The symptoms of stroke and ways to prevent

The skin can infect any part of the body, and within these parts are the brain, as a result of the shortage of the amount of blood that reaches the brain which makes the brain is without oxygen and nutrients is what leads to stroke, and in this article we will learn the symptoms of stroke, prevention methods are different.

The causes of stroke

First you must know the reasons for the occurrence of stroke before entering directly into the symptoms, part stroke occurs when a lack of the amount of blood that reaches the brain and thus lack of oxygen or the occurrence of a blockage in the blood vessels as a result of high blood pressure this is an indication of the occurrence of stroke, there are other reasons may lead to the occurrence of a stroke such as:

  • The high level of cholesterol and fats which lead to clogging of the arteries which reach blood to the brain.
  • Increase the proportion of sugar in the blood lead to fear in the arterial wall, and deposited the plates in the veins.
  • The occurrence of a condition called atherosclerosis which makes arteries narrow, leading to not connect the blood enough to the brain.
  • Taking certain medications that lead to blood clots such as birth control pills.
  • High blood pressure leading to vascular dysfunction.
  • The presence of diseases in the heart.
  • Frequent Fear, Anxiety in a way redundant.
  • A decline in circulation.
  • Intake of drugs such as cocaine.
  • Excess weight and obesity.
  • Increase the level of cholesterol in the plastically.
  • The occurrence of high blood pressure.
  • Genetics and smoking.

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أعراض الجلطة الدماغية

أعراض الجلطة الدماغية

Symptoms of a stroke.

Now, after we’re done with the reasons that lead to the occurrence of stroke, we turn to the most important topic-namely, the symptoms of stroke

The symptoms of stroke , little

Stroke little to suggest the incidence of stroke and major, so you must continue treatment for cerebral small so don’t require it, the symptoms of a stroke. small order symptoms of stroke in transit in the presence of a defect in the movement of the hands and facial expressions, and the symptoms of stroke little:

  • Feeling dizzy, unbalance, lack of focus.
  • Feeling great difficulty in walking.
  • Feeling one the drugged in one side of the face.
  • The lack of vision in one garden, a disorder in the eyes.
  • Not hearing properly and disorders of the ear.
  • The emergence of severe difficulty in the case of pronunciation.
  • Feeling the difficulty is too severe to move the hand and fingers feeling numb severe in the region of the forearm.
  • The feeling of one in one of the two men, feeling numb severe and difficult to move, and that the width of the months the symptoms of stroke in transit.

أعراض الجلطة الدماغية

أعراض الجلطة الدماغية

The symptoms of stroke before they happen.

There are some symptoms of stroke that appear before the occurrence of the skin, most notably:

  • The occurrence of a warp in the mouth area.
  • Malaise and asthenia in some parties, especially the one on the other.
  • Feeling very difficult to pronounce words.

Symptoms of stroke in women

The symptoms that appear on the women too much like:

  • Feeling dizzy may continue for a long period of time.
  • People change with great difficulty in focus, vision and balance.
  • The feeling of difficulty in breathing and soreness of a severe in the chest (These of months the symptoms that appear on the women).
  • A feeling of heaviness intense on the tongue than lose pronunciation.
  • The feeling of pain in the shoulder, teeth and jaws.
  • Feeling one very in the face.
  • The sense of discomfort is too severe in the dream garden, a cough continuously.
  • Dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Note fluctuations in the breast area.
  • Rapid heartbeat numbness of the arm and indigestion.
  • The feeling of one in the man and inability to walk.
  • A profuse sweat and restless and not sleep in the night continuously.
  • Injury a sense of motion in the parts of the body.

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Symptoms of stroke in men

  • Feeling dizzy, nausea, vomiting.
  • Headache is exaggerated and in the neck area.
  • Unbalance, the occurrence of vision problems.
  • Feeling in the presence of a problem in pronunciation as a result of the weight of the tongue.
  • Feeling numbness in arms, legs or in one of them without the other.
  • Feeling hard very severe in the control.

Symptoms of stroke in the elderly

  • Lead strokes in the elderly to the occurrence of re in the mind and body.
  • Affect the skin on the brain function and lead to the occurrence of stroke and lead to death.

أعراض الجلطة الدماغية

أعراض الجلطة الدماغية

Raised stroke

  • The lack of access of oxygen to the brain cells leading to death of brain cells fully.
  • Feeling hard very severe in the process of pronunciation and the process of swallowing during eating.
  • The occurrence of paralysis in some parts of the body especially in the arms and jaws and in one of the parties.
  • Stroke cause unspeakable damage in the brain.
  • When you are delaying the arrival of the injured person to the hospital greater chance of death and chance of recovery.
  • The feeling of depression, fear, anxiety and lack of understanding of things that revolve around the infected person.

When heal patients meeting stroke?

Many people after a stroke are wondering about the date of recovery, where recovery of the skin begins at the back of the brain and to respond once again, this process slow to about what you should be aware of the patient this case, we will follow the periods of treatment:

When you stay in the hospital.

The patient will be under medical care by a team of the hospital and the doctor encourages the patient to do some exercises of war and some ordinary things like eating, walking, and whenever the person is quiet the more chance to come quickly.

When you leave the hospital.

When leaving the patient’s hospital stay has more choices, where to go to complete his treatment, there are several tests:

  • Complement the treatment in the hospital.
  • Supplement treatment in hospital rehab.
  • The treatment at home.
  • Treatment in outpatient clinics.

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The first few weeks.

The first five or six weeks after discharge from the hospital, the patient receives treatment in the outpatient clinic by physical therapy or intense exercise for five or six days a week.

The first three months.

Began to appear signs of improvement and most of the signs of improvement shown during the 6 months initial.

Access to two years of treatment

For those who know they are losing the ability to speak has long to two years to even regain the ability to speak again.

The diagnosis of stroke

The work of the necessary tests such as:

  • Blood screening tests.
  • Angiography blood.
  • Imaging magnetic resonance.
  • Planning the electrical.

Methods of prevention of stroke

  • Eat healthy fat-free.
  • Eating vegetables and fruits.
  • Not smoking, drinking, drugs, and alcohol.
  • Exercise not overweight.
  • Control the level of sugar in the blood.
  • Pressure control.

Foods that reduce chances of stroke

  1. Chocolate: eating chocolate can reduce the chances of injury and stroke by 17%.
  2. Proteins: eat food that contains protein and reduce the stroke to 26%.
  3. Acidic food: eating acidic food such as lemons and oranges reduces the stroke to 19%.
  4. Dairy products low fat milk: reduced-fat dairy products chances of stroke to 12%.
  5. Fruits and vegetables: eating fruits and vegetables reduce the chances of injury around the brain by up to 32 %.

Blood clot brain of the most serious problems in the person, come as a result of the accumulation of fat and because smoking causes many lead to blockage of the arteries that feed blood to the brain, leading to stroke.

And now that you’re done talking about the symptoms of stroke is different, and discovered the reasons for the occurrence of thrombosis and methods of treatment and Prevention, you can now move on to learn the causes and symptoms of blood clots the heart and methods of prevention

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