The negatives of obesity and its risks on health


The negatives of obesity and its risks on health , obesity is a serious disease destroys health and causes death and results in serious problems of supply of the heart disease and even cancer, and obesity cause the body weakness, lack of movement and activity and thus non-performance of activities of daily natural, normal human being, the following is monitor you the causes and risks of obesity according to doctors, nutrition specialists in the treatment of obesity and thinness.

The causes of obesity

Dr. Ahmed Diab, consultant obesity and thinness in Egypt that the causes of obesity due to the following factors.

  • 65% of the causes of obesity as a result of the ways of feeding the gas balanced between what enters the body of the high calories and deprives the human of calories a few.
  • Calories that are not able to body burn it will accumulate in the body as fat causing obesity.
  • Causes of obesity not related to hormones and medications covered by the human.
  • Some diseases cause obesity and income of man such as treatment via cortisone.

The wrong nutrition cause obesity



The excessive intake of fast food such as pizza, cause an increase in weight in an unusual way, such as a slice of pizza one contain 180 calories, when breathing human 4 slices of pizza and it gets here on the 720 kcal needs-to-energy and large don’t even turn the excess energy into fat, as well as excessive snacks and entertainment such as peanuts and chips, which provide the body with immense power. turn to fat if I don’t make human effort.

Damage of obesity on the heart

  • Cause of obesity in diabetes appears early.
  • High blood pressure is one of the causes of obesity.
  • Obesity may lead to disease, colon cancer and prostate cancer in men.
  • Women that suffer from obesity are more prone to the appearance of cancer of the uterus cancer of the gallbladder.
  • There is a connection between obesity and breast cancer in women after menopause.

The effects of obesity on the spine

The spine is affected by the extra weight when you human, because every kilo increase in the human body presses on the spine as 5 km which exposes the infected person to feel a sharp pain in the spine as well on the knees leading to knee osteoarthritis in a early age, this should be everyone who suffers from pain in the knees diet rid of excess weight.

Damage to child obesity

  • Children who suffer from obesity develop short stature and lack of proper growth.
  • Children suffer from difficulty in breathing especially during sleep which causes snoring.
  • Children who are overweight to feel depressed as a result of the development of their colleagues in the school or due to inactivity and lack of movement.

We have provided you the damage obesity causes, if you have suggestions leave a comment below the article you will want you team site content.

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