The same child tips configured for the new

Keep the same child and leave it with a nanny is become of the things that happens a lot, where in ancient times might give this a sense of offended, but now it has become a normal thing amidst the busy father and mother, but to leave the child with someone who doesn’t know about a lot of things, including what is essential, so give your child the impression of fear often affects a child’s life.

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How to create the same child for the new

How to help your child nanny New identify on the psyche of the child, and harmony with,1web medicine: creating the child for the New, how do you know what he likes and doesn’t like, here are the following steps:

Tell the child about the new nanny before our people.

Introduce your child before the coming of the new governess that he would argue with someone else, and do not wait to the last moment, so you know this news, in order to qualify himself to her and gives himself a sufficient period of rehabilitation.

You may feel some children are concerned about the changes that once you learn them, you as a father or as a mother to make him commit to her before to meet her, and to tell him she will be his patroness, and welcome to the fun that will be with them.

نفسية الطفل

نفسية الطفل

Helped my child feel like he is controlling

Many of our children do not like the feeling of control of the parents on them, and they run a lot of our decisions as soon as you sense that it is them.

If called his son to feel that he is controlling in the situation, let him he says the new nanny in the house to give her a box, with details of each room.

They also speak freely to her, telling her what he likes and doesn’t like.

Include the studies that the child accept change when they feel that it is a controlling attitude, he is in control.

Make sure to know my rules and laws

Should communicate with his son about the rules and laws during the existence of the nanny home, and what to do and what not to do prohibited prohibited permitted permitted at all times.

Actual baby to know that the absence of mother and father home, this is not the sense that he behaves as he pleases, but with any wrong behaviour will have consequences, and some of these rules:

  • Time to watch TV.
  • Time the use of electronic devices.
  • The time of sleep.
  • Don’t open the door to strangers.
  • Homework time.

نفسية الطفل

نفسية الطفل

Planning of joint activities with the nanny

The damage and of the causes that lead children to do the power gas is good, so the tops of the agreement with the nanny previously-on activities, games, educational and entertaining, they do it daily with.

Tell your child that he can tell you anything.

Although the children know they can tell their mother and their father anything at any time, but confirmed them gives them a sense of security more.

You with that your interest as a mother this point, sense is my son safe gives to link it with the new nanny.

You should like to tell you if he loves her or not, or if it is leave it alone most of the time or not.

Save your child a way to contact you wherever you are

Being the history of the son alone, less child sometimes, follow my way a kid could call Beck on its way, for example:

Leave your phone number next to the TV in the house, and tell him he can contact you at any time, it gives the child a feeling of security more.

Ask your child always telling you how was your day with the new nanny

Day ask your child about what happened with him today, and what was love a new nanny or not2Wikipedia: The Nanny of the child.

And how she’s dealing with, all this is very important for your son in order to prepare himself for the reception of the new governess.

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