The number of hours of sleep a child from newborn to teenagers up to the age of 18

How many hours of sleep your child needs according to your age?

Sleep is important for your child for the growth of his body and his brain the task of building healthy sleep habits are important to you, so you know to the number of hours of sleep the child’s age.

When a child suffers from sleepiness when I don’t get what it needs from the sleep, it does not appear in fatigue or drowsiness or slowing on the contrary it can appear in hyper-activity, nervousness, tension, etc., so you must make sure the number of hours sleep your baby will need his body and his brain.

What about your child… how old are you? How many hours slept through the night and as the hours during the day? What is the pattern of sleep hours those and how are they split? What about the routine of his evening and how can you ensure the best for him? Here’s all that in detail in accordance with the number of hours of sleep of the child according to his age.

عدد ساعات نوم الطفل

1 – the number of hours of sleep for a newborn child up to the age of 3 months

Newborn babies sleep about 18 hours a day divided into day and night periods ranging between 3 – 4 hours when the baby wakes up, and with his progress in the work begins to stay awake in the day for longer and continuously, more during the night.

Children need at this stage to build a sleep routine of their own and regulate the biological clock has them, so must be trained to it through to put the baby in his crib when it’s time to sleep and extinguish the lights baby you and rich don’t… and over time your child will learn that this place is for people.

During the first three months will be the sleep routine born child may become a product so that they sleep longer hours through the night as the day takes 2 – 3 periods sleep short any can sleep for 8 – 9 hours per night although they are intermittent.

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2 – the number of hours sleep child from the age of 4 months up to 12 months

The child needs at this age to about 14 hours of sleep, but naturally you may need more or slightly less than this, at the age of 4 months the baby will sleep most of the hours that are needed during the night, but it besides needs to be 3 periods sleep short during the day: in the morning – in the afternoon – in the evening (early bedtime).

With the progress of the work of the unlikely to change your baby’s sleep routine of 3 periods of sleep into two periods in between the ages of 6 months up to 12 months and varies from child to child until the snooze time track two could be that the baby sleeps for 20 minutes while another child sleeps for 3 hours.

It is important to maintain a bedtime routine and keep to it, either by dealing with the child in case he woke up during the night they are to come to him and talk quietly so that you tell him you’re here, but don’t raise it from the bed this will help him learn to soothe himself back to sleep, provided that you make sure that there is no wrong or problem.

3. number of hours sleep child from the age up to the age of 2 years

In general the child needs at this age from 11 hours up to 14 hours of sleep spread over the day so that it is mostly during the night with a one-bedroom or two periods of short duration during the day.

So this work intends to maintain the sleep routine of the most important things, along with avoid napping for long or late in the evening, it will adversely affect your baby’s sleep at night, you must be firm and gentle at one time for that.

Start with urbanization for growth and relaxation before about 30 minutes of sleep time, it can be done through reading stories and doing activities soothing (a warm bath – talk to your child – look through the window…).

Make sure to be your child’s bedroom is suitable in terms of temperature and lighting and be a comfortable bed, pillow and towels, and often the child needs to stuffed toys, blankets and extra pillows on the mind the safety factor.

4 – the number of hours sleep child from the age of 3 years up to 5 years

It’s work that causes school children often need for 10 – 13 hours of sleep can including naps short during the day, some children take a final for the period of these sleep and hours baby sleep through the night only.

In this age it is common that the child experiences some problems, and sleep disorders and do not want to go to bed and often be nightmares dreams disturbing is the reason for it.

In turn may be the child’s desire to stay with his parents is the reason he doesn’t want to sleep and would like if you stay awake for longer, so make sure that your child is busy with many tasks and activities appropriate during the day it is important to share it and dedicate the time don’t even feel that he misses you or that he’s away from you.

5 – the number of hours sleep child from the age of 6 years until 12 years

The number of hours of sleep the child at this age ranging from 9 to 12 hours to be at night and may be associated with a short nap during the day may take her child.

In general you can start sleeping problems that result from the evening and from the phone, television, computers and other activities, so make sure you limit the time you keep your child in front of her, along with making sure not to eat sugars and foods area before sleeping by about 3 hours.

Also in case you notice difficulty in your baby’s sleeping through the night when sleep in the end was to make him stay active and awake without a nap so that up to the night, and already need to consider, along with the importance of maintaining a routine sleep and evening even on holidays because it will entail more sleep in the next day.

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6 – the number of hours of sleep adolescents from age 13 years up to 18 years

In general they need about 8 – 10 hours of sleep, but most often the largest percentage of teens do not get this as a result of many reasons including: academic schedules, long – tasks and duties – different activities – internet addiction and social networking sites..

So it is necessary to work to organize the time better and efficiently the top to the side to follow the habits that will ensure a pattern of healthy sleep include: avoid caffeine and stimulants before bedtime by 3 hours – regular exercise – sun exposure as it helps to sleep deeply through the night.

When it comes to the number of hours of sleep when the baby no amount of one specific, but it’s different from a child to another, but the anterior border is the Central so make sure to call the number closest to it.

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