The treatment of bleeding gums, visit the clove and honey

The elements of the decision

For the treatment of bleeding gums permanently must go to the doctor immediately, and follow-up medical, but there are some occasional cases where the bleeding of the gums due to the behaviour or actions of man or a lack of attention to the cleanliness of the Spaniards, to you more about treatment of bleeding gums.

For the treatment of bleeding gums chronic there must be continuous follow-up with your doctor to find the cause of the bleeding is constant, and a set of steps and tips offered by doctors for the treatment of bleeding gums.

The treatment of bleeding gums

Tips and methods for the treatment of bleeding gums

  • First, we must pay great attention to the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth, by the use of an electric toothbrush or a manual with a small head to be logos round and smooth, with brushing the teeth for at least 3 minutes, taking into account that is to change toothbrushes every 3 months.
  • Secondly you must use a mouthwash, preferably lye content material improvement of the smell of a thousand such as mint.
  • Third, use the thread teeth is the only one who can remove all remnants of food found between the teeth, it also works to eliminate and prevent plaque bacteria, preferably family planning services twice a day, preferably before cleaning it with a toothbrush.
  • Fourth, choose a toothpaste rich in perfectly with fluoride, because fluoride works to reduce the accumulation of plaque bacteria which may cause gum irritation and accumulation of the army, including to tooth decay.

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Tips for the treatment and Prevention of bleeding gums

  • May cause the diet to bleeding or common problems in the gums, and in general the food lacks many of the nutrients of course will harm the health of the teeth.
  • Note that there are some types of foods, which caused pigmentation teeth or gums such as eggplant, raw carrots.
  • Smoking, for example, of the main cast have bleeding gums because the gums smokers will be more prone to bleeding.
  • It is always advised eating foods or drinks that contain a large proportion of mint to improve the smell of the mouth.
  • Of the best way to treat and to prevent gums from bleeding, rinsing the mouth both Medical found in pharmacies or by water and salt, where the rinse to rid the mouth of harmful bacteria and other problems of the teeth.
  • Always prefer to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in minerals for vitamins and fiber.

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  • You can rub the thief a mixture or a paste of aloe vera, which is found in pharmacies and apothecaries different, where you can rub the gums with this mixture.
  • Honey, honey can be used in the treatment of bleeding and gums by massaging the gums with a little bit of honey after you finish brushing.
  • Cause deficiency of vitamin (C) bleeding of the gums, so it is recommended to take foods that contain abundant amount of this vitamin .
  • From the old ways and used in the treatment of bleeding gums, a mixture or a paste of pepper, where you can add a little water to the scrubbed pepper and then clean the gums or massage the gums, bearing in mind that this dough will cause the feeling of heat.
  • You can use sodium bicarbonate in the cleaning of the teeth, but taking into account not ingested, as can rinsing the mouth out by adding them for little money or make a paste of it and massage the gum out.
  • On the same way to treat dark circles can use bags of tea, by putting it in boiling water and then take it out of the water and leave it a period to cool down, then put it on where the bleeding source and the importance of tea as it contains acid and tannins, which work to stop the bleeding.

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  • You must avoid eating sugars and sweets, especially before bed so you don’t accumulate bacteria and food debris between teeth and in exit problems.
  • Oil of cloves, oil of the famous in the treatment of bleeding gums and the teeth in general, where can fat clove oil on the gums.
  • Recommended to a lot of people eat fresh cranberries without the sugar, because it works to get rid of bacteria causing bleeding of the gums.

We have provided you the different ways to treat bleeding gums are among the natural substances like clove oil and honey and between the tips of the kids.

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