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Infected individuals post in different places of the chest area, it is likely to be got blamed a chest of symptoms that indicate disease risk, and within that disease is the angina in which there is not a lot of species, we will talk in detail about the symptoms of angina in addition to the different types of angina.


Is angina type of pains the chest area which is issued from said flow of blood circulation to a member of heart, as to the symptoms of angina indicate infection have coronary artery disease, in the House of Commons is the description of angina by being squeezed or pressure or pain within the chest, there are a number of individuals who have experienced the condition describe it as a sense of a heavy load over the area of the chest, even though the symptoms of angina is relative however, the current situation there will be difficult to distinguish them from the types of pain other chest as indigestion.

Types of angina

There are different types of angina and can be summarized in the following points, please indicate the existence of a difference in the symptoms of angina pectoris for each type.

Stable angina

And features the following:

  • Is the appearance of symptoms of stable angina in the case of the action of the muscle of the heart with great force, such as in the case of the performance of the wind or the breaking of the stairs.
  • Choose those symptoms as soon as you take a break or use the treatment for the symptoms of angina.
  • In mostly can be expected to occur as share his pain with chest pain normal.
  • Continue the pain for a while not long could be six minutes or less.

Angina unstable

And symptoms include the following:

  • Located even in the rest time.
  • Is likely to indicate infection around the heart.
  • A change in the symptoms of angina the usual.
  • Be unexpected to happen.
  • Do not choose those symptoms at rest or in the case of taking the cure.
  • Be very serious and for a long time up to half an hour or more.

أنواع الذبحة الصدرية

أنواع الذبحة الصدرية

Angina gas certified

Symptoms of this type of angina be as follows:

  • Mostly they are to occur during the access of the individual to break.
  • Likely alleviated by the use of signs of angina.
  • Often be sharp.

Angina when ladies

Is likely to follow the symptoms of angina you are experiencing ladies on the symptoms of angina of the ordinary, and those differences may be the reason for the delayed application of treatment, the soreness of the chest a common sign when women suffer from angina, however it’s not the only sign of that disease in women, and in symptoms of angina that suffer the ladies the following:

  • Feeling of being unwell accompanied by nausea.
  • Wrench like lunges so as to be opposed to the sensation of pressure on the chest area.
  • The face of difficulty when performing the process of development.
  • The sensation of discomfort in the region of the back or the neck or jaw area.
  • Ache inside the abdomen

Causes of angina

The causes of injury for angina, they are issued by said flow of blood circulation to the heart muscle, strengthens blood carrying the oxygen gas to which the muscles of the heart need to work, and in the case of not being able to get them is a disease called impoverishment.

The most famous park said in the flow of blood circulation to the heart muscle be infection have coronary artery disease because it is likely to be lost due to the fatty deposits within them which is called blues and the disease supports the arteries to clot.

The reasons that lead to the occurrence of angina and incidence will be different according to the symptoms of angina which are:

1 – angina fixed

Occur due to physical exertion like when climbing stairs or when you work aerobic exercise, or in the case of walking, he’d need a heart to a lot of blood and he can’t get it due to narrow arteries leading to blood, there are other reasons that may result in the occurrence of symptoms of angina fixed them eating heavy foods or exposure to stressors emotional or smoking.

أسباب الذبحة الصدرية

أسباب الذبحة الصدرية

2 – angina gas constant

In the case of the pool of plaque inside a blood vessel intermittent or inside a blood clot is likely to limit or reduce the rapid flow of blood through the artery pressure, resulting in said flow of blood to the heart muscle in a manner that is quick and sudden, are also likely to believe about blood clots and partial blockage within the blood vessels of the heart.

3 – angina breast

Is the occurrence of this type because of the volatility of the coronary artery which is the artery in which the narrow, temporarily, which an injury is a sharp pain in the chest area and due to smoking and exposure to great psychological pressure.

The symptoms of angina

Symptoms of angina on the following:

  • Soreness in the chest area or the sensation of discomfort which can be described by the existence of pressure or fullness.
  • Rotor.
  • Ache in the arm or in the neck area also in the jaw or in the back and finally in the shoulder and the ache of the chest.
  • Feeling unwell and nausea.
  • The secretion of sweat.
  • Stress.
  • Injury tightness when performing the process of development.

Risk factors for angina

Factors that increase the risk of symptoms of angina include the following:

  1. Smoking.
  2. Stressors of emotional and psychological.
  3. The risk of diabetes.
  4. Excess weight.
  5. The high blood pressure.
  6. The neglect of sport.
  7. The high rate of triglyceride within the blood.
  8. Grown up work.
  9. Genetic factors.

Prevention of angina

Can prevent and reduce symptoms of angina by the action of the following tips:

  1. Quit habit of tobacco use.
  2. Get rid of the stress and pressure of oil.
  3. Eat healthy food and sound with movement to reach a healthy weight.
  4. Control of the pathological conditions of the patient such as diabetes.
  5. Refrain from alcoholic beverages.
  6. Exercise in moderation.
  7. Vaccine annual influenza don’t even are infection complications that occur to.

The diagnosis of angina

Can not detect the presence of angina, just by observing the symptoms of angina so it is better to undergo the following examinations:

  1. EKG.
  2. Examination stress.
  3. Imaging of the chest using X-ray.
  4. Echocardiography.
  5. Cardiac imaging using magnetic resonance.
  6. Examination of the nuclear stress.
  7. Blood tests.
  8. Angiography.

تشخيص الذبحة الصدرية

تشخيص الذبحة الصدرية

Methods of treatment of angina

Will need a patient with angina to implement some of the pharmaceutical treatments to alleviate the symptoms of angina and processed completely, and those drugs will be

  1. Nitrates vomiting help expand the arterial street.
  2. Signs of the statins which work to reduce the rate of cholesterol within the blood.
  3. Aspirin happens to be blood clots.
  4. Remedies protective of stroke.
  5. Areas of calcium and help to soothe the blood vessels and rises blood flow to the heart muscle.
  6. Rotary rest and treatment of angina.

In the end I must say that in case the increased pain within the chest area and lasts long, it is important to stress to the doctor as soon as possible to avoid the occurrence of a clot in the heart, and what is the patient, because it may be a condition fatal in most of the time, you can now move to recognize the symptoms of atherosclerosis and methods of treatment of various

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