The movement of the fetus in the third month and the tips are very important to deal

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We show you today through the website of the pharmacy is important information for every pregnant about fetal movement in the third month, where he and with the beginning of the second month of pregnancy increases both the nausea and vomiting when you need with the end of this month starts in the disappearance, it can notice fetal movement by the sonar during the period between two weeks and the second pregnancy, It should be noted that the need for Women First might not be able to note your baby’s movements, but with the end of the fifth month of pregnancy but in case the woman was pregnant for the second time will feel a burning sensation of the fetus with the end of the second month, and through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore the stages of development of the fetus during the third month of pregnancy and tips important must need to follow, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that you’d like to support.

خلال الشهر الثالث يزداد الغثيان و القيءDuring the second month getting nausea and vomiting

The development of the fetus during the third month of pregnancy

The first week of the ninth

Becomes the length of the fetus during the week of the ninth of about ( 1.67 ) inch and increasing the length of the fingers of his feet and his hands, although the fingers in this period will be integrated with each other, and start the iris in displacement but remain closed as they are formed, then the outer terms, I the inner ear are filled with fluid, and begins his digestive system to form.

Secondly / week X

Ranges the length of the fetus during this week between ( 1.25 – 1.68 ) set up and start again life in doing their functions as to start a reaction in the development for the first time, turn the intestines of the fetus in the week of the tenth, as the external structure of the brain is completed despite the fact that the mass of the brain itself is still in a growth state.

III / week eleven

Ranges the length of the embryo during Week Eleven between ( 1.5 – 2 ) inch and there is a help between the size of the head and the body and the fetus kicking as well as the extension of his body during this week as I finger and foot to the implementation and start appropriate housing in homelessness during the week of the eleventh.

Fourth / third week ten

Up the length of the fetus during this stage to about 2.5 inch almost becomes the size of his head is equal to half the size of his body and be able to the fetus during this week of development through the liquid Alaminos surrounding as to the length of the arm becomes appropriate for his body but still the legs short.

Fifth / Third Week Ten

Remains the length of the fetus is almost 2.5 inch like the week of the thirteenth and start of housing as well as the strings sound in the configuration as fully developed ear so his parents can communicate with him during this week the hair starts to and the fetus to swallow as his nervous system matures during this week.

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يتراوح طول الجنين خلال الشهر الثالث ما بين ( 1.25 - 2.5 ) انشRanges the length of the fetus during the third month of between ( 1.25 – 2.5 ) inch

The symptoms that appear on the bus during the second month

There is a group of symptoms that appear on the bus during the second month of pregnancy and these symptoms are as follows :

1. fatigue and exhaustion due to increased need for blood to cover the basic requirements of the fetus.
2 – frequent urination because of the uterus which contains the fetus presses on the bladder.
3. the catch for several reasons, such as increased hormone progesterone that says slow down the process of digestion plus diet unexpected as it may cause constipation.
4. increase in vaginal secretions due to the high ratio of the hormone estrogen as well as the expansion of the cervix.
5. feeling pain all of the back and abdomen, the reason behind it to hormonal changes.
6 – is inflammation and bleeding of the gums due also to changes in the level of hormones.
7 – the feeling of burning in the stomach where the uterus presses on the stomach and thus raise the acids on to the top.
8 – varicose veins due to the uterus pressing on blood vessels this makes the blood circulation slow, lead to the swelling of the veins.

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يمكن للام رؤية حركة جنينها من خلال السونار في الشهر الثالثCan see the movement of her fetus by the sonar in the second month

Important tips for the health of the fetus

There are a range of tips that would prefer to follow for the safety and health of the fetus and these tips are as follows :

1. frequent intake of fruits and vegetables Takeout that contain fiber and vitamins and elements useful.
2. drink the proper amount of Water ( 8 glasses of water a day ).
3. drink milk and eat its derivatives per day.
4 – the use of nutritional supplements such as folic acid.
5 – to abstain or reduce the intake of caffeine.
6 – to refrain completely from smoking.

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We gave you through the site pharmacy information on the movement of the fetus and its development during the second month of pregnancy, where to each month of pregnancy the details of which we should be aware of, and adhere to the tips medicinal during pregnancy as the fetus in the best conditions and the limits of any health problems you know the life of the fetus or the risk …………. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics associated with the medical information and health website pharmacy.

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