The symptoms of throat cancer and what are the causes and how to prevent it

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We show you today through the website of the pharmacy information about one of the types of cancers that represent extreme danger to life which is a cancer of the throat, where the throat cancer refers to injury of Burma and that the tumor arises in the throat ( the pharynx ) It can be established that the tumor in the throat or tonsils, and at the beginning you should know that milk is a tube muscles, and that the tube starts from the back of the nose and ends with a V-neck, and most likely cancer of the throat begin in the cells of flat and covering the throat from the inside, it should be noted that the fund’s voice to know also cancer the milk and the box voice of cartilage and contains vocal cords that vibrate to deliver out images in the case of control, as cancer of the milk affects too. epiglottis, which is being used as a cover to the trachea that leads to the injury of the tonsils inflammation, It is through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore the symptoms of cancer of the throat and what are the reasons and how can be cured or prevented, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

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سرطان الحلق يندرج تحته انواع سرطانات اخرىThroat cancer falls under his cancer again

Types of cancer of the throat

Throat cancer is a general term that covers many types of cancers other ( such as cancer of the pharynx ) as well as ( cancer of the larynx ), where the larynx is located below the throat and are connected to the two closely, and the types of throat cancer are as follows :

1. cancer of the oropharynx now, which begins in the pharynx the staff is a part of the dream that is the part behind the nose.
2 – cancer of the mouth pharynx and begins this kind in the mouth from the pharynx and is a part of the dream and be located behind the mouth this section contains the tonsils.
3 – cancer of the laryngeal pharynx and it is called also cancer of the hypopharynx and that the waves at the bottom of a milk, specifically over the esophagus and trachea.
4. cancer of the glottis and starts of this type in the vocal cords.
5 – Cancer above the glottis, which begins in the upper part of the larynx, this type affects the epiglottis, and tongue, the glottis is the part that prevents food from entering the trachea.
6 – cancer under the glottis and the lower part of the larynx and specifically the bottom of the vocal cords.

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صورة توضح شكل الحلقImage showing the form of candy

Symptoms that indicate cancer in the throat

There is a group of symptoms that are indicative of cancer of the throat and these symptoms are as follows :

1 – persistent cough.
2 – changes in voice such as hoarseness or inability to speak clearly.
3 – the inability to swallow.
4 – pain in the ear.
5. the appearance of sores that don’t heal.
6 – injury a sore throat.
7. the weight loss.

In the case of appearance of any of these symptoms and continued for a long time you should head to a doctor and the necessary tests for reassurance and to prevent the occurrence of serious complications.

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نصائح للوقاية من سرطان الحلقTips for the Prevention of cancer of the throat

Prevention of cancer of the throat

There is no definitive cure for cancer solutions, but there are some guidelines and tips that can be used for the Prevention of cancer of the throat, and these tips are as follows :

1 – completely abstain from smoking and resort to some medications that help to quit smoking.
2 – refrain from drinking alcohol as alcohol to be seriously damaged not only milk, but also on the liver.
3 – a healthy diet contains fruits and vegetables, where vitamins and antioxidants existing inside the fruits and vegetables work to reduce the likelihood of developing throat cancer.

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We gave you through the site pharmacy information on throat cancer and what are the symptoms and reasons that may lead to injury and how they can be prevented, and to know that throat cancer is not a definitive cure, but there are some guidelines that you should follow for the Prevention of this disease which may be fatal in some advanced cases, because as we all know, the prevention is better than cure …………… We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics related to all kinds of different diseases and how they can be treated or prevented by the site pharmacy.

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