The number of feedings in the second month

عد الرضعات في الشهر الثاني

عد الرضعات في الشهر الثاني

During the first months after birth, breastfeeding or industrial are the source of essential food and only child at this age where he gets through it all the vitamins and minerals as well as antibodies that are suitable for him, and his little body resists infection and disease, but what is the number of feedings in the second month on?Keep reading this article to learn everything you care about breastfeeding in the second month.

The number of feedings in the second month for breastfeeding

Because breast milk is easy to digest, in most infants suckle frequently usually reach a number that to 12 feeds a day during the first weeks of their birth, because babies feel hungry almost every hour because of the small size of the stomach and also because breastmilk is easy to digest, so breast-fed newborn baby often every hour or two almost, in the first few weeks, and must wait on the baby even starts to cry from the intensity of his feeling of hunger.

Over time during the second or third month begins, the number of feedings in a potential downside increases the number of hours of sleep located at night where you can up the number of daily breastfeedings among 6 to 8 times a day, but can increase if a child feels hungry or in the periods in which the body of the people.

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The number of feedings in the second month for breastfeeding industrial

Different industrial yogurt for the natural yogurt a little bit because its composition is slower in digestion of Mother’s milk, so be the number of feedings of industrial milk less than the number of feedings natural yogurt, where can I suckle the child of Lebanese Industrial about 150 ms of industrial milk by the end of the second month you can increase feeding a little bit,

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Skimming in the first months of infant’s age

After that we know the number of feedings in the second month worry a lot of mothers on the spit or scraping infant after feeding or during burping, but not to worry as long as the amount of milk less than 30 ml can be reduced skimming in the first months by:.

  • Breastfeed the baby before the baby becomes very hungry.
  • Keep the baby in half put upright during feeding and for an hour after feeding
  • Avoid over-feeding the child
  • You should try to make the baby burps regularly
  • Avoid playing with the baby after feeding or shake it vigorously

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If your baby seems to spit up in large quantities, or irritable during or after feedings, or seems like he is losing weight or not gaining weight as expected, you should contact your doctor to detect the cause and treat, if your child has a fever or has any signs of dehydration.

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After that you know with us, dear readers on the number of feedings in the second month you want to note that there are signs that your child gets enough of the food that the baby seems active and is growing and evolving at a constant rate and eat in the sense that we previously mentioned at least 6 times a day, and finally he wets his diaper in the middle of a day, to monitor these signs you can make sure that your baby gets enough breast that helps to feed its growth properly and does not suffer from the problems of nutrition, and in the end we wish you and your baby continued health and wellness.

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