The symptoms of the appearance of teeth in infants

أعراض ظهور الأسنان عند الرضع

أعراض ظهور الأسنان عند الرضع

If you are expecting or have a newborn baby or even in the process of growth, you want to know more information about the registry, are with us this article, let’s talk about the symptoms of the appearance of teeth in infants or symptoms of poisoning.

What is the registry?

The words about the growth of the teeth out of the gum tissue in the baby’s mouth, usually occurs in average age of six months, where they occur from the age of three months up to the age of ten months, and the growth of temporary teeth at the age of three years.

The symptoms of the appearance of teeth in infants

Discomfort of the child

Had this discomfort for a period of eight days, causing the appearance of the teeth in the discomfort of the child leads to constant crying for no apparent reason, ranging from the severity of your baby by feeling his pain, because crying is his only means available to him to express his pain.

Know more with us about the reasons your child how to deal with it.

Hyper salivation

In the second month of age the child begins the salivary glands secrete saliva, because the child does not have teeth and has the ability to control the muscles of the neck, it’s natural to be drooling, but in the case of it out of his mouth in large quantity, this is one of the symptoms of teething in infants.

Irregular periods of sleep.

Because of the pain resulting from the delivery, the child can not sleep at night and that bothers some people, and in this period no change of sleep pattern usual for the child as much as possible.

Tighten the the ear. the symptoms of the appearance of teeth in infants

Have you noticed that your child says pulling his ear a lot? You may not know that the pain associated with immunization may reach the ear, and an expression of such pain for a child, it is the tug of his ear, but that could be sources of infections, so it is worth going to the doctor and examined him.

High temperature

Slight rise in temperature from the months symptoms the appearance of teeth in infants, but will never reach the degree of protection, to provide slight elevation of the bathroom, here the natural temperature of a child under the age of three years:

  • Oral administration of 35 and a half until 37 and a half degrees Celsius.
  • Through the anus from 36 to 38 degrees Celsius.
  • Under the armpit of 34 and a half up to 37 degrees Celsius.
  • By the ear of the 36 and a half to 38 degrees Celsius.

Swelling of the gums

Think of the guide and firm the appearance of the teeth, where they swell in the subject of the growth of the teeth, and can accompany gum some infections as a result of wound gums or other, therefore, the best solution to deal with these cases is the use of the Gel”Gel”, which will reduce the accompanying inflammation for soothing the pain, and follow-up the doctor also to get to for the effective the appropriate.

Click here to learn more about gel teeth.

False beliefs about the symptoms of the appearance of teeth in infants

Symptoms similar to the common cold

Some people think that it is normal the presence of symptoms similar to the common cold with the delivery time, this belief is wrong, these symptoms have a great relationship down the house for the baby and therefore he gets a cold, and consulting a doctor in this case.

Skin rash

Some might think that hyper-salivation is the only reason that leads to a rash, but it could be due to an allergy or some bacteria.

To learn more about the causes of the rash, click here.

Other symptoms

  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Protection.

Tips to relieve symptoms of the appearance of teeth in infants

  • National rubbing the gums with moistened gauze and.
  • Offer your child cold foods and soft.
  • Dry games to avoid skin rash.
  • There are some rubber toys that the period of the age of the child, put it in the fridge (not freezer) for a few minutes and then offer them to your child bitten them.

أعراض ظهور الأسنان عندالرضع

Games rubber

Avoid these common mistakes

  • Put the frozen stuff on the gums directly.
  • The use of aspirin.
  • Cut or cut the gum the place the appearance of age “in the belief that this process will help the infant to accelerate the appearance of age”.
  • Rubbing alcohol.

In the end, after I knew the symptoms of the appearance of teeth in infants , the process of the appearance of the teeth your child is not a competitive contest darling, she will appear when you’re ready, don’t follow my schedule because every baby is different, and if still concerned you can contact one of our physicians here.

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