The specification of the injection and tablets ondansetron London for the treatment of vomiting and nausea

The elements of the decision

Depends ondansetron medication of important medicines that are prescribed to treat vomiting and nausea caused by the intake of chemical drugs and radiation therapy for cancer patients or after a surgical procedure, where work to install the receptors of serotonin in the brain, which prevents the vomiting.
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  • This drug is used in the following cases:
  • Used for the Prevention of nausea and vomiting after surgical operations for children.
  • Used for the Prevention of nausea and vomiting after treatment with drugs chemical.
  • Used for the Prevention of nausea and vomiting after radiation therapy.

Dosage and usage instructions

This drug is available in form of tablets or solution for injection intravenous slow, and the groups to be guided as follows:

  • The doctor determines the dosage depending on the age of the disease and the weight and severity of symptoms.
  • The dose in children ranging from 3 to 5 mg per 1 cm2 of the surface area of the body of the child, and calculate the dosage by the doctor.
  • The maximum dose is 8 mg in 24 hours.
  • Adult dosage, adults over the age of 18 years old 24 A for 30 minutes before eating chemotherapy, can take a second dose after a first dose about 8 hours.
  • Is a dose of 8 mg twice daily for a day or two after the end of treatment .
  • Dosage children from 12 to 17 years of age is 8 mg by slow for 30 minutes before chemotherapy, with another dose after the treatment of approximately 8 hours of 8 A and lasts for two days at the rate of one dose per day
  • Dosage children from 4 years to 11 years is 4 mg by slow for 30 minutes before chemotherapy, then the dose of other similar after 8 hours of treatment and for two days.
  • Dose patients radiation therapy above 18 years of age determined by the doctor according to the type of treatment and the degree of its concentration, and the range of the indicative are: 8 a two hours before or at least an hour of treatment, then a dose of 8 mg every 8 hours for two days after the end of treatment.
  • Adult dosage, adults after surgical operations is: 16 a through the mouth by at least an hour of general anesthesia, or the dosage meant by 4 A intravenous during surgery.
  • You must comply strictly with the instructions of the doctor and the communities that happen to her and not exceeded.
  • Not used for children less than 4 years.

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The symptoms of overdose

As already stated it must comply with the specified without overeating, where the cause of overdose in the occurrence of some side effects including:

  • Zhu disorders sudden vision.
  • Severe constipation.
  • Dizziness and periodic fainting.
  • Symptoms of serotonin syndrome.
  • Hallucination.
  • Loss development movement and muscle.

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Side effects

Cause side effects vary depending on the patient’s ability to control the state of his health, the most important being the following:

  • Headache and lack of concentration.
  • Glow high body temperature.
  • The occurrence of digestive disorders.
  • Indigestion.
  • Gas and constipation.
  • Pruritus and shook a special inspection of the place of intravenous.
  • Colic and pain in the stomach.
  • Spasm in the muscles.
  • Zhou vision.

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You should consult the doctor immediately in the case of the back of the following symptoms:

  • Rash in the mouth, tongue, throat and face.
  • Severe dizziness.
  • Swelling of the face and extremities.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Severe pain and redness of the injection site.
  • The feeling of pain in the chest.
  • Arrhythmia.

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ondansetron دواءondansetron medication

Use during pregnancy and lactation

  • Depends medication ondansetron of medications given during pregnancy because it can cause abnormalities in the embryos due to its transmission through the placenta.
  • Do not use this medication during breastfeeding.

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Driving and operating machinery

As stated above it can that the patient suffers from dizziness and lack of focus and vision, so you should avoid driving a car or operating machinery sharp and all business that need alertness and concentration during the treatment period.

Preservation and storage of medication

  • Store the medicine away from the reach of small children.
  • Store in temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.

We have provided you a comprehensive report on medicine London which is one of the most important drugs used for cancer patients because it works to prevent vomiting and nausea after taking doses of chemotherapy and radiation, and of course treatment should be done under medical supervision doses defined according to the patient’s health and age that is passing out and its weight especially for the kids, with the need to see a doctor in case of appearance of any abnormal symptoms.

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