The reasons for the exit of blood with the stool heavily


The reasons for the exit of blood with the stool heavily across the site Haematochezia scientific term for having blood with stool, which affects 55% of adults, and the causes of the descent of the blood in the stool “inflammation of the stomach and fistula anal and peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids”, and that the color of the blood indicates a problem in the digestive system the color was dark, or a problem near the anal opening if its color is red, we continue to detail the reasons for the descent of the blood as follows.

The reasons for the descent of blood with stool

Common reasons behind the exit of the blood with adult include anal fissure: a very small pieces that exist in the lining of the tissue inside the anus, cause this piece in injury to the anus, resulting in the inability of muscles to relax and thus the descent of the drops of blood with the stool.

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Hemorrhoids; a swelling of the blood vessels located in the rectum or in the anus, the severe pain of it, and show The Shape of the mass concentrated in the tissues of the anus, showed the statistics that women are more susceptible to hemorrhoids especially pregnant women, as well as persons aged from 45 to 65 years.

Out blood mixed with stool

الدم مع البراز

الدم مع البراز

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Peptic ulcer of months reasons that lead to the mixing of blood with the stool include:

  • Sores are open: they are concentrated in the lining of the duodenum, located in the upper part of the small intestine.
  • Ulcer cause: often the result of several bacterial infection caused by worms “Helicobacter pylori”.
  • Aspirin or ibuprofen: cause of peptic ulcer with frequent use without consulting a doctor.
  • Symptoms: feeling of burning in the heart, or nausea sources of the uprising, with the advent of blood dark in stool.
  • Arethe symptoms common: weight loss, vomiting.

The reasons for the exit of blood with the stool in adults

Anal Fistula; the strong reasons to the integrity of blood with the stool to be infected for the anal, a small channel is available the skin, anus and anal canal, and the descent of the stool cause severe pain and bleeding, unfortunately the treatment of this condition by surgery only.

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Stomach infections: who causes the exit of blood from the anus as a result of you’re infected with a virus or bacteria cause infections in the stomach or intestine, these symptoms cause diarrhea, accompanied the exit of the diarrhea amount of blood and it is called the name, “bloody diarrhea” and her symptoms other, “cramps in the stomach, a very high temperature, headache, the most common vomiting”.

Exit black blood in the stool

The form of feces and the color of the blood occurs the affected area and thus ease of diagnosis, we know you from the site causes of black stool, red.

  • Black stool: occurs as a result of bleeding in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract, where it affects the color of blood the form of stools.
  • Blood red: evidence that the bleeding was in an area close to the anus which is the least dangerous of the black stool.

The exit of blood with stool in children

Exodus blood in stool for children means that there is bleeding present in the gastrointestinal tract, mostly doctors care to know the color of this bleeding, the dark color means that there is a problem in the gastrointestinal tract as a result of viral or bacterial infection or worms, either if the bleeding is red, it’s less serious, a minor problem in the anal opening.

Diagnosis stool with blood: modern medicine now depends on the diagnosis on the organization of the colon, or the use of X-rays on the abdomen, and the doctor angiography is sometimes needed to the organization of the esophagus if the problem is in the digestive tract.

When the descent of blood with stool serious

The presence of blood in the stool means there is bleeding in a certain place with the digestive system, and injuries to.

  • Disease disease diverticular disease:a term for the small bags from the wall of the colon has no problems, but they cause bleeding.
  • Colitis: often the exit blood the stool due to inflammation of the colon or intestines due to worms or an infection.
  • Blood vessels: when you are fragile or flawed cause bleeding in the stool.
  • Esophagus: the presence of varicose veins in the esophagus what causes heavy bleeding in the feces of the patient and makes a medical diagnosis immediately.

Out blood with stool with pain in abdomen

Tumors: both benign tumors or cancer cause the out blood in the stool, is considered colon cancer rectal cancer of the most famous kinds in the world, this tumor causes bleeding, but he mostly doesn’t notice much, and the common symptoms of the presence of abdominal pain with loss of weight and appetite.

The diagnosis of sheep blood with stool

There are several tests to determine the causes of the descent of the blood with the bleeding, call you doctor specialist include the following:

  • Wash contagious nose: a tube inserted into the stomach through the nose, and remove the contents of the stomach.
  • If he found out the doctor that there is no blood means that the blood has stopped, or that the bleeding of the lower digestive tract.
  • Test (EGD): the system enters through the mouth to the stomach, contains a small camera at the end of it, and stays in the stomach and duodenum.
  • Colonoscopy: entering through the rectum and to collect samples of tissue biopsy and put it under the microscope for examination.
  • Barium: material make the patient’s digestive tract appear on the X-rays, and the patient swallowed barium or enters from the rectum.
  • Angiography: the doctor rights the vein with a special dye.
  • Angiography makes them visible and discover the cause of the descent of the blood in the stool.
  • Laparotomy: a procedure last resort when the doctor in case he failed to determine the cause of bleeding in the stool.

We have provided you the common reasons in the reasons for the exit of blood with the stools and the method of diagnosed, if you have other suggestions leave a comment down site content.

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