The parasites causes infection symptoms and methods of treatment of

In general parasitology is the branch of Microbiology that deals with the study of parasites, focusing on the different characteristics of the parasite (morphology, life cycle, ecology, classification, etc.), the type of host that infects and affects us and the relationship between the two.

As to parasites, two of them foreign (those that live on the surface of the host like) and internal parasites (those that live within the body of the host), but against our will we’ll keep the light on parasites that infect the human body and causes infection and symptoms that occur on a person with methods of treatment and Prevention to get rid of parasites.


Affect the epidemic of parasites in the body millions of people around the world and does not know geographic boundaries, or economic and sexual, it’s a quiet epidemic that most doctors don’t have the ability to know or simply don’t associate this problem to the development of the parasites with it’s something that doesn’t require a lot of effort, but its effect on the body amazing.

Often the worms and parasites present in the body the size and weight of note, the question immediately arises How can you live these parasites in our bodies without note it? The answer is simple: the parasites go unnoticed where these parasites malicious unnoticed, making it difficult to detect and eliminate them.

As to parasites able to survive and multiply by a tremendous, include the symptoms suffered by the person because of the presence of parasites such symptoms associated with some other diseases, and that’s what makes it difficult to diagnose and rarely do the doctors say and people themselves is associating these symptoms with parasites.

What are the parasites?

Are organisms that live in our body and parallel to our body, but it in our body feed on our energy, or our cells or the food we eat.

And feed some types of parasites on internal organs, even worse, parasites can live in the body for years without causing any obvious symptoms, medical studies show that about 85% of the adult population have at least one type of parasite in their bodies without any knowledge of it.

Humans can be infected by about 100 species of various parasites of tapeworms microscopic to other species.

Parasites not only live in the gut unlike what many people believe, but they live in every part of the body almost changes, lungs , muscles , liver, blood , brain , eyes and even the skin.

Test for the presence of parasites in the body

The usual way to test for the presence of parasites in the body to detect worms is to analyze the stool.

But the problem is that as a result of its uncertain where it is diagnosis of the presence of worms developed in the intestine through the eggs so that they also be taken a sample of the stool and through examination under a microscope will see if the worm has laid eggs, otherwise it is impossible to detect the presence of parasites and find them.

So doctors recommend that offers the patient several samples of stool for three times the dates on which the different, as well as, unfortunately, does not result in reliable results.

Causes of parasite infestation

There are many reasons that lead to the entry of parasites into our bodies:

  • By eating contaminated food.
  • Not washing fruits and vegetables well.
  • There is a big reason of infection by parasites is by pets that live among us such as cats and dogs as most of these animals carry a platoon of worms that have been spread of its eggs in the environment surrounding us through the feces of animals so that they can enter these parasites into our bodies by touching these animals and hug her and kiss her directly or indirectly through the air we breathe the presence of these animals, and this is dangerous not only know we are adults but for our kids who love these animals.
  • The number of diseases caused by parasites jump mainly increase due to contamination of water and food.
  • The misuse of chemicals, including mercury.
  • Taking antibiotics that do not need a prescription.
  • The lesions mostly in the canned foods from the meat after processing it (like bacon, meat mortadella, sliced meat, etc.) as beef, lamb, chicken and even fish where you can be infected with this parasite, so that when you eat such meat begins to fry in the growth in human muscle so you can move to the body’s tissues and other organs belong to the nervous system the central to finally arrive to the small intestine.

Symptoms of parasites

What are the signs that show the presence of parasites? What are the symptoms of having parasites?

  • Disorders of appetite, either increased appetite or loss.
  • Bulging of the eyes.
  • Nervous and worried.
  • Severe itching in eyes or nose or anal area.
  • Intestinal disorders of constipation and diarrhea.
  • Thinner for no apparent reason.
  • A headache and.

Despite the fact that the symptoms can be attributed to other causes similar to the symptoms of some diseases but it must be taken into account the possibility of treatment if the person is a patient suffering from one of the following symptoms for several days or weeks:


Where can some types of parasites that clog the intestinal tract because of its size and its type leading to severe constipation..


