The symptoms of kidney cancer, methods of diagnosis and stages of the development of the disease

The elements of the decision

Recognize the symptoms of kidney cancer is of the most things that affect doctors and patients confused because this type of cancer does not cause symptoms of a clear and strong warning to happen early.

Determine the incidence of kidney cancer when they grow abnormal tissue in one of the two or both terms appear as a solid mass and unnatural, causing a group of symptoms that appear with the increase of the size of the tumor and its stages

We will address through the following lines the most important symptoms of cancer of the kidney and stages of development of the tumor and diagnosed the reasons for its occurrence.

The symptoms of kidney cancer

Often does not show symptoms of kidney cancer in the beginning of the appearance of the tumor where delayed the symptoms of the strong to emerge, most notably:

– Appearance of blood in the urine.
– Loss of desire to eat.
– Rapid loss of weight without apparent reason.
– Patient feels unwell, fatigue and stress.
– The presence of lumps in pleurisy lower back felt by the doctor when the clinical detection.
– High temperature and night sweats.
– High blood pressure.
– Anaemia.
– Pain in the affected side of the tumor.
– Goiter varicose testicles in men.
– The deformation of the vision.
– Swelling of legs and ankles.
– Fluid retention in the body.
– Shortness and difficulty in breathing.
– Soreness of bones.
– The appearance of blood with the cough.

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اعراض سرطان الكلىThe symptoms of kidney cancer

The causes of kidney cancer

There are no clear and specific reasons for the occurrence of kidney cancer, where you see some of the research that mutations to the DNA of the kidneys of the most important reasons for the occurrence of this problem, but there are a range of reasons and factors that increase the incidence of this health problem, the most important of these reasons include the following:

– Excessive smoking.
– Increase the weight.
– Incidence of high blood pressure.
– Sex where men get the disease at a higher rate of injury to women.
– Kidney injury to chronic diseases .
– The patient for dialysis for a long treatment for kidney failure.
– Having a family history of genetic cancer of the kidney.
– The patient was subjected to certain chemicals and pesticides.
– Age.

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مراحل تطور اعراض سرطان الكلىThe stages of development of the symptoms of kidney cancer

The stages of development of disease kidney cancer

When the doctor says diagnosis of the disease kidney cancer it should happen at which stage the disease so they can treat the disease in accordance with the phase pass by, and the stages are as follows:

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The first stage, the disease is in the beginning where the size of the tumor less than 7 cm, and in this stage the tumor is in the kidney only and has not spread to anywhere else in the body.
The second stage, where the tumor is larger than 7 cm, but it is still in the kidney only and has not spread anywhere else.
The third stage, in this stage the tumor begins to spread to other parts of the body and May up the blood vessels near the kidney or lymph nodes, adrenal glands and fat surrounding the kidney.
– The fourth stage, a late stage of infection where the tumor outside the fat cells surrounding words affects the lymph nodes – at least one node – it can also spread in other parts of the body.

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سرطان الكلى وأعراضهKidney cancer and its symptoms

Methods of diagnosis of kidney cancer

Usually detected incidence of kidney cancer, when the patient tests other medical to diagnose another disease, where the disease is detected in most cases by chance, where is the research on kidney cancer in its early stages due to the delay of symptoms to appear, one of the most important ways to diagnose this problem:

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– Clinical examination of the patient, where the doctor to examine the patient and ask him about his symptoms and his history and heredity.
– Tests of blood and urine to look for symptoms that indicate the disease like blood in urine.
– The filming of the kidneys to detect any tumor or and or block abnormal such as photography using are sound or CT scan or using MRI.
– Obtain a sample or biopsy from the kidney of tumor tissue which appeared across the images that have been photographed for the kidneys are then analyzed and examined by the council, and in this examination is to determine the type of tumor whether it is benign or malignant so the doctor begins the treatment plan immediately.

From here we can say that the symptoms of kidney cancer is powerful and violent but they do not appear early which causes delayed treatment and the spread of the disease to other parts of the body, so you must perform a routine to the body to detect any diseases or health problems early.

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