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Infected a significant number of individuals have SLE, which have various causes, you will know the symptoms of SLE as well as risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing it in the next section.


Think SLE is one of the immune diseases which happen when the organization attacked members of the cells, from the likely to inflammation by systemic lupus erythematosus impact on a lot of systems, the donation of the city existing within the human body such as the joints and blood, kidney, lung, skin, brain.

Likely to be detected incidence of lupus red difficult due to the presence of similarity between the symptoms of SLE the symptoms of some other epidemics, however, the more symptoms of SLE tend Is appearance of a skin rash on the surface of the face be in the form of butterfly wings that, in some cases, infected, not supplemented it.

May children are born and their propensity for injury in clients, shall enter the limits of the infections or in the case of the taking of certain signs, or when sun exposure, and there is no medication to treat the disease, the existing products only help control the symptoms.

أعراض الذئبة الحمراء

أعراض الذئبة الحمراء

Lupus symptoms Red

The symptoms of SLE early

Can’t find the case of two sources two are alike, it is likely to show symptoms of SLE of a sudden or may occur don’t develop slowly, it is likely to be simple or severe, continuous or temporary, the more infected individuals that the disease disease is simple, which appears at intervals of injuries of the face red, and in their symptoms common include:

  1. Stress.
  2. The incidence of fever.
  3. Pain in the joints and its and its.
  4. A rash on the face and on the body of a butterfly he covers the cheeks and the nose, it can come in different areas of the body.
  5. The sensitivity of light.
  6. In the case of exposure to really cool is change the color of the fingers of the hand or foot to the color blue and sometimes white.
  7. Face difficulty when breathing.
  8. Ache within the chest.
  9. Dryness of the eye.
  10. Didn’t head, weak memory and confusion.

The symptoms of SLE in children

  1. The high body temperature.
  2. Inflammation inside the joints.
  3. Weight loss.
  4. Muscle pain.
  5. The challenge is to light.
  6. Lack of blood.
  7. Loss of consciousness.
  8. A seizure.

Causes of lupus red

Is the incidence of that disease as a result of attack the House of healthy cells within the body i.e. disease areas, it is likely to believe about a lot of environmental and genetic factors, and in the causes of lupus red the following:

Solar radiation

The exposure level to solar radiation may be the cause in the appearance of the disadvantages of SLE, or may cause an internal response from the individuals that are affected by rapidly and thus developing the disease.


May cause specific markers in infection with red signs like blood pressure, treatments anti-epileptic seizures in addition to antibiotics, although individuals who become infected with red because of the treatments often move as soon as you refrain from taking the treatment, there are rare cases has been enjoyed by the SLE even after refrain from eating treatment.


Infection may be the cause of the onset of symptoms of SLE or it could be the cause in the occurrence of relapse in some people.

Risk factors for lupus red

Which is a:

  • Type

Is lupus red more common when ladies.

Although the disease SLE affects individuals in every ages, however can infection most of the time, individuals from the age of fifteen and even forty-five years.

أعراض الذئبة الحمراء

أعراض الذئبة الحمراء

The diagnosis of SLE

There is a difficulty in the detection of SLE due to the different symptoms of SLE between one individual and another, and within the tests that help in detecting the disease are the following:

Analyses of SLE

To detect lupus red we need to do some analysis which is about:

  • Know the status of a member of the liver and kidneys

Are blood tests helpful in knowing the efficiency of each of the functions of the liver and kidneys, because of the likely come to affect the symptoms of SLE to those members.

  • The urine test

The urine sample explain the increased rate of protein or increase the number of erythrocytes within the blood, and in the case of the affected by kidney symptoms of SLE.

  • Test blood count

He says that examination of the value of the number of erythrocytes and leukocytes inside the blood, and also the number of platelets amount of hemoglobin which is a protein inside red cells within the blood, may indicate the results on the incidence of anaemia which is one of the symptoms of SLE.

  • The rate of sedimentation of erythrocytes within the blood

  • Antibody test

Tests medical imaging

  1. Imaging the chest using X-ray.
  2. Screening echocardiogram.


Likely to say lupus red increase damage to the kidneys in a variety of ways, and may vary the methods of treatment according to the type of harm source by the kidneys, so it’s best to work examining and taking a biopsy of tissue from the kidneys to know the best way to nurse for treatment.

Complications of SLE

May cause symptoms of SLE in the of complications of the disease, which are the words for the following:

  1. A serious bug within the kidneys.
  2. Injury to the brain in addition to nerves.
  3. Vasculitic and anemia, high risk of bleeding or blood clots.
  4. Pleuritis Vita face difficulties when breathing in addition to pneumonia.
  5. Inflammation of the pericardium and the heart, and heart attacks in addition to injury to the heart muscle is inflamed.
  6. Infection.
  7. Cancer.
  8. Death in bone cells.
  9. Abortion.

Is lupus terminal?

Although complications of SLE serious is likely to cause death, however, the disease itself not be fatal, it is possible to control by medication is appropriate and on the instructions of the doctor.

Treatment of SLE

The method of treatment used to symptoms of SLE that have individual sources, and in methods of treatment used in the following:

The drive is not a steroid to the corresponding inflammatory

Like a drug Aleve and Advil. which can be their use in the treatment of inflation aches and fever.

Treatments vital

Like drug enlist taken by injection within the vein and reduce the symptoms of SLE.

Drive anti-malaria

Such a treat place that says the impact on the region and contributes to reducing the risk of infections resulting from the disease.

Medication reduce

Be that the drug is effective in the treatment of the disease.


Such as the drug prednisone, which helps in addressing the symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus serious.

أعراض الذئبة الحمراء

أعراض الذئبة الحمراء

Treatments inhibitory the immune system

Like the medication is that works to avoid the occurrence of complications of the disease such as cancer.

In case of rash of your child or you without a cause, or injury by wrench extended been, or fever, please visit the medical course to detect the causes of the occurrence of those symptoms, because they could be symptoms of SLE, which need treatment as soon as possible.

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