The symptoms of prostate cancer the most important methods of prevention and treatment

The elements of the decision

Every man needs after the age of five years to learn the symptoms of prostate cancer because it is one of the most types of tumors that afflict men of older age, early detection of this disease by knowing the symptoms helps a lot in treatment, where that prostate cancer is a tumor that affects the prostate gland grows slowly and initially without symptoms, and then spreads rapidly and causes symptoms more powerful, and we will provide you a comprehensive report on this cancer and all its symptoms so they can monitor and learn about it.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

When prostate cancer the symptoms at first are unclear, but with the passage of time to show some of the symptoms that portend injury, and the most important:

  • Retention of urine.
  • I said the amount of urine.
  • The feeling of pain when urinating.
  • Weak flow of urine.
  • The appearance of blood in the semen.
  • The feeling of pain in the pelvis and discomfort.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • The feeling of pain when the marriage relationship.
  • The feeling of pain in the bones.
  • Hypertrophy of the prostate gland and pressure on the bladder.

Factors raise the incidence of

There are a variety of factors lead to the high incidence of prostate cancer and some patients are more prone to this disease, and the most important of these factors include the following:

  • Work, where the incidence in the elderly compared to the young.
  • The throne, the proportion of prostate cancer when the owners of dark skin.
  • History of genetics, where the proportion of the injury if the injured men from the same family to this disease before.
  • Excess weight, where the incidence in men with obesity and weight gain, causing increased proportion of abdominal fat in the high incidence of prostate cancer.

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Side effects of prostate cancer

Cause of prostate cancer in the occurrence of some complications and side effects, the most important of which are the following:

  • The transition of the tumor elsewhere in the body to clean the bones and lymphatic system, the blood, and cause strong symptoms.
  • Suffering from urinary incontinence, the greater the size of the tumor prostate cancer it causes severe pressure on the bladder and the man watching the smooth switch, which forced the doctor for surgical therapy and a catheter treatment.
  • The complaint of erectile dysfunction, where you hit the prostate bloated on the penis, which causes difficulty in erection.

سرطان البروستاتاProstate cancer

Methods of prevention of prostate cancer

Can prevention of prostate cancer because prevention is better than cure, and the most important avenues that can be followed to prevent the following:

  • Attention to nutrition health and stay away from eating fatty foods and to do a lot of eating natural vegetables and fresh fruits and whole grains.
  • Stay away from smoking and pollution because studies have confirmed its association with higher incidence.
  • Attention by the Republic of sport regularly as it helps to singeing the body blood circulation and improve the overall health of the body.
  • Maintain weight within normal limits and get rid of the accumulated fat in the body by eating healthy foods and interest in sports.
  • The necessary tests for the early detection of prostate cancer especially those who have a family history of genetic and other forms of cancer, because early detection makes treatment easier and faster.

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اعراض سرطان البروستاتاThe symptoms of prostate cancer

Methods of treatment of prostate cancer

Different methods used for the treatment of prostate cancer as the health condition of the patient and the stage reached in the tumor, where the doctor determines the treatment plan that suits each patient individually, the most important treatment alternatives as follows:

  • Surgical treatment

In this case, being the doctor’s surgery to eradicate the prostate gland completely with the removal of some tissue surrounding lymph nodes to ensure the disposal of the entire tumor.
But this surgery can cause some side effects such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

  • Radiation therapy

This alternative treatment yields high temperature to destroy the cells of the cancerous tumor,

The treatment continues for several weeks, and some cases high doses are directed at the prostate intensely and cause radiation therapy in incontinence of urine, diarrhea, and pain when urinating with erectile dysfunction.

  • Hormone therapy

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Is the treatment of some patients through the intake of hormones that reduce the secretion of the hormone testosterone that causes the increased growth of cancer cells thereby stopping their growth.

  • The surgical removal of the testicles

Your doctor, in some cases the eradication of the testicles to prevent the production of male sex hormone testosterone which feeds the cancer cells, and with time Die these cells, but the cause of this surgery in erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire and the accumulation of fat in the body.

  • The process of grouping the cells of the prostate

Help the process of freezing to destroy the tumor cells, this is done by passing a small needle by the gas very cold to freeze the tissue, then inserted another gas with a needle again host the heat cells, to kill cells completely.

  • Chemotherapy

This is done through the intake of chemical drugs either intravenously or by mouth, and this becomes the alternative treatment in the case of the spread of the disease in parts of the other body.

  • Immunotherapy

Considered of therapeutic alternatives are prohibitively expensive which is the injection of the body’s cells suitable were manufactured by genetic engineering to stimulate the immune system to eliminate cancer cells.

So the symptoms of prostate cancer do not show clear and strong in the beginning, but with time the symptoms appear clearly and forcefully, so the benefit of early detection in the rapid control of the disease and save the patient’s life.

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