The symptoms of leg vein thrombosis and Prevention

The skin of the most serious problems confronting human especially if it occurred in the area of the leg, it is the member on which the body is moving and is transmitted through it, and the presence of any problem in the leg lead to the absence of war, especially if it was a stroke and lead to physical problems too, and in this article we will learn the symptoms of leg vein thrombosis causes and treatment methods.

Causes of blood clot leg

You must know the reasons for the occurrence of leg vein thrombosis, a clot of the leg formed as a result of clot in the veins that exist in the leg which leads to the non-passage of blood and describe it to the leg, the lack of movement activity leads to slow blood flow in the veins of the leg and thus the occurrence of blood clots, and causes blood clot calf the following:

  • Increase in age: the elderly are more prone to the skin of leg especially after the age of 60.
  • Tobacco and smoking: as smoking affects blood clotting and speed inside the veins.
  • Genetics: the presence of one in the family has been injured before a stroke, especially a stroke of the leg.
  • Overweight and obesity: because the extra weight say a high pressure on the pelvic veins and the.
  • Use the pill: because the pills increase the blood’s ability to clot.
  • Work surgery vein: vein surgery the resulting increase in blood clots in the after.
  • Pregnancy: because pregnancy works on the pressure on place veins that are found in the pelvic area and.
  • Long sitting: where to stay for a long time and the movement of man prevents this flow of blood in the veins leading to the occurrence of clots in the leg or calf.
  • The presence of heart problems: people suffering from heart disease be the functions of the heart and lungs has limited which increases the injury thrombosis or man.
  • Injury ans: that’s where the case is working to increase the proportion of substances that lead to blood clots in the body which increases the chance of thrombosis of the man.
  • Colitis: causes inflammation of the colon but the occurrence of blood clots in the man sometimes.
  • Increased cholesterol: increased cholesterol in the body leads to blockage of veins and blood vessels and the blood supply to the members, which if a man happened to fat accumulation in the veins leading to it.

أعراض جلطة الساق

أعراض جلطة الساق

Symptoms blood clot leg

Now we turn to the symptoms blood clot leg, there is a group of symptoms that appear on the person infected, such as:

  1. Tremendous pain in the foot: as a result of the non-arrival of oxygen to the tissues of the foot as a result of slow blood flow in them.
  2. Tremendous pain in the leg: the presence of a tremendous pain in the leg and sore and cramps in the case of motion.
  3. The occurrence of redness in the leg: follow the skin in red in the skin condition include the form of any infection.
  4. A rise in body temperature: the body temperature rises and may lead to the occurrence of fever severe.
  5. Change the color of the skin: where the area that got no clots become pale as a result of the lack of access of oxygen and blood to us.
  6. The occurrence of swelling: swelling occurs in the region in which the skin, whether in the leg or thigh and it hurts too when you touch the injured part.

Complications of deep vein thrombosis leg

When is the delay to treatment can lead to complications more serious than the symptoms of leg vein thrombosis are:

  • A problem occurs in the main arteries which reaches the lungs might reach the blockage.
  • The occurrence of a sore in the affected area of the leg.
  • The occurrence of the inflammatory tumor in the region of interest.

Necessary diagnosis the skin of the leg

You should go to the doctor in the case when the exposure of one of the symptoms of leg vein thrombosis and avoid it so as not to limit complications, the most serious of the symptoms, and when to go to the doctor will work some tests, and tests so that a description of appropriate treatment, and examinations are:

  1. Analysis of the D. Dimer: this analysis helps to know the proportion of the parts of the blood clots that are found in blood when a percentage is Parts high with presence of a clot in the veins, but also this percentage rises in the case of surgery or pregnancy for this reason this analysis is not sufficient.
  2. Use download ultrasound:the this download the doctor by the time stop flow of blood in the veins and vessels.
  3. X-rays: where is the introduction of colored substance within a vein of the foot and imaging by X-ray pussy even show the places that got the clot and treatment.

Methods of prevention of the occurrence of a clot in the leg

It is known that prevention is better than cure, so you should do the necessary precautions so as not to clot in the leg or the leg that needs you to in the prevention methods are:

  • Contact to exercise special morning exercises until you move the leg and stimulate blood flow through the blood vessels and those vessels, get rid of the excess weight that is also the reason for the occurrence of leg vein thrombosis.
  • Lack of confidence on a certain mode for a long period of time such as sitting so the blood flows through the legs.
  • Reduce food that contains fat and cholesterol because they are working on the blockage of blood vessels and the blood supply to the member.
  • Quit smoking because it increases the chances of injury a stroke man or a leg.
  • Work massage of the muscles and joints of each period to stimulate the flow of blood through the leg.
  • Control blood pressure and maintain normal.

أعراص جلطة الساق

أعراص جلطة الساق

Methods of treatment of blood clot leg

  1. Belts leg: wear socks belts special drive that works on tightening the leg and prevent blood clots, reduce the symptoms of leg vein thrombosis.
  2. The use of drugs: drugs such as heparin which prevents clotting of the blood but not raised again it’s increases the rate of blood flow and severe bleeding.
  3. Link: that’s where the comfort for and raise her hand up and compresses them alleviate the symptoms of leg vein thrombosis gradually
  4. Surgery: some cases require surgical intervention to remove the skin in the leg.
  5. Herbs: there are some herbs that prevent blood clots and help to force it through the veins like cinnamon, dill, garlic, oregano, pepper and ginger.
  6. Fruits: there are some fruits that reduce clotting such as grape, orange, strawberry, raspberry, peach and lemon, with wheat and almonds who help get rid of fat that are found in the blood.
  7. Fish: fish helps to prevent blood clots and blood flow in the veins and blood vessels with ease and maintain the proportion of platelets to correct and relieve the symptoms of leg vein thrombosis.
  8. Some foods: nuts, olive oil, spinach, broccoli and turmeric as turmeric prevents blood clots inside the arteries and vessels it is useful to treat and relieve the symptoms of leg vein thrombosis.

أعراض جلطة الساق

أعراض جلطة الساق

Clot leg disease is very serious because the meeting occurred in part responsible for the war, and due to a problem in the flow of blood through the veins of the leg and factors, including smoking and sit still, it follows that the presence of symptoms of deep vein thrombosis leg, such as severe pain in the leg ulcers, so you should call for treatment until complications do occur.

And now that we’re done talking about symptoms blood clot leg, and discovered the reasons for the occurrence of thrombosis, and methods of treatment and prevention, we have reached our conclusion, you can now move on to know the causes of a stroke of the hand and some methods of prevention.

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