The symptoms of autism and how to treat it

Autism is a type of fluctuations and changes in the nerve centers, which means the continuation of the daily routine, the occurrence of marked changes in talk with people, has this disorder occurs in childhood, and children with autism very little, may vary the symptoms of autism from one case to another any Can the appearance of some of the symptoms on the person and the appearance of symptoms of autism on someone else but not the same symptoms.

We’ll talk in this article about the important information about the symptoms of autism, methods of treatment and Prevention of autism. Let’s start

What are the symptoms of autism?

There is a lot of the symptoms of autism that appear on some people with autism, as follows:

  • Control and people with the voice of abnormal sound like the computer voice electronics.
  • The lack of consideration and attention to others during the challenge.
  • Talk in a weird way since his birth.
  • Lack of attention and pay attention to people who call him by his name.
  • Difficult to control in a natural way and the inability to complement the modern that they see.
  • The continuation of the work the same things such as Shake the feet from the part and toward the one.
  • Organize games and things to own in a smooth manner.
  • Pay attention to the things around him from the games and other things.
  • Prefer specific varieties of food.
  • The occurrence of sensitivity when exposed to light and touch things and loud sounds.
  • Practice some of the things that it says hurt the same.

أعراض مرض التوحد

أعراض مرض التوحد

After learning about the symptoms of autism if you notice the appearance of any of the previous symptoms mentioned by you or anyone close to you, you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

The symptoms of autism in children

Each family must help children with autism, how to deal with people, and understanding and perception of life surrounding them, and to draw attention and how to focus, and because the symptoms of autism are not specific.

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But all doctors who treat children with autism have the experience that works to target the mind of a child with autism, change their ways of thinking, change the behavior pattern of his even the exercise of his natural life, and the child normal, it is necessary to the psychiatrist specializing in cases of autism to the person with autism in a medical way correct.

Risk factors for autism

There’s a lot of factors that increase the risk of injury and exposure to the symptoms of autism, we’ll show you all of the factors that increase the chances of autism:

The sex of the child

May get male children to a large proportion of autism in children female.

Family history

  • If there is someone in the family may know the disease distribution, it will increase the chances of birth of children afflicted with autism, and in this case will be the incidence of autism resulting from genetic.
  • Exposure to some of the changes that occur to the fetus during pregnancy.
  • The descent of the child before the date of his birth prior to formation of neurons, as a potential to lead to autism.

Methods of prevention of autism

Hard to know the causes that lead to injury or exposure to the symptoms of autism, but the genetic heredity impact a big injury in this disease, we’ll show you ways to prevention of autism, which works to reduce injury by:

  • The exercise of the natural life everyday in a healthy manner, which consists in some exercise such as football, gym, swimming, a healthy diet, and the necessity to conduct the analysis in a stable manner so rest assured on your health.
  • Dimension from drinking alcohol of all kinds as they work to stop the nerve centers responsible for control of mind and body, comfort for ladies during pregnancy, lack of sleep medications unauthorized by the doctor and still unknown source.
  • The dimension of the many medications during pregnancy, and for the case to go to the doctor to give her a particular medicine fits her state of health so unreliable and fetal damage.
  • The need for treatment of physical ailments, it is necessary to come to the doctor speeding if you know you for certain diseases even give you proper medication for your condition do not even require your condition is growing serious.

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أعراض مرض التوحد

أعراض مرض التوحد

How to treat autism

Drug therapy

At this time there is no specific treatment to prevent the occurrence of autism, knowing that there are a lot of treatments that operate to reduce the symptoms of autism is the most common, and the constant activity of gas natural, the inability to sleep for normal, stress and anxiety, recurrent activities.

But the treatment that works to reduce the symptoms of autism is not suitable for all cases because each case satisfactory to differ their symptoms and treatment methods on the other on the basis of the causes which led to the occurrence of this disease and incidence based on it the doctor give a patient a treatment that suits his case, such as: anti-anxiety medication, depression and fear.

Behavioral therapy

The aim of behavior therapy to reduce anxiety and conflict that afflicts the infected person with autism, and we’ll show you some of the behavioral therapies.

Examination of the Applied Behavioral Analysis

That behavioral treatments work to activate the power to access such as: the language to communicate and talk with people, stimulate memory, attention, and also in the dimension of activities harmful was harmful to him and others, and improve the level of understanding and attentiveness and understanding also, and the dimension of isolation and of people.

These changes occur by the follow-up psychiatrist specialist about this case and then says to talk to the patient to live his way, his style and his perception and factors influencing it around him, on the basis that gives him the medicine of psychological appropriate with his words.

أعراض مرض التوحد

أعراض مرض التوحد

The theory of Denver for the building

This is a type of behavioral therapy, which is the access to the mind of a child and the way in which thinking and mental abilities and psychological, this work will be from one year to four years.

Occupational therapy

And occupational therapy in the progress of the behaviour and activities of person with autism, which assist in the performance of his duties in daily life, and thinking the wrong, how to behave in emergency situations and rely on himself, such as eating, dressing, maintaining his movements and his actions and in his actions.

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Treatment of speech problems

The doctor says your psychological need of the patient by using control methods change the face of any when talking happily makes his face smiling when talking about the location and topics of the sad Vega face to sorrow, and the use of methods to clarify the movement of the body, and how to respond to questions directed to her.

We’ve talked in this article about the important information about the symptoms of autism, which affects male children by a large percentage for female children, it is necessary to the psychiatrist with autism, the diagnosis of his condition is good, and on the basis that starts with the stage of treatment that target his mind.

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