The upbringing of the child and the role of the father and the mother where

Both father and mother roles and different tasks in raising a child there are many roles shared between them, should know their respective duties and responsibilities towards the child.

The role of parents in raising children have a great impact in the different stages of their life different, it can be for the mother to play the role of the father nor can the father role of the mother in raising children, where both father and mother roles are different and must meet each cycle to raise the child rearing right.

Through the following you will learn all of the terms father and mother in the upbringing of children.

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The role of the father towards the upbringing of the child

The presence of the father in children’s lives means protection and care is an integral part of the upbringing of the child1web medical: raising children.

Children need to feel that there is protection and care guide is different kind of find him when the mother.

And also the child needs to and the integration of prisoners and the father is the main sponsor for the family, which is responsible for his flock.

The presence of a father in a child’s life has many different roles that he’s done with children, and those roles are:

تربية الطفل

تربية الطفل

Fit father for the children

Contain the father’s children through the provision of oil reserves and support for the children and spend some time with them, even if it’s an hour a day.

It helps to feel safe psychological, and the relationship between them, and to them, attention without development.

It must be reciprocal, so the relationship between a father and his sons, and away from it and find a language for dialogue between them.

And helps them to talk to him in all matters of their life and know their preferences and goals, the nature of their thinking and deal with them the same thinking.

And also embrace the child even needs them carefully, and have them friend.

Choose the reward and punishment appropriate

Reward and punishment of the most important styles, we must follow peaceful methods, that make the personality of the child strong and of a good person in society, and rights in education and in ethics.

Varies parents in the upbringing of their children, some of them follow the style of cruelty and the penalties strong and hurtful, which adversely impact on the character and development of the child emotional.

Others couldn’t be achieved in their emotion and surrender in front of the child’s stubbornness, and his insistence on the implementation of his wishes.

Therefore the father should cooperate with the mother in choosing the appropriate punishment for a child, it should not be the punishment my body is weak say, sometimes a reprimand to speak, must not be excessive punishment because sometimes it becomes bad

It should be simple and influential in the child, where that style of reward and punishment is to teach the child obedience, and the child should obey his parents.


Capacity is the best means of education at all, and the father should be setting a good example, during the age of the building.

Dad is a good example, although capacity well-they have a significant role in the repair of the child’s behavior, and if bad, it may lead to corruption of the child.

Parents are role models in the lives of children which make the child’s behavior, and while there are good example of distinct in the father, it requires a lot of effort of the father to raise the child on example.

It is not that the child doesn’t need to effort in the translation process, or they will be automatically by capacity alone.

And good is always a positive value, you should have a positive impact in a child’s life.

Allocate time for the children

Listening to children is essential, it must be the father in this role to devote enough time to their kids, and listen to them as much as possible, the allocation of time to sit with children to listen only to them, and talk to him about the events of the day, and the father that provides for them.

The daddy can’t be with their children permanently in everything about them, but you have to be the role with his children as much as you can and follow their plans and events important in their lives and participation.


The family role in child education and development, and education of the prisoners by supporting the acquisition and development of behavior education like your school, and the role of the father in the child’s education through the following:

  • To listen to baby and talk to him, and reads Don’t give the child time and attention.
  • To allow the child to identify the skills and concepts that a child learns in his daily life.
  • The emphasis must be on communication skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speech communication with them.
  • Must be on the father to take the child’s desire for a hobby or a particular activity, and to the father that makes the education process fun for the child.


If the mother is a symbol of tenderness and violence, the father is peace and security, which is the guide who guides his children and the jam good.

Plays the father role is essential in the lives of children, and in the various stages of its growth, no less important is the role of the mother2Super Mama: the role of the father in the upbringing of the child.

And the father is a security turn to the boys when every crisis must be the defender to them and guide them to the cross, and protect them so that the committee him to help people, and tries to help them solve their problems, and their friends.

Provide for the needs of the family

The father of this role through the provision of requirements that you need family, the father is responsible for the mother and the children.

Securing proper housing for them, texture, and expenses who need it.

And also you should pay attention to them, accompanying them and their ideas, the father is the main sponsor for the family, which is responsible for his flock.

Their participation in the activities

The presence of the father in the lives of children, means of protection and care for them.

Plays the father role in their participation in activities and help them to participate in different activities and their orientation, skills and practice various activities, their participation in the exercise appropriate for them, and the participation of the father in these activities, you will undermine the relationship between father and sons.

تربية الطفل

تربية الطفل

The role of Mother towards children

The mother is the most important individual in the family for the rearing of a child, the mother is the most interview for children3topic:the role of the mother in raising children.

And a link to the mother’s children more than their father because they are the source of kindness and tenderness, through it mother says a range of roles towards the child these roles are:

Development and installation

A mother whose job it is to manage the product, and within the responsibilities of the product:

  • Development and installation.
  • Bounce house and food.
  • Also do the task of cleaning which consumes a lot of time.

And mother a lot of time cleaning and installation and also encouraged her children to help her clean and arrange the house and maintain it clean and beautiful.

And the people of the children of responsibility which helps them to grow up, to become with strong personalities, able to independence.

Pay attention to

One of the most important roles played by the mother, is pay attention to hygiene, and to accustom the child to cleanliness and to be in the vicinity of clean is not in his room, and his clothes and his house and his school.

Instill the habits and behaviors of the assembly well in children, and the mother in Arabic children and maintain a system of their personal.

Behavior modification for children

The child is influenced by authority and separateness of the mother, feel it, and the child acquires his behavior from the behavior of the father and the mother by a large margin, and why should the father and mother to control their emotions especially in front of children.

And the mother to modify the child’s behavior, and guide the child for positive behavior, and love and tenderness, and not to treat the child violently and listening to him.


Tell the mother to control the children, through observation of their actions and their behavior, and guide children without orders and with the children, giving the child complete freedom, in all you say and do.


And the mother in this role Work discussion with the children, accompanying them and to exchange opinion with each other.

And very important to be a mother and friend to her children, and them their privacy, and to be the mother is stable, and logical, and the mother to be superior and patient.

The shelter

Is considered the mother is the only shelter for children, a safety, and when the child’s sense of participation or sense his sadness and fear it resort to the mother to feel safe, and the mother embrace child when the committee to find out the cause of his fear.


The mother is addressed first to children, because it is with them and interview them throughout the day.

And help them understand their mistakes, and guide them to the cross, and give tips to them love and tenderness, understanding and non-violence with them.

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