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Lack of sleep entails a lot of health problems, but first What are the causes and symptoms of lack of sleep, and what are the methods of effective treatment of that condition, you can find the answers to those questions by reading the following article.

Lack of sleep

The scientific name of that case is insomnia, which is defined as the face of a problem when sleeping, makes the source it up early and not be able to sleep again, with the persistence of the sensation of stress when you wake up, and the symptoms of lack of sleep reduce the rate of energy and gas moderate that accompanies a person through their day.

The amount of adequate sleep from one individual to another individual, however each individual adult needs 7 to 8 hours sleep daily.

Sometimes treated many adult individuals of the symptoms of lack of sleep acute, but for a short time which extends for a few days or two weeks, and often occurs as a result of the loan or the occurrence of a shock, with the loss of the equivalent number of individuals of the symptoms of lack of sleep possible, which extends for more than a month, likely to be the lack of sleep is the main problem, or it could be connected with a given therapy or another medical problem.

أعراض قلة النوم

أعراض قلة النوم

The symptoms of lack of sleep

Include symptoms of lack of sleep on the following:

  1. Face difficulty when entering into sleep at night time.
  2. Waking up in the night time.
  3. The advancement of sleep early in the very.
  4. The lack of the sensation of comfortable sleep at night time.
  5. Exhaustion during the day with a sense of permanent sleepy.
  6. Stress, sadness and anxiety.
  7. The lack of focus and confusion.
  8. Incidents and errors that occur frequently.
  9. Constant anxiety about sleeping.

The causes of lack of sleep

Is likely to be the lack of sleep is a major problem or likely to be related to other factors, and common causes of lack of sleep possible the following:

1 – pressure oil

Can cause anxiety to keep the mind busy through the night and therefore face difficulty when sleeping.

2 – eating large amounts of foods at the time of the late night.

It’s best to eat light food before going to sleep, because to eat a lot in late cause the lack of physical comfort, such as the injury freely and stay awake.

3 – work schedule

May cause anxiety, and to later times of the night in lack of sleep.

4 – harmful habits of the people

Like the endless time of eternity to sleep, and take naps, and some of the activities stimulating the brain before going to sleep, or sleeping in an uncomfortable place, or use a mobile phone before sleep.

5 – mental health problems

You may believe about anxiety disorders to a lack of sleep.

6 – treatments

May happen to interfere between prescribed treatments and sleep as treatments for depression and treatments for asthma blood pressure medications, due to the ignition of these drugs on the caffeine that may increase from lack of sleep.

7 – participation satisfactory

There are some diseases that trigger the occurrence of symptoms lack of sleep such as chronic pain and diabetes epidemics of the heart, and Alzheimer’s disease.

8 – problems related to

The problem of self intermittent during sleep frequently be the cause in the occurrence of the symptoms of lack of sleep, in addition to the problem of restless legs.

9 – caffeine

Prepare coffee and beverages containing caffeine from the reasons that lead to the symptoms of lack of sleep, in addition to nicotine, a Lost Cause in the face of difficulty when you go to bed.

The risk factors of lack of sleep

Factors that increase the risk of symptoms of lack of sleep include the following:

1. Type

Women are considered to know more the symptoms of lack of sleep due to the occurrence of changes in hormones during the menstrual period or at menopause or in pregnancy.

2. the progress of the work

If a person’s age more than 60 years is prone to need lack of sleep as a result of developments in the forms of Health and.

3 – injury to the draft order mental or physical health

Many of the disorders associated with the health of mind and body that affect sleep and lead to the occurrence of insomnia.

4. the pressure oil of large

Likely to cause stress and frequent occurrence of insomnia but temporarily.

5 – the lack of a regular schedule

Such as when changes occur in work time.

أعراض قلة النوم

أعراض قلة النوم

The diagnosis of lack of sleep

Can be diagnosed lack of sleep through the work of some of the following tests:

  • Physical test

In the case was the reason for the occurrence of insomnia mysterious will the doctor subjected the patient for a physical exam to check for signs of a pathological condition which is likely to be linked to lack of sleep, it is possible to do a blood test at certain times to detect the presence of disorders of the thyroid gland that may be the cause of insomnia.

  • Check the sleeping habits.
  • The study of sleep.

Complications of lack of sleep

Likely to cause lack of sleep in the occurrence of some complications which be a:

  1. The performance is strong inside work or inside school.
  2. Slow reaction during driving and thus raise the likelihood of exposure to accidents.
  3. Problems related to the validity of the contract such as depression and problems with stress and anxiety.
  4. The high probability of injury to epidemics of chronic pressure, high blood, plagues the heart.

How to treat lack of sleep

Can cure lack of sleep through the work of the following:

1 – treatment incentives

This method will help to keep away from the factors that be the cause in making the contract common and resistant to consider such as the training of the mind to put a specific time to sleep and get away from taking naps.

2 – ways to relax

By doing exercises that help you feel comfortable and relaxed before bedtime.

3. restrict the duration of sleep

Contributes to the reduced time spent in bed and stay away from naps during the day.

4 – wakefulness without work activities

The purpose of this treatment is to reduce your fears and the ability to sleep soundly.

5 – signs of prescription

Your doctor may prescribe several treatments to help sleep, such as medication color got., the treatment used medication, Sonata, and finally the relationship made the choice.

أعراض قلة النوم

أعراض قلة النوم

Methods of prevention of lack of sleep

Can prevention of the symptoms of lack of sleep by following the following instructions which are as follows:

  1. Install the fixtures for the advancement of it.
  2. To maintain the activity, the exercise of the activity of competing constantly to help get enough sleep at night time without any problems.
  3. Stay away from drugs that may be the cause in lack of sleep.
  4. Stay away from taking a nap.
  5. Stay away from drinking beverages containing materials.
  6. Stay away from eating fatty foods before going to sleep.
  7. Bedroom is furnished to be comfortable to get some carefree sleep.
  8. The routine helps in increasing the relaxation and comfort before bedtime, such as a warm bath or reading a book or listening to the songs quiet.

In the end, the sleep will be important for health, regardless of the reason leading to the occurrence of symptoms lack of sleep it is important to do treatment immediately, so as not to cause symptoms in the occurrence of adverse effects on the mind and body.

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