The symptoms of weakness of the system for adults

The symptoms of weakness of the system for adults answer via website cart health is the problem of weak systems of most of the problems facing older persons and cause them to feeling frustrated and depressed as a result of the inability to practice their daily activities such as reading daily newspapers and drive a car and follow television programmes as diverse in the previous .


How do I know when you double the look

There is a set of symptoms that indicates a weakness in the system at large, notably the following:

  • The occurrence of the distortion in vision and the inability to see clearly.
  • Severe headache especially in the frontal area down for the eye area.
  • Feeling weak and general exhaustion.
  • The descent of the tears profusely from the eye.
  • Note the presence of dark circles below the eye area.
  • Infection swelling in the eyes.
  • Redness of the eye.
  • The occurrence of dry eye and burning as if something entered in it.
  • Seeing things in double.

The reasons for poor consideration of the sudden

Although the weakness of the system may come gradually, but that the weakness of the system, sudden death comes suddenly, which cause anxiety and intense fear, one of the most important reasons for the weakness of the system sudden the following:

  • Play genetic factors play an important role in the incidence of weak systems sudden.
  • Reading in dim light.
  • The use of technological devices excessively such as a telephone or computer and also the proximity of the screen of the phone.
  • The occurrence of detachment of the retina.
  • Excessive smoking.
  • Infection with many chronic diseases including rheumatoid disease, the high blood pressure or eye pressure, or diabetes.
  • Eye injury some bruising or trauma.
  • You know the eye infection is bacterial or viral.
  • Not cleaning and disinfecting eye especially when you put the contact lenses or exposure to dust storms.
  • Is malnutrition an important factor in the impairment of system sudden, affecting the areas of the body.

Weakness of the system and treatment

There are multiple types of treatments used to treat weakness of the system, and the results proved very special in the shadow of scientific development to find quick solutions, especially the elderly.

Treatment for

  • Although the glasses is not a complete cure to the problem of poor systems.
  • They help improve vision better.
  • As used by many categories of society-whether children or young people or the elderly.

Treatment with contact lenses

  • Many individuals prefer to use contact lenses in vision correction.
  • But you can’t use the lenses with all persons as a result of the sensitivity of the eye.
  • And here you must figure out if the lenses are suitable or not prior to use.

Laser treatment

  • Uses laser therapy in the treatment of weakness of the system through surgery.
  • Is scraped a layer of the cornea of the eye, but it depends on the type of the weak eye.
  • The patient whether ( weakness, or myopia, or hyperopia) next to it is a painless process and its success is guaranteed, thanks to past experiences.

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