The symptoms of leukemia early causes of injury and methods of treatment

The elements of the decision

Can recognize the symptoms of leukemia early in order to take all the actions that operate to reduce the seriousness of the disease and early treatment to protect the life of the patient.

Know cancer the\M as the ” Leukemia ” blood is cancers of the dangerous and benign, to start the infection in white blood cells and then spread to the blood.

Impact of leukemia on the installation of the blood the body produces white blood cells. the number of non-natural wins it needs to also live these cells are longer than normal and lose its ability to protect the body from diseases.

The symptoms of leukemia early

There are two types of leukemia are acute leukemia who develop symptoms very quickly and suddenly, and chronic leukemia who develop symptoms slowly and for several years to appear, one of the most important symptoms of leukemia early that appear on the bank the following:

– Symptoms of acute leukemia suddenly and symptoms of influenza.

– A patient with leukemia with anemia appear in the form of a feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, pain in the chest, shortness of breath and pallor the color of the skin.

– High temperature and fever.

– Suffering from bleeding and difficulty in blood clotting.

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– The abundance of blood of the menstrual cycle is when ladies and girls.

– Easy bleeding from small wounds, bruises, nose, and gums.

– Profuse sweating during the night.

– Problems in digestion and a feeling of fullness and bloating after eating.

– The occurrence of bulging of the lymph nodes especially behind the ear and neck.

– Peoples pain in the bones and muscles.

– Rapid weight loss of unnecessary and.

– Feeling tired, stress and loss of activity.

– Loss of appetite and nausea.

– Fatigue and weakness.

– Rapid heartbeat.

– The occurrence of vaginal bleeding at times other than the menstrual cycle.

– The appearance of spots and bruises under the skin.

– Repeated infections of the lung.

– Infection, inflammation, and itching around the anus.

– Infections of the urinary tract.

– Headache and pain in the head.

– Inflammation of the throat and larynx.

– Blurred vision, inflammation of the eye.

– Swelling of the gonads in men.

It is not essential that these symptoms when the patient but having some foreshadowing of cancer of the blood and need it to the speed of detection and to conduct the necessary tests in order to receive timely treatment.

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Week Cancer Blood, symptoms that appear on the patient.

اعراض سرطان المبكرة وطرق العلاجSymptoms of cancer early and treatment methods

Causes of blood cancer

There are no specific causes lead to infection in leukemia, but there are some factors that increase the incidence of this dangerous disease, the most important of these factors include the following:

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– Excessive smoking.
– Exposure to secondhand smoke and the use and pollution.
– Exposure to high radiation.
– Frequent exposure to benzene.
– Treatment with some chemical drugs.
– Syndrome myelodysplastic among the causes of cancer of the blood.

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أهم أعراض سرطان الدمThe main symptoms of leukemia

Methods of treatment of leukemia

The doctor will determine which methods of treatment of leukemia according to the phase which passes out of the disease according to the patient’s age and health condition, so each patient’s treatment programme that suits him alone, one of the most important methods of treatment include the following:

– Can treatment using chemical drugs, radiation therapy, and treatment with eucalyptus machine, treatment plant, pure, or treatment by a stem cell transplant.

– The treatment of lymphocytic leukemia which is more types of blood cancer prevalent across several stages, the first stage involves the retrieval ability of bone marrow to perform its function.

– The second phase of treatment include the use of chemical drugs, then radiation therapy to control the spread of cancer cells from spreading.

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نزيف اللثة من اعراض سرطان الدم المبكرةBleeding gums, symptoms of leukemia early

Methods of diagnosis of leukemia

Can be diagnosed with cancer of the blood through some tests and diagnostic procedures, most notably:

– Clinical examination of the patient where the doctor on the genetic history and family of the patient and the symptoms that constitute them.
– Conduct blood tests where the physician performing the examination of the blood picture complete ” CBC ” .
– Check kidney function and creatinine level and uric acid.
– Examination of the functions of the liver.
– Examine the blood sample under a microscope to detect the presence of cancer cells.
– Inspect a sample of the efficacy of the bone to determine the type of leukemia.
– Examination by lumbar puncture to detect the presence of cancer cells in spinal fluid.
– Examination of the heredity of the cell where it is checked career in the blood sample of the patient, bone marrow and lymph nodes to search for the crew of the abnormal disease-causing.

So we can say that the symptoms of leukemia early disappear in the case of the acute type of the chronic type where the features of the first symptoms of a quick and surprise-like in the beginning of the symptoms of colds and flu while the symptoms of chronic type slowly have the patient does not feel ill until it was too late.

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