The symptoms of sunstroke and how to deal with

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Challenge to beat the sun because of the intense sunlight on the head, causing a large amount of sun in the accumulation of heat in the head, irritation of the meninges, usually this becomes noticeable after a few hours of exposure to the sun, to begin with the symptoms of sunstroke to emerge.

Definition of sunstroke

Hit the sun produce because of the frequent shedding the light of the sun on the head leads to a disorder of the meninges, brain tissue, thus showing symptoms of sunstroke, including the feeling of pain throughout the body and constant headaches.

أعراض ضربات الشمس وكيفية التعامل معه 1

أعراض ضربات الشمس وكيفية التعامل معه 1

What are the symptoms of hitting the sun?

Have you been in the sun for a period of time hours like, Do they hurt your head and neck is?

Are you also sick dizzy?

These can be in fact the symptoms of sunstroke, the index is good is that the symptoms are usually delayed for several hours, often in the evening only, which includes the most common complaints include the following:

  • Headaches.
  • Neck pain.
  • Stiffness of the neck.
  • Redness of the neck.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Impairment of consciousness and confusion.
  • Dizziness.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Internal turmoil.
  • Exhaustion and pressure.
  • Increase the normal body temperature or barely bathroom-offs in children.

Symptoms of sunstroke late hours, even when affected by heat, the heat in the head, but the skin in the body is normally warm or a little cool, and sometimes the whole body hot, frantically, at least in the beginning, and the sun can cause permanent damage or even threaten your life, and you should go to the doctor immediately.

Typical symptoms of heat stroke

The symptoms of sunstroke the model are the following:

  • Severe headaches.
  • Neck pain.
  • Stiff neck and redness of her.
  • May lead to states of severe impairment of consciousness and breathing disorders and brain damage, coma and sometimes lead to death.

Often does not show symptoms of sunstroke but after hours, they must leave the source they direct sunlight and in a cool place with the lifting of the top order cooling their heads and the neck of the neck, and in the case of severe symptoms or in case of aggravation of the minor symptoms and although you behave properly need to go to the emergency doctor.

أعراض ضربات الشمس وكيفية التعامل معه 2

أعراض ضربات الشمس وكيفية التعامل معه 2

What are the symptoms of sunstroke in children?

Infants and young children are particularly prone to heatstroke because of the scalp hair light bones of the skull are thinner, usually be difficult to recognize the symptoms of sunstroke typical in young children who can’t talk, so it must be parents vigilant if their children are behaving abnormally after spending time in the sun, and the infant including, for example, screams high-pitched or refused to eat, parents can feel also feel the back of their hands if the baby’s head was hot.

And symptoms in children such as vomiting, severe or seizures or indifference and loss of consciousness or stop breathing, in that case you should go to the nearest hospital immediately to preserve the life of your child, and if symptoms don’t improve in a matter of minutes, in the case of respiratory arrest or circulatory failure must perform CPR immediately.

Complications of heatstroke

If spilled affected from the direct sunlight in the early stage usually subside the symptoms of sunstroke have, where you choose the duration of the complaint individually, the strength of the symptoms also plays a role in this could be severe because the symptoms appear late, and the exacerbation of the symptoms of sunstroke, acute can lead to complications such as this:

  • Disorders of consciousness, loss of consciousness, collapse of circulation: can those affected to look troubled, but they also are not ready or are confused completely, and put patients who are in that situation on their side, and if you stop breathing or blood circulation, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation is required immediately.
  • Brain edema: the water passes from the vessels into brain cells later, but you can’t stop in the skull bone, where the blood pressure increases brain and can crush parts of the brain and its symptoms include here disorders of consciousness and functions of the physical such as severe headache, drowsiness, depression, hallucinations, speech problems, seizures, breathing disorders, paralysis of the eye muscles, increase nausea with vomiting, coma, and edema of the brain can be fatal.
  • Meningitis: especially in young children often leads to irritation of the meninges in the stroke to meningitis, and can be signs that are not so obvious, such as malaise or abdominal pain or difficulty sleeping or sensitive to touch or light or noise, confusion, fever, vomiting and seizures are also possible, and here is difficult to determine the time of occurrence of meningitis so you should examine the small children medically with every hit of the sun.
  • Stroke heat: can lead to heat and physical exertion and lack of fluids to the exhaustion of calories or even sunstroke parallel to the strike of the sun, and that need be the case a medical emergency should be performed by an emergency doctor, a warning signs is a significant increase in pulse, low blood pressure, the hotter the skin at the outset all over the body.

Treatment of sunstroke

The most important immediate measures to treat and relieve the symptoms of sunstroke are the cooling and comfort, and move the plant to a cool, shaded place quickly, because the symptoms appear late this measure is often unnecessary.

  • Raise the head and upper body: you must be affected persons until they are lifting the head and upper body, and this reduces the painful pressure on the head.
  • Cooling: you must receive the source are cooling the head, neck and neck, using fabrics, wet, wet and that are replaced constantly.
  • Drink fluids: should people who study the sun and don’t يتقيؤن drinking liquids, for example fruit juices, mineral water, salted water and light to be suitable.

After treating and relieving symptoms of sunstroke advise you to experts taking care of yourself physically, and you must avoid direct sunlight for at least three days.

أعراض ضربات الشمس وكيفية التعامل معه 3

أعراض ضربات الشمس وكيفية التعامل معه 3

How to prevent sunstroke

Can protection from the onset of symptoms of sunstroke by avoiding risk factors such as signal strong sun, sunbathing should not occur at noon, and the people who must be outdoors when there is a lot of radiation such as workers in the field, covering their heads and necks, preferably with a hat or a shining beacon to allow air cooling to cool them, and if I didn’t talk much, you can use the appearance.

It is necessary to keep young children always aged less than one year from the direct rays of the sun, later the parents should make sure to cover the heads of their kids necks and small are not playing in the sun for a long time.

At the end of our conversation we have, we know the symptoms of sunstroke, and treatment methods, complications of heatstroke, how to prevent them, if you notice any of these symptoms after your exposure to the sun, you should go to the doctor immediately.

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