Produce some parasites substance called (prostaglandins) in the body which causes diarrhea.

Gas colic:

There are some types of parasites live in the upper intestine of the gastrointestinal tract which leads to inflammation which is the source of the gases which boosts their intake of vegetables, legumes, and if a person suffers from gas and colic they are one of the symptoms of infection with parasites.

Irritable bowel syndrome:

Can irritate the parasites of the mucous membrane in the intestine and infection and is able to absorb nutrients, especially fat so that they appear in the stool.

Muscle and joint pain:

So that the parasites able to enter the muscle and joints and ruining their tissues.


There are types of parasites are able to absorb the nutrients you need, causing severe iron deficiency and anemia of chronic.


Different parasites, the protective layer of the intestinal the intestine, which can vary by large molecules, non-digestible, leading to that the immune system works on the you need more protection, especially on the affected parts with inflammation in the intestines which increases the sensitivity and shows its symptoms.

Skin problems:

Parasites cause rashes, pimples and even acneas well as eczema , allergies and other problems that affect the skin.


Toxic substances in the parasites reach the central nervous system causing the nerve that do not cause not only the presence of parasites in the body, but with the intake of some herbs out toxic substances from the body, many persons have expressed their satisfaction and were calm and patient.

Sleep disorders:

Lead the presence of parasites to frequent waking in the night with the need to go to the toilet and eject the toxins from the body where the liver tries to expel the toxins from it, add the presence of inflammation and itching in the anus and this real result that some of the worms lay eggs in the anus causing itching and anxiety disorders in sleep.

Gnashing of teeth: this shows dramatically when the children, it affects adults too.

Chronic fatigue:

Is characterized by chronic fatigue as a result of infection with parasites that resemble symptoms of the flu in terms of pressure, lack of concentration and poor memory as caused parasite problems, physical, emotional, mental and the body of important nutrients which lead to deficiency and absence to the A lot of functional problems for many members in the body.

Immune system disorders:

The infestation with parasites leads to a weakened immune system so that it becomes the body without the protection from bacterial or viral infections, because the parasite reduces the functioning of the immune system and effectiveness in the secretion of IGM, which causes problems for all from (bad breath and hunger and weight gain palpitations and pain in the navel and asthma and blurred vision especially when bending, bad taste in mouth, migraines , diabetes, some cardiovascular diseases and cancers).

Treatment of infestation with parasites

What is the solution to get rid of parasites?

Is eating some of the herbs that help rid the body of parasites this natural material has the ability to purify the body of toxins and rid it of bacteria and parasites harmful to them because they constitute an effective tool and is harmless.

Results of good for this material should be addressed for at least a year which helps rid the body completely of parasites nestling in it as well as of all the infections that may be caused to occur inside the body, the material, consisting of three types of herbs are:


It is a powerful factor and the rules because an anti-oxidant and inflammation and is rich omega 3, vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber, it also has a powerful effect in relieving pain and reduces the inflammation of joints, rheumatism, fungal infections and indigestion.

Wood formed by a FIR:

No anti-inflammatory effect and is used to treat problems of the stomach, as an effect in stimulating the appetite and treat gastrointestinal problems, is often recommended for the treatment of insomnia and sleep disturbance, as well as anemia because the devastating effect of parasites.


Especially the green walnut is a powerful plant anti-inflammatory and tonic for the nervous system, and contains amount of iodine, also has a role in lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, and works to stimulate the metabolism (metabolism).


You should especially if you are taking certain medications under the supervision of a medical specialist to consult your doctor about the possibility of your intake of these materials so as not to complications that may occur.

Prevention of parasites

Of the most important methods of prevention of parasites and even maintain your health and pure ourselves from infection we have to follow the following:

  • Wash hands well before eating or preparing it, after coming out of the restroom or after sneezing and coughing and with soap and water and if not available, use alcohol to disinfect hands.
  • Inoculation with vaccines, especially for children as there are some immunizations or vaccines that are taken for adults all take adults against influenza disease tetanus.
  • Eating some types of drugs that provide protection against parasites but for a short time and under the supervision of a medical specialist.

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