The stages of development of the fetus from the first week to the last week

مراحل تطور الجنين من أول أسبوع إلى آخر أسبوع

مراحل تطور الجنين من أول أسبوع إلى آخر أسبوع

Its impossible to know when conception occurs, exactly? Is measured age of the pregnancy from the first day of your most recent period for the mother until the current date, we will give you in this article the stages of development of the fetus from the first week to the last week to find out the gestational age exactly, proceed reading this article with us.

The stages of development of the fetus from the first week to the last week

The first trimester of pregnancy

  • Starts the first week of pregnancy in the first day of the menstrual cycle of women.
  • By the end of the second week, the egg is released from the ovary, this is the time most likely to get pregnant.
  • The second week, during the marriage relationship enters the sperm to the vagina, will produce stronger sperm through the cervix to the fallopian tubes.
  • Meets one sperm and an egg of the mother in the fallopian tube, and when it enters the sperm the egg, pregnancy occurs.
  • The fourth week, once the bag containing the cells into the uterus, it buries itself in the uterine wall.
  • Pick up the bag of the arm tightly to the uterine wall and receives nutrition from the mother’s blood.
  • The fifth week, requires all the systems and the major structures of the baby.
  • Multiply the cells in the embryo start to do jobs specific.
  • Require blood cells and cells of the kidney and nerve cells.
  • The embryo grows quickly, and start features of the external to form.
  • Start your baby’s blood and spinal cord and in evolution.
  • The digestive tract begins when the child is in the configuration.

Weeks 6 to 7

  • The buds begin to arm and grow.
  • Speak the blood of your child.
  • Start the eyes and ears to form.
  • Grow the fabric that will become the backbone of your child and other bones.
  • Continue the child’s heart to grow and now regular rhythm.

Week 8

  • Grow an arm and a man child for a longer time.
  • Start the hands and feet to form and look like paddles small.
  • Continue your baby’s blood in the growth.
  • The lungs began to form.

Week 9

  • Cling to the nipples and hair follicles.
  • You can see the fingers of the infant.

The tenth week

  • Be eyelids your baby’s more developed and begin to close.
  • Start to the ears of Foreign Affairs to take shape.
  • Become the features of the child’s face is more recognizable.

Weeks 11 to 14

  • The child’s face good configuration.
  • Nails appear on the fingers hands and feet.
  • Show the genitals.
  • Make the baby’s liver red blood cells.
  • The head is very large.
  • Buds appear of the teeth.

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The development of the baby in the third trimester of pregnancy

The stages of development of the fetus from the first week to the last week in the second trimester

Weeks 15 to 18

  • At this stage, the baby’s skin is semi-transparent.
  • Requires the fine hair on the baby’s head.
  • Require muscle tissues and bones.

The baby starts to move and enjoy.

Weeks 19 to 21

  • Your child can fish.
  • Child be more active and continue in motion.

Week 22

  • Appear eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Child be more active with increased muscle growth.
  • A mother can feel the baby move.
  • Can hear the baby’s heartbeat using a stethoscope.
  • The nails grow until the end of the fingers of the child.

Weeks 23 to 25

  • Starts the bone marrow in the formation of blood cells.
  • Require the airways of the lower lungs of the child.
  • Your baby starts to store fat.

Week 26

  • Be eyebrows and eyelashes good configuration.
  • The development of all parts of the child’s eyes.
  • Forming footprints and fingerprints.
  • Unfold the air bags in the baby’s lungs.

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The last trimester of pregnancy

The development of the fetus in the last weeks

In weeks 27 to 40 years:

  • The baby’s brain grows rapidly.
  • The development of the nervous system enough to cause some of the functions of the body.
  • Can open and close eyelid your child.
  • Your baby is growing quickly and have a lot of fat.
  • The development of the child’s bones fully, but it is still soft.
  • Start your baby’s body stores of iron, calcium, and phosphorus.
  • The child has the sleep patterns of specific.
  • Complete your baby’s heart and blood vessels.
  • The development of muscle and bone fully.
  • Head hair rough and thick now.

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At the end of the article after the battle stages of the development of the fetus from the first week to the last week in pregnancy, you should always head to the doctor to make sure the stages of fetal development.

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