat to life, but his cause feeling anxious and insomnia.

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