The sleeping baby in the second month

The sleeping baby in the second month through the website cart health you think most of the mothers that with the beginning of the second month the child will produce with the number of hours of sleep, but this is too early, Where is the problem baby sleep more problems that meet the mothers both frequent baby sleep or waking up a lot especially in the night period, therefore we will explain some of the things that has changed for some mothers, especially new mothers.


The sleeping position of the infant in the second month

  • The child in the third month of not playing it at this stage, only the feeding and growth.
  • Doctors confirmed the children that the baby in the second month needs to be about five to ten hours spent in sleep but intermittently and not connected.
  • The baby sleeps from 2 to 4 continuous hours, then wakes up for a feeding.
  • Also, the child can not express his needs in words he is saying that through tears.

The best position for sleeping baby

The mother should choose a position suitable for sleeping a child, so as not to Syndrome sudden death, which occur as a result of smothering the child while sleeping, this asanas:

  • Avoid baby sleep on his stomach because it reduces the proportion of oxygen obtained, and the best that the baby sleeps on his back.
  • The child should sleep on a wide bed of its own, and without having any stuffed toys or cover such as quilt blankets to avoid of choking.

How long is the sleep of the infant

Come mothers the problem of the cut off sleep when the kids wake up Mother more than once during the night for breastfeeding her baby and take care of it, so looking mothers about when to move the sleeping baby?

  • Three months initial: starts the regularity of the sleep of the infant with the progress of the work, in the three months first the number of hours of sleep is great but very intermittently.
  • Fourth month: getting the number of hours the baby sleep during the night and during the day a nap ranging from four to five naps during the day.
  • Previous month: less than the number of hours of sleep during the day and during the night, right next to having the child breastfed or breastfed only two during the night, also under the NAP to only three during the day.
  • The beginning of the third and ninth months: less napping child to two is almost with the increase of the number of hours of sleep at night, regularity.
  • The tenth month and even Year fact: the child begins in the regularity of sleep during the night next to not wake up only once at the most to get feed, and you can at that time start the process of weaning the night.

How to clean bedroom baby

You can start from the second month, try to organize your baby’s sleep gradually through:

  • Not playing with him or petting him during the night.
  • Mitigate the level of illumination and turn on some quiet music.
  • Must be slumbering child in his bed and not during the campaign you don’t even have that.

Was the answer to the questions of mothers through the baby sleep in the second month we are pleased to receive all inquiries through the comment below the article.

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