The sensitivity of the chest in infants.. symptoms, causes and how to treat them

حساسية الصدر عند الرضع

حساسية الصدر عند الرضع

Can be treated babies from all types of allergies, such as adults and older children, the know with us on account of the chest in infants and Symptoms, Causes and how to treat it, follow us dear reader the following article to find out these details.

The symptoms of asthma in infants

Happen an allergic reaction when the immune system reacts in the body unnaturally with things that are usually harmless, and relieve signs of an allergic reaction depending on the condition of each individual.

Usually the infant is less vulnerable than children and adults for many types of allergies, because it must be exposure to something for a period of time before showing the symptoms of allergies towards it, so the seasonal allergies will be less common in babies, as most types of allergies inhaler are not common a year ago or two years of a child’s life.

But in the case of the sensitivity of the chest in infants, the symptoms may include the following:

  • Sneezing.
  • Redness and itching of the eyes.
  • Cough symptoms of asthma in infants.
  • Wheezing andshortness of breath.
  • Runny nose.

Week the sensitivity of the chest in infants

I don’t think the causes of the sensitivity of the chest in infants is quite clear, lost family history plays a role in this case, if you suffer from asthma, it is likely that your child is exposed to infection, and include other causes of injury your child the sensitivity of the chest are the following:

  • Pet dander.
  • Mold.
  • Dust.
  • Products may be than a week the sensitivity of the chest in infants.
  • The temperature change is exaggerated.

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Treatment of asthma in infants

Can eliminate the sensitivity of the chest in infants by eliminating exposure to allergens, such as pet dander, you may need to remove your child from all the allergens.

Think the medications that contain antihistamines are among most common drugs used to treat allergic reactions, where the help of antihistamines to reduce allergic reactions, however is not recommending the use of medications antihistamines to children under the age of two years.

You should consult a doctor before using any medications for your infant, you must also make sure to read the warning labels on any medication, to avoid exposing your baby to any serious side effects.

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Possible complications of the sensitivity of the chest in infants

Considered the most serious complication and occurs as a result of the sensitivity of the chest in infants, is anaphylaxis. May trigger some types of allergies resulting from airborne allergens to asthma, which may lead to difficulty breathing, but may have thought it less common to have children at the age of a year or two.

In general may lead to allow any symptoms without treatment for a long time to the occurrence of respiratory problems.

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The difference between the sensitivity of chest colds

Think runny nose and cough symptoms that can refer to both allergies andcolds, so you should know the difference between them when your child is exposed to these symptoms.

  • Consideration to the timing and incidence of symptoms for your child, and considers colds are very common in children, while the sensitivity of the chest environmental or seasonal that are caused by inhalation of allergens are not considered common they have.
  • Use the symptoms of the common cold for a week or two, then come back to your child for his good, while tend to allergy symptoms to continue a longer period.
  • Can also interact between them through the occurrence or non-occurrence of certain symptoms, for example, does not lead to the sensitivity of the chest in infants to the fever, but usually occur fever with colds, as well as the pain of the body do not recognize the symptoms of allergies, but they are common in the case of colds.

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In the end, dear reader, that you know the sensitivity of the chest in infants, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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