The proportion of natural sugar to

نسبة السكر الطبيعي للحامل

نسبة السكر الطبيعي للحامل

Knowledge of the proportion of natural sugar to one of the most important factors during pregnancy, where it helps control the flour in the proportion of glucose in the blood to ensure the best chance for a successful pregnancy, and is control of diabetes important for those who suffer from diabetes during pregnancy as well as ladies with gestational diabetes; get to know us on the proportion of natural sugar during this period through the following.

What is gestational diabetes?

It has been reported that between 2% to 4% of women have gestational diabetes temporary also known as gestational diabetes, this occurs because they are unable to produce larger amount of insulin to overcome the resistance levels during their pregnancy.

During gestational diabetes, there is usually no external symptoms is generally defined as the characteristics of the disease, such as extreme thirst, fatigue and increased urination.

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The proportion of natural sugar to

If good control of blood glucose reduces the risk of complications for mother and child, the goal of test blood sugar (HbA1c) mothers before and during pregnancy is the access ratio of 6.1% (or 43 mmol / mol).

Always advise women who have diabetes before pregnancy to control excellently in the blood sugar before conception, during pregnancy, where the first eight weeks of pregnancy, a critical period, so it is strongly recommended the management of diabetes before pregnancy whenever possible.

Mothers who develop gestational diabetes will be treated initially with freedom and empowerment but may also be a description of the treatment appropriate to them, such as tablets or insulin injections if blood sugar levels stay high they have.

To help achieve sugar natural to the factors expected of you test your blood glucose before each meal and an hour after eating, will also need people who take insulin for diabetes also to measure the sugar before bedtime every night.

Will my blood tests at various intervals during pregnancy to make sure that diabetes you have under control, and will not affect your child negatively.

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Risk factors for gestational diabetes

There is an increased risk to develop diabetes during pregnancy if you:

  • Suffer from weight gain.
  • Smoke or you’re next to a smoker all the time.
  • If your age is greater than 30 years.
  • You have a family history of diabetes.
  • In case you are from an ethnic minority.
  • There is a history of previous birth of large baby (over 4.5 kg or 10 lbs).

There is a routine test before birth is used to measure the levels of glucose in the urine; however, it has been observed that it is not reliable relatively in the diagnosis of diabetes, so it is to check blood sugar levels between 26 and 30 weeks of pregnancy.

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This is done in two separate occasions using one of two Tests, either sugar test in fasting or test, random sugar, in addition, if there are any abnormal results of these tests or there was a family history of diabetes, or if a woman is experiencing an increase in weight, you’ll know you have a glucose tolerance test.

In case you are afflicted with gestational diabetes will the doctor puts you with an integrated plan include your diet and medications that you should take them, if necessary, the exercise that you can do.

And it is advisable to increase participation in activities of low impact like walking, swimming, yoga andPilates, in addition, advised to eat regular meals to control the amount of fat eaten, and also the amount of salt in the diet and make sure to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in the diet.

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You can avoid the complications of gestational diabetes by following your doctor’s instructions and keep the sugar provided to you as much as possible, for more information about the proportion of natural sugar to the deal you can consult one of our doctors here.

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