The treatment of caries of deciduous teeth in children

علاج تسوس الأسنان اللبنية عند الأطفال

علاج تسوس الأسنان اللبنية عند الأطفال

Children learn to act like adults completely, as they are forced to confront similar symptoms, although not the same symptoms, so what is the treatment of caries of deciduous teeth in children and how can reduce it? Keep reading to learn more.

What is tooth decay in children?

Tooth decay is the breakdown of tooth enamel, to some extent, and the”enamel” is the solid outer surface of the teeth, the more affected by this energy, the greater the tolerance.

Happens tooth decay due to bacteria and other things, such as eating a lot of sugars and starches without cleaning the teeth properly, and these foods include milk, soda, raisins, candy, cakes, fruit juices, cereals and breads.

Relieve the symptoms of tooth decay from child to child, it may not cause poisoning symptoms at all sometimes children do not know that they have decay until it finds the dentist, but your child may feel some symptoms, such as:

  • Pain in the vicinity of the elderly.
  • Allergic to some foods, such as desserts and drinks hot or cold.

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The treatment of caries of deciduous teeth in children

Treatment depends on the symptoms of your child’s age and general health, as it also depends on the seriousness of the situation, in most cases requires treatment to remove the damaged part of the tooth and replace the filling, and fillings are materials placed in teeth to repair damage caused by tooth decay, and also with renovations, there are different types of fillings:

  • Fillings directly, these need to visit one place the padding directly in the area that has been exposed to, and may be these fillings are made of silver or of powders of glass or the acids of the acrylic or resin, often be colored.
  • Fillings indirect, that require two or more visits, which include immunizations, crowns and bridges, and to be made of gold or alloy metal core or ceramic, where you can look many of these materials like natural tooth enamel.

Will the doctor determines the type of filling most appropriate for your child after to examine his teeth carefully.

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How to reduce tooth decay in children?

Now that the We know the methods of treatment of caries of deciduous teeth in children to you. prevention methods of delivery; you can help prevent tooth decay in your child through these simple steps:

  1. You should first clean your child’s teeth brushing immediately after the appearance of his first teeth, and teach the child how to brush his teeth and gums twice daily using toothpaste with fluoride immediately upon reaching the appropriate age.
  2. Children under the age of 3 years, use only a small amount of toothpaste, the size of a grain of rice, for example, and starting from the age of 3 years, your child can use the amount of toothpaste the size of a pea.
  3. Wash your child’s teeth daily after the age of two.
  4. Make sure your child eats a balanced diet, and limit snacks that contain a high percentage of sugars, such as breakfast cereals that contain a lot of sugar, candy, biscuits, cakes.
  5. You can also prevent the transfer of bacteria from your mouth to your child by not sharing eating utensils, and cleaning the pacifier. infant of saliva.
  6. If your child uses a bottle at bedtime, put out some water only juice or yogurt based industrial sugars can lead to tooth decay.
  7. Talk with baby’s health care provider or dentist about using fluoride supplements if you live in an area free of money see, and ask the doctor also about the sealants of the tooth gel fluoride, both placed on the teeth.
  8. Schedule a routine check-up for your child every 6 months to check on the health of his teeth.

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Now after learning about the methods of treatment of caries of deciduous teeth in children how to reduce shopping in the first place, tell us-do you know your child to before? For further information about the health of children’s teeth you can consult one of our doctors here.

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