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May get a large number of individuals with viruses that result in several diseases, and among these viruses is the virus which infected the liver, What are the symptoms of HIV policy and how can be prevented the occurrence of that disease, and what treatment methods are effective, we answer all those questions through the following article.

What is the virus C?

It is a viral infection and produce inflammation in the membership of the liver, resulting in damage of dangerous severe, the virus begins to spread through contaminated blood

Methods of treatment of this disease not long ago were accustomed to the injections Weekly in addition to pharmacological treatments that are taken by mouth, with that were prevented by the treatment of those due to infection effects of negative and other diseases as a result of taking them, but at the current time can cure the virus context is also possible through the use of signs is taken by mouth daily for a period of not less than six months.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of patients are not able to know their HIV status due to non-occurrence of the symptoms of a virus policy to them, because it takes a long time to achieve, and because of that, better to do a blood test once to verify the diagnosis of the disease, even if they show symptoms of the virus, rule on the person.

أعراض فيروس سي

أعراض فيروس سي

The symptoms of a virus policy

Can be divided symptoms of HIV policy into two parts, namely:

  • Symptoms generally
  • The symptoms that appear on the face

The symptoms of HIV the context of the general

  1. Injury bruises easily.
  2. Exposure to bleeding easily.
  3. Stress.
  4. The lack of desire to eat.
  5. Change the color of urine to dark.
  6. Government.
  7. Dropsy.
  8. The loss of weight.
  9. Hypertrophy of the feet.
  10. Sleepy.
  11. The lack of focus and overlapping speech.

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Symptoms of the virus, rule on the face

  1. Yellowing of both the eyes in addition to the color of the face in called jaundiced.
  2. The appearance of blood vessels will be similar to the spider on the surface of the skin.

The causes of infection with the context

Is the HIV context as a result of the spread of the infection to the contaminated blood which is transmitted to the bloodstream of an individual is not infected and therefore MERS policy which occurs within the liver leads to inflammation.

Risk factors for HIV policy

Wearing a likelihood of developing the disease and hence the appearance of symptoms of virus C in the case of:

  1. If the individual has a professional respect through her blood contaminated, such as specialist health care.
  2. Know the individual with reduced immunity.
  3. The use of the tools are not sterile on the body.
  4. Undergo surgery, blood transfusion or transplant is a member.
  5. To undergo dialysis for a long time.
  6. If the mother is a mother is HIV policy.

The diagnosis of HIV policy

Can detect virus car through undergo certain tests without relying only on the appearance of symptoms of a virus policy, and those tests can be divided into:

Blood tests

As we mentioned former, it is important that the patient perform a blood test to detect the presence of virus a car for once, and in case the result was proven to protect the individual patient, then the doctor subjected the patient checks the blood again which be a:

  1. Measure the expansion of the virus in the blood ( screening viral load).
  2. Check the genotype of the infection.

أعراض فيروس سي

أعراض فيروس سي

Tests cirrhosis of the liver

The doctor subjected the patient to examine or more of the tests following to be able to know the extent of liver damage at the source, and those tests will be:

Visualize the cells using magnetic resonance

It is a sound wave that you sketched a visual of the liver, which shows the extent of hardening of the liver cells, which indicates fibrosis or cirrhosis of the liver, and by symptoms of a viral context of the chronic.

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The export transit of cells

Is another check depends on the transfer of vibrations to the inside member, the liver, and led the rapid spread within the tissues to find out how much scarring it.

A sample of the liver

It is in this examination of the introduction of a fine needle through the wall of the stomach to take a biopsy of the liver cells, and then do the scans in the gallery.

Blood tests

Likely to a group of blood tests to specify as much as hardening of the liver.

Complications virus policy

Is likely to trigger the symptoms of HIV the context of possible complications risk which are:

Liver cirrhosis

If passed a long period since HIV infection may be infection end the liver which causes the weakness of disease the liver functions.

Liver damage

Likely to scarring of the liver advanced liver failure who lives to stop the work of its vital functions.

Liver cancer

Are likely to be a small number of sources of the virus cancer of the liver.

You virus the context of a deadly virus?

Can’t say for sure that the virus car fatal, HIV like any epidemic of chronic in the case of negligence in the treatment may produce some of the symptoms and complications as we have already reported, and then may be complications fatal, so we recommend starting treatment immediately to avoid any risk to the health of the patient.

The treatment of viral car

Can divide the methods of treatment of Sovaldi to three sections which we will talk about them in detail as follows:

Pharmaceutical treatments anti-infection and viruses

It is addressing the symptoms of the virus, rule by treatments corresponding to the virus which is working on the purification of the body, the purpose of treatment is to eliminate the virus and expelled from the body after the expiration of twelve weeks from the start of the treatment plan.

Surgery transplant liver

When liver injury, complications of dangerous issued by the the symptoms of HIV policy in that case be preferable to a liver transplant, during surgery the doctor say the eradication of the affected liver and liver, which was donated instead.

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In most cases does not undermine the process of agriculture alone to recover from the disease it is likely that the virus and prevent liver cirrhosis is better to take antiviral treatment for.


In spite of the lack of vaccination of the symptoms of the virus policy it is likely that the doctor will prescribe vaccinations for each of the virus any Wubi infection of the liver, although the two are different but they can also cause cirrhosis of the liver as well as time increase the difficulty of the virus to car possible.

Methods of prevention of HIV policy

You should follow the following guidelines to overcome the symptoms of HIV the context of prevention of the disease:

Refrain from taking drugs dangerous

It is important to refrain from taking drugs because of their gravity, it is important to seek help if they are in conflict.

Taking the occupation at the work of piercing or tattoo in the body

It is important to choose a safe place in addition to the war on use of equipment clean and sterile needles.

أعراض فيروس سي

أعراض فيروس سي

Exercise everyone safe

It is likely that HIV infection because of sex, so it is important to detect first diagnosis of the disease and treatment.

In the end we can say that the symptoms of the virus, rule does not become chronic in many cases, that can be controlled through prompt treatment of the disease, and early detection does not, so it is important to work preventive procedures, such as blood test, to detect the presence of the disease in the early, and then treat it fast.

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