The necessary vitamins for

الفيتامينات الضرورية للمرضع

الفيتامينات الضرورية للمرضع

While you can probably meet all your baby’s needs through breastfeeding and through frequent dieting during lactation; however, taking vitamin supplements may help you a little bit if necessary, keep reading to find out the vitamins necessary for the sitein detail.

Prenatal vitamins

Continued intake of vitamins that you are taking prenatal while breastfeeding is not necessary, but it is an easy way to ensure the continuation of the that you are getting adequate levels of vitamins and minerals that you need. you and your child.

But be careful, don’t take more than you eat during pregnancy, don’t add other supplements during breastfeeding unless your doctor; do not increase the water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, on the safe dose in breast milk even if the mother was dealing with the amount of the excess, but fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A, can accumulate to dangerous levels in breast milk if ingested in excessive quantities by the mother.

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The necessary vitamins for

Identify the vitamins and minerals that you might need during breastfeeding can help you to decide on whether you need to take vitamin supplements to supplement your system health or not.

And in general, can breastfeed to provide your baby the nutrition that it needs, and for this reason, it is rare that babies get moving in any kind of vitamins his body without to get to this point first.

The only exception is vitamin D, which is produced by the skin during time spent in the sun, may children need parents who don’t spend time in the sun to vitamin D by Additional in this case.

The mother can take vitamin D as a dietary supplement and the transfer of this vitamin to the baby through breast milk, while you may need vegans who are breastfed to supplement with vitamin B12, this nutrient is available in animal sources, so probably won’t get the mother plant to have enough of this vitamin through diet to supply her infant by.

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The health of the mother during lactation

And now he has been on the necessary vitamins for here are some tips about your health; do not use most of the vitamins through breastfeeding, but some may be essential minerals in your diet need to increase, when you start breastfeeding you will need 1000 mg of calcium, this quantity you are not your child, so leave the calcium your bones during breastfeeding, calcium, you eat to replace this loss.

If you don’t drink three cups of milk per day or consume the equivalent in foods and juices rich in calcium, you may want to intake of calcium supplements; you may need also through this period, to zinc or iron if the ratio of these minerals are low in your body.

And if you’re not taking any prenatal vitamin or any other supplements, be sure to prepare a balanced diet for you during the breastfeeding period to get all the nutrients that you need to enable your child to it.

Can you think of vitamin intake or supplementation before birth if your diet lacks one or more of the basic food groups, if you have concerns about your baby is not getting the nutrition he needs from breast milk, talk to your doctor about changing your diet instead of giving vitamins to the baby.

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And now he has to know all about the necessary vitamins for the community and how you can extend your child is doing, tell us, are there any changes you should work on your diet for your baby nutrients enough? For more information about breastfeeding and the health of your baby you can consult one of our doctors here.

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