The symptoms of colon cancer.. how can you spot it?

اعراض سرطان القولون

اعراض سرطان القولون

Think colon cancer of the most common cancers, you know with us on the symptoms of colon cancer even be able to detect and promptly treat it by increasing its development, follow us dear reader the following article to know the symptoms and methods of treatment.

Colon cancer

This cancer begins in the large intestine (colon) is the last part of the digestive tract, which is the part responsible for the withdrawal of water and salts from the waste before moving to the rectum, and its exit from the body through the anus.

Cancer affects the colon older people usually, but it may occur at any age, usually begins the emergence of a mass of benign cells gas-cancerous in the colon, with the passage of time can turn this block into a cancerous tumor.

The symptoms of colon cancer in the beginning of his

May not be symptoms of colon cancer are present, or not detectable at first until getting limited, so you must always War to conduct screening tests for colon cancer, especially for adults of age 50 years and more.

It is more the symptoms that can appear, discover in the beginning are:

The presence of blood with stool

Usually connecting the other between rectal bleeding or fecal blood and infection with hemorrhoids, so it prevents that early diagnosis, because the bleeding resulting from hemorrhoids is not considered dangerous, so you must resort to a diagnostic immediately when you note the blood bright red with the stool. The blood may be sometimes invisible (invisible), and sometimes it can make the stool black.

Anemia (anemia)

The blood may be hidden and not be visible with the focus, but shows that the incidence of anemia or iron deficiency anemia, and lead to fatigue and pale skin as a result of anemia.

Changes in bowel movement

Symptoms of colon cancer incidence of changes in the movement of the bowel, leading to diarrhoea or constipation or a change in consistency of stool.

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The symptoms of colon cancer after the development of his

اعراض سرطان القولون

اعراض سرطان القولون

When the tumor becomes large it can lead to blockage of the colon completely or partially, causing the appearance of the symptoms of colon cancer the following:

  • Flatulence directly without an increase in weight.
  • Abdominal pain which is considered rare with colon cancer, and it can happen only in case of rupture of the intestine, which may lead to the occurrence of inflammation of the peritoneum and infection, which are symptoms of colon cancer late.
  • Nausea or vomiting persistent gas, and justification.
  • Weight loss undue.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Constipation.
  • Change in the pattern or amount of stool.
  • A sense of discomfort even after emptying the intestine.
  • Pain of the rectum, which is rare with rectal cancer, usually refers to the huge tumor in the rectum can be up to the surrounding tissue.

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Risk factors for colon cancer

Doctors aren’t sure of the reasons for the emergence of symptoms of colon cancer and incidence, but it is generally caused by the appearance of abnormal cells grow and expand until they become cancerous tumors, and may be the reason due for the presence of genetic abnormalities specific dystonia genes, but there are several factors that lead to increased risk of colon cancer and its development, include the following:

  • Having a family history of colon cancer.
  • Diet, can cause a little diet fiber and rich in fat colon cancer.
  • Obesity.
  • Smoking.
  • The incidence of diabetes.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Infection with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

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Treatment of the symptoms of colon cancer

Is treatment of the symptoms of colon cancer mainly through surgery to remove part of the colon or remove it entirely for some cases.

Can help chemotherapy after surgery to improve cure rates in people with colon cancer, especially if the cancer has spread to the lymph glands nearby.

Doesn’t help radiation therapy after surgery to improve cure rates for colon cancer, but it can be used before surgery to shrink the tumor, which helps to remove it successfully.

Can be subject to some of the people with colon cancer to treatment uses radio frequency or conducting the removal of the cooling, to remove tumors while preserving the function of most of the organic tissues remaining.

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In the end, dear reader, that you know the symptoms of colon cancer, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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