The pain of childbirth

ألم الولادة

ألم الولادة

You should know women need all the information about labor and delivery, so you can control the pain of childbirth and learn how to deal with this period and how do you use this phase, we will act in this article on ways to relieve the pain of childbirth and labor and we will know also how to be the form of pain State?

Pain during labor and delivery

The pain occurs during labor because of the contractions of the muscles of the uterus and pressure on the cervix, can feel this pain that strong fluctuations in the abdomen, thighs and back, some women suffer from pain in the sides also, include other causes of pain during labor the pressure of the baby’s head on the bladder, intestines, and dilation of the birth canal and vagina.

Different pain during childbirth from woman to woman and even varies from campaign to time, women suffer from labor pains differently, some women suffer from fluctuations similar to the fluctuations of the menstrual cycle, and the other women of extreme stress, and some of the women she swings bouts of diarrhea, use contractions to emerge in the last months of pregnancy, as the pregnancy progresses, there becomes less time between contractions and periods of relaxation.

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Relieve the pain of childbirth with drugs

Here are medical ways to ease the pain of childbirth:


Analgesics relieve pain, but not numb completely, and it does not affect sensation or movement of muscles, analgesics can be given intravenously, or through injections in the muscles, can these drugs cause side effects for the mother, including drowsiness and nausea, it can also have side effects on the baby.

Local anesthesia

This is anesthesia by blocking the feeling in certain areas of the body, you can use these methods to relieve pain in vaginal births andcesarean section, the anesthesia epidural Epidurals, is a form of local anesthesia, most of the pain during labor and childbirth be below the belly button, and in the walls of the vagina, includes anesthesia epidural medication provided by the anesthesiologist through a thin catheter-like tube is inserted into the lower back of women, this can cause the drug in the lower blood pressure of women, It can cause itching, nausea, and headaches when the mother.


Don’t hide this pain medication, but it may help calm women suffering from severe anxiety, sometimes are used with NSAIDs and can be these drugs effects on both the mother and the child, and are not used often, they also make it difficult for women to remember the details of the birth.

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Natural ways to relieve childbirth pain

ألم الولادة

ألم الولادة

One of the best things you can do during pregnancy is to stay active, you’ll be stronger and more able to control, which may be important if you continue to labor for a long time, you can also practice meditation and relaxation techniques that can help you control your pain, you can also follow the path of Bradley, which include someone else, often a spouse, which works to encourage you to practice natural techniques like proper nutrition andexercise, to control pain rather than drugs and painkillers.

When entering in labor, some women also other ways to help relieve the pain, including the training and try to relax, bathing, listening to music, may help these methods also in relaxation and comfort.

In the end, dear readers, after that we know the ways to get rid of the pain of childbirth and we knew how to be pain of Labor, we recommend you to follow the road to health and natural techniques to relieve the pain of Labor and birth, you can discuss with your doctor about appropriate ways for your condition.

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