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We show you today through the site pharmacy information on the how to treat cancer of the larynx early the most obvious symptoms not the causes of the people went about, and the larynx as a centre for issuance of the sound and the story cycle from the introduction of some food by the highest surface of the mouth from the inside, and the presence of some cancer cells it is very dangerous where you start the cancer cells to spread in the milk to place in the throat. causing in a lot of pain and difficulty in swallowing and other offers will show them to you through our theme, there are three types of cancer of the larynx ( squamous – cell carcinoma glandular which is a rare occurrence – nasopharyngeal cancer ) And through the website of the pharmacy it will be a week of cancer of the larynx what are the symptoms that indicate injury and how they can be treated and prevented, we expect to benefit from this information and we hope that impair you like it.

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يعتبر التدخين من اهم اسباب سرطان الحنجرةSmoking is one of the most important causes of cancer of the larynx

Causes of cancer of the larynx

There are a total of reasons that lead to the incidence of cancer of the larynx, and that the reasons are summarized as follows :

  • There are studies confirming that the rate of cancer of the larynx of men elevated by a large percentage compared to women .
  • Helps of smoking on the presence of cancer by the throat significantly .
  • Failure to follow a healthy diet .
  • Genetics also plays a role in contracting this disease .
  • Drink a lot of alcoholic beverages daily.
  • Failure to maintain oral health .
  • Injury to the patient to certain diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
  • Inhalation and human exposure to some harmful chemicals used for construction such as asbestos .
  • Injury body some covers such as virus and human papilloma virus (HPV) .

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من اهم اعراض سرطان الحنجرة الشعور بألم في الاذن وكذلك الدوارOne of the most important symptoms of throat cancer pain in the ear as well as vertigo

Symptoms of cancer of the larynx early

There’s a group of symptoms that explain the existence of cancer of the throat, where it’s in first it won’t feel the patient the appearance of all the symptoms, but you have to go to the doctor to make sure your health in the case of appearance of any presentation of the following symptoms :

  • Feeling of suffocation and inability to swallow easily .
  • The presence of severe pain ear in addition to loss of weight considerably .
  • The patient suffering from the presence of frequent cough, accompanied by blood.
  • The presence of severe infections in the throat accompanied by a change health .
  • The presence of inflammation and swelling of the lymph nodes in the mouth .

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Methods of treatment and Prevention of cancer of the larynx

There are a total of means that can be followed for the treatment of cancer of the larynx and that the means are as follows :

  • The treatment method varies from patient to patient depending on the extent to which the disease of the effect on the body, then gallbladder your doctor and determine ways to treatment is essential and must be adhered to .
  • There’s a way you can follow a laparoscopic surgeries or via resection such as excision of the part of the pharynx or vocal cords .
  • Follow the ways of the chemotherapy helps to slow the movement of the growth of the cancer cells again. he is a complement to the treatment radiation.
  • Methods of radiation therapy to fight and destroy the cancer cells .

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We gave you through the website of the pharmacy information about laryngeal cancer and how you can identify this disease at an early stage, it is known to detect cancer at an early stage is much better than discovered in a late stage where the chance of effective treatment is much better in the first finger by the delay of the discovered, it is therefore very important in the case of note no display of the symptoms of cancer of the larynx above immediately to the doctor to ascertain if the patient is already infected throat cancer or not to start treatment before the spread of cancer cells as explained to students that may lead to cancer of the larynx and how it can be cured ……… We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics related to all kinds of different diseases and how they can be treated and prevented through the website of the pharmacy.

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