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For symptoms of hidden sugar is widely followed us to the next section of most pharmacy with the need to follow up with the physician to prevent any complications on the patient, here to you the symptoms of hidden sugar.

Choose the symptoms of hidden sugar significantly it should be noted that some of the symptoms of diabetes may be similar with other diseases, so had to follow up with the physician.

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  • Sugar generally occurs due to the pancreas not able to produce enough of the hormone insulin, or in some cases do not respond to the body’s cells to hormones, it is known that insulin – which is secreted by the pancreas – is responsible for controlling the amount of sugar in the blood, and of course in the case of a malfunction of the pancreas varies the balance of sugar in the body.
  • It is worth mentioning that in the case of the negligent treatment of diabetes, the disease state include, where it accumulates glucose in the blood instead of routing directly to the cells.

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اعراض السكر الخفيThe symptoms of hidden sugar

The most important symptoms of hidden sugar

  • Usually affects diabetic skin problems, such as drought, or the desire for pussy or darkening up the skin wet, of course, due to problems in blood circulation.
  • Excessive thirst and feeling dehydrated in the mouth is one of the most important and most famous sugar symptoms at all.

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  • The pain of the foot, as is known, the case of amputation of the foot of the common things when a patient sugar, because sugar of course has an impact on the efficiency of blood circulation, feet are the last body part away from the heart.
  • Increased appetite, usually tend diabetic to eat a lot of sweets other than that I kind of other food due to high or low levels of sugar in the blood.
  • Insomnia or sleep difficulties, due to the constant urge to urinate or feel pain or discomfort in general.
  • Spreads between diabetics patient feels a constant hunger, but on the other hand, loses a lot of weight, two things are antagonistic, and this be Index, because the body lacks insulin .
  • Frequent urination is months symptoms sugar at all, because the high level of sugar in the blood is abnormal, it is not the absorption of excess glucose in the blood, and then returns the body to increase the urge to urinate.
  • The change of mood between nervous and calm, which is normal as a result of changes in the levels of sugar in the blood.

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  • Usually feel sick of the sugar page in the joints, where the patient may feel suddenly that he was unable to stand.

The symptoms of another Mr.

  • Dizziness and unbalance, but it should be noted that the dizziness of the things associated with diabetes but it may be a pointer to another such as pregnancy or low pressure.
  • Coma, and coma when all diabetics but to arrange to have sugar, they have about three hundred.
  • The feeling of love or a cold, because of the high sugar or low, the wall of the common it despite the cold feeling that only the patient may sweat.
  • Swelling of the feet of the most famous symptoms of diabetes, and foot traffic or kids are not able to move normally
  • In some cases the pathological affects of sugar on the edges of the sky and, because the sugar is linked closely with region and with time may cause the sugar to the destruction of the retina as the injury inflammation of the middle ear usually accompanies diabetic

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Natural ways to treat diabetes

  • The extract of the berries, the berries are generally of material that lifts the region, and protects and strengthens blood vessels because it contains high amounts of Beaufort.
  • Capsules onions and garlic which are useful in general for all patients and not diabetes and only, as the volatility of these capsules of resistance to insulin.

We have provided you the symptoms of hidden sugar in between feeling dizzy and desire a lot in evaporation and other factors but in the end it is you must follow up with your physician.

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