The most important supplements for slimming

Allows the thing that complements the daily diet for growth “supplements” they provide the body card vary according to the type they generally contain food items include fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and different types and sizes, as there are nutritional supplements for athletes are available in all of forms of non-hormonal and hormonal.

But the question that we’ll answer in our article the following are nutritional supplements useful in the process of slimming? Come with us, let’s copy and highlight about this important aspect of supplements:


What can be considered nutritional supplements should be included in the diet and that contains one or more of (vitamins, herbs, amino acids, or other components).

These products are accurate and delicate it has additional functions to the body have long been used supplements multiple a day to transport nutrients.

Even be supplement safe must be produced in very high quality, and does not contain contaminants or impurities and are labeled by the specialist or the expert or specialist doctor exclusively that adhere to the person who deals with supplementing the diet with the prescribed dosage should not be with regard to it so as not to complications that may occur.

Become supplements useful when it comes to the food needs of cellular Humans of vitamins or minerals.

In fact, doctors prescribe supplements according to the various aspects of a person’s Health, Growth, age and other factors because the ingredients existing in the nutritional supplements are often of the vitamins and minerals that are normally found in food, but to supplement our diet daily.

Supplements for slimming

Initially, we will explore how the work of food supplements for slimming and lose weight?

Can be a some supplements are effective in burning fat through the following three mechanisms:

  • Increase fat metabolism.
  • A decrease appetite.
  • Reduce fat absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.

The above three factors can be the underlying cause of weight loss andburn fat by eating dietary supplements, however we must not forget that the role of a large proportion of supplements in the weight loss is not yet confirmed.

Best supplements for slimming weight loss

Possible N follow a certain diet for slimming or you stretch sports or taking certain medications, but any of these methods can result in weight loss and achieve success in the long term?

But all that can’t give you an answer to your question because any of these methods may not suit all people because some people are suffering from health ailments such as diabetes andkidney disease or heart disease need to the various feeders for slimming.

Although dietary interventions and exercise can provide successful long term in slimming and lose weight however sometimes is not enough, as research shows that adding a drug or a dietary supplement for slimming and weight loss to the diet followed in some cases can help people on the success of the task of slimming.

The following are the best supplements for slimming, Loss Weight and burn fat used these days:

Supplement which contains element zinc:

Is the zinc metal is important for protein production in the body which increases the rate of metabolism (metabolism) and when opens your body to the zinc , it slows down the metabolism and slows down the process of fat burning.

Also helps zinc also improve and strengthen the function of immune system you have.

A dietary supplement that contains the element magnesium:

Regulates magnesium the function of the cells of the body , bones and nervous system and even the heart, and if you are a bodybuilder and want to have your body growing the way you want it you have to keep in mind the level of magnesium in your body.

Research has shown that it relaxes the muscles and helps to relax and improve sleep quality, all of which help to lose weight.

The recommended dose for supplementing the food that contains zinc, magnesium and costs are the capsule two for men and women so that each capsule 1 mg of magnesium and 1 mg of zinc and 1.2 mg of vitamin B6.

Supplement that contains green tea:

Is one of the best supplements for people, why don’t a role in metabolism, green tea works by reducing the appetite and increasing the metabolism of fats in enhancing the slimming process.

Helps boil lower respiratory exchange