The most successful ways to minimize the risk of injury to the urinary tract


If I ever had an infection of the urinary tract, you know how much pain and fatigue that it causes, especially in the case of a repeat occurrence. You say the antibiotics are usually the treatment of cases of urinary tract infection within a few days but there are some things that you can do to avoid infection from the foundation.

You can get rid of heartburn urine, frequent urination and other symptoms of gas loved doing this changes starting today:

  • Drink adequate quantities of water. Of the easiest ways to prevent urinary tract infection is by the output of the bacteria from the bladder and the urinary tract before using it. If you drink adequate quantities of water will be entering your frequent to the bathroom is normal and not indicative of any disease.
  • The tops of the panning and scanning from front to back. Bacteria usually trade around the anus, so if you do the laundry and wiping from front to back, there’s a high probability that you transfer these bacteria to the urinary tract.
  • Wash before intercourse and urinate after. Use soap and water to wash the area before the assembly that prevents bacteria from entering the urinary tract and peeing after intercourse, it works to prevent any bacteria from entering the urinary tract.
  • Avoid the use of women’s organizations. Avoid the use of lye of the vagina and sprays remover smells and powdered scented and any products and women’s irritating to the other.
  • Be sure to use a contraceptive method suitable. It would be easy to injury infections of the urinary tract when you use some contraception such as condoms or spermicide because they help the growth of bacteria. If you get inflammation of the urinary tract frequently, and use one of these means you can use the treatment of vaginal dryness and work on changing the type of contraceptive method.
  • Many physicians advise women who develop an infection of the urinary tract to wear cotton underwear and take a shower using the showerhead back on the tub and avoid wearing tight clothing that work to confine the bacteria near the urethra.

Ideas to implement them with your doctor

If you struggle with an infection of the urinary tract frequently your doctor may advise you the following:

  • A daily dose of antibiotics for 6 months.
  • Do check my house for urinary tract infection.
  • A dose of antibiotic after intercourse.

You can benefit from the use of the cream listen vagina in case of your menopause (Menopause) after this stage produces objects less of the hormone estrogen, causing vaginal dryness and this makes the urinary tract more vulnerable to infections. Therapy may help the balancing factor is the pH and this allows for good bacteria to grow again.



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