The reasons for the emergence of the second problem

أسباب ظهور الثالولة

أسباب ظهور الثالولة

Do you suffer from the appearance of the second interview frequently? If you have this problem dear reader you can follow this article to learn the reasons for the emergence of the second problem and the various ways that helps you prevent them.

What is the second problem and what kinds?

Is a lump on the skin caused by the human papilloma virus although warts are not dangerous in general unless they be painful and contagious as that of her appearance is nice.

There are five main types of warts and each type on a different part of the body and the appearance of the characteristic here are some types of warts:

Common warts

Grow common warts on the hands fingers and toes can also appear in other places, it also has the appearance of coarse loved the summit rounded, and varies in color common warts about the color of the surrounding skin.

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Flat warts

Usually grow flat warts on the face or the thighs or the arm is too small and can not be easily observed, as well as a flat surface seem like a convertible, and can be pink or brown or yellow a bit.

Warts even

Warts can even grow on the soles of the feet and, unlike other warts grow warts even inside the skin not on the surface of the skin, looking like a small opening in the bottom of the foot is surrounded with a solid skin and can make walking uncomfortable.

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Warts filamentous

Grow warts nematodes around the mouth or nose and sometimes on the neck or the bottom of the chin, and the wart nematodes of small size on The Shape of the blisters is also not the same color as the skin.

Warts surrounding

Grow warts surrounding the feet, under nails and around and can be painful and affect nail growth.

The reasons for the emergence of the second problem

Causes of HPV in excess growth and Rapid City located in skin as different warts different types of HPV and the causes of the appearance of the second problem are the following:

  • Touching the infected skin fall
  • Clothes suitable shoes persons call

It can also spread the virus to other parts of the body through:

  • Scratching or biting warts
  • Biting nails or sucking fingers designed call
  • Haircut face plant fall
  • Also notice the skin is wet or damaged with rough surfaces increases the risk of well

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Methods of prevention of the second problem

After that you know the reasons for the emergence of the second problem there are many ways that help you prevent injury fall and prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body if you have well already, so follow these simple guidelines:

  • Wash your hands regularly to avoid infection from an infected person fall.
  • Cover the warts.
  • Keep drying your hands and your feet.
  • Don’t share shoes and socks with other people.
  • Don’t touch warts the others.
  • Don’t scratch warts since this may lead to their proliferation.
  • Wear shoes custom bath tubs and swimming pools.
  • Do not clean or comb or cut the hair in areas with warts.
  • Use custom tools for Nail Care the source of the call.
  • Don’t bite your nails if they have warts near them.

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In the end, dear reader, that you know the reasons for the emergence of the third treatment and Prevention you should consult your doctor about different ways to treat them and if you have any problem or query you can consult one of our doctors here

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