The symptoms of MERS-CoV and treatment


Talking in this article about the symptoms of MERS-CoV and treatment through the website idea, and we will also follow the symptoms of HIV infection, its causes and how transmission of the virus infecting humans in addition to treatment .

What is the virus Corona?

The coronavirus is a large group of viruses which cause many diseases in animals, but it is also possible to catch a human with this virus leading to injury human with diseases, and allow the virus that the form of the virus in the microscope Electronics, which looks like a crown or corona in Latin, and thus allows also of viruses coronary .

Appeared a new type of virus called the new coronavirus which has not yet been classified in the past and never diagnosed as one of the causes of the disease in humans, but was removed in the year 2019 as one of the causes of the disease camp diseases, accumulated in the inflammation of the lungs in China .

How transmission of the virus and the human Arabic?

So far there are no studies to accurately confirm the mode of transmission of the new coronavirus, but the vast majority of patients who have been injured first, especially in the Wuhan city of China, which is the first city to have been the discovery of the new coronavirus out, they were at a large market of seafood and animal and who resides in the city, and here reports to the hypothesis of the transmission of the virus from animals to people .

The virus infects the large number and different types of animals like cattle, cats, bats, in addition to camels, and is considered the transmission of disease Koruna animal from person to person rarely, such as SARS ( SARS ) or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ( mers-cov ).

But recalled after studies and reports recently that there are a number increase of patients who do not have exposure to animals, and therefore has the disease is transmitted from person to person, and moved that the infection by coughing and by respiratory droplets as is the case in respiratory diseases other spread virus flu .

The causes of disease, Corona

Believed MERS-CoV is a large group of viruses, but there are two types of a virus of the corona that lead to the spread of diseases and serious diseases such as syndrome pneumonia acute respiratory which is also known as SARS, which is caused by corona virus, SARS, and respiratory syndrome in the Middle East which is caused by the coronavirus mers-cov .

Symptoms of the new coronavirus

It is possible to show symptoms of the new coronavirus in two days or less to 14 days after infection with the virus, reports have indicated don’t you know infected with the virus for the symptoms vary in severity from person to person, and from that symptoms :

  • Injury to the patient is short of breath .
  • Have the patient cough and my .
  • Could bloom on the patient’s symptoms the kids runny nose in addition to enemies .
  • The occurrence of sore throat in addition to exacerbation of asthma .

Treatment of MERS-CoV

Use research studies to get effective treatment to eliminate the corona virus, but until now there is no cure for the virus and no anti-virus is not effective against the corona virus, however you should receive patients with HIV have access to necessary health care in order to relieve the symptoms of the disease .

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