The reasons for the appearance of a tooth abscess

أسباب ظهور خراج الأسنان

أسباب ظهور خراج الأسنان

If a tooth abscess from the diseases that cause severe pain, especially when left untreated, often occurs as a result of the lack of attention to the cleanliness of the teeth and take care of it, follow us, dear reader, for more on what are the reasons for the appearance of a tooth abscess and its symptoms and methods of treatment.

What is an abscess tooth?

Occur tooth abscesses due to bacterial infections, both of the teeth or gums, and happens the fall when it fills the pus of the gums, which cause severe pain, and if not treated can lead to serious complications, there are three types of tooth abscesses:

  • Periodontal abscess may spread to the gum tissue.
  • Abscess the contour of the teeth which occurs in the roots of the teeth.
  • Abscess apical and occurs when the ends of the teeth.

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The reasons for the appearance of a tooth abscess

There are several reasons that may lead to the appearance of a tooth abscess, including:

Dental cavities

Occur as a result of tooth decay, one of the most prevalent causes for the exit of the tooth, causing the presence of the bacteria infect the tissues surrounding the teeth, so you must pay attention to the teeth and keep them from the registry to prevent the occurrence of any abscesses.

Gum disease

Is another reason for the appearance of a tooth abscess, causing bacteria in the mouth by the accumulation of plaque on the teeth and along the gum line, causing inflammation of the gums, and this may cause bleeding of the gums easily when brushing.

Tooth cracked of the reasons for the appearance of a tooth abscess

This happens as a result of age or intake of solid foods, or teeth grinding, may lead to cracking of the tooth to the appearance of abscesses of the teeth, as a result of the entry of the bacteria in these crevices, causing tooth decay and eventually lead to the occurrence of abscesses.

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What are the symptoms of an abscess tooth?

There are many symptoms that indicate the appearance of a tooth abscess, including:

  • The feeling of pain in the affected area when eating or when touching the tongue to the affected area
  • Tooth sensitivity when eating cold or hot or drink liquids
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • The feeling of a fever.
  • The sensation of difficulty when opening the mouth
  • The sensation of difficulty when swallowing
  • The inability to sleep.
  • The main symptom of dental abscess is pain, often severe, occurs suddenly and may spread pain into the jaw bone and neck.

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How to cure a tooth abscess

After learning the causes of the appearance of a tooth abscess, you must know with us now on the ways to cure tooth abscess the following:

Open out

The dentist will make a small cut in the abscess, allowing the pus out, the product is then washed with salty water from time to time, and put the stuffing to keep the area open so that helps to drain the pus and reduce swelling.

Root canal treatment

Help this medium in the elimination of infection and protection of the teeth, where the dentist removes the inflamed tissue and cause abscess of the tooth completely, this may lead to loose teeth, especially the rear only if you know how to pay attention to your teeth, helping you maintain the health of your teeth.

Dislocation of the affected tooth

If you cannot save the infected tooth, the dentist will mix tooth and remove out rid of the infection.

Taking antibiotics

If the infection on the affected area, you may not need to use antibiotics, but if the infection to the tooth near the jaw or other areas, it is possible to prescribe the dentist antibiotics to prevent them from spreading more.

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In the end, after the identification of the causes of the appearance of a tooth abscess and its symptoms, you should when you feel pain consult a dentist before taking any of the signs, and if you have some queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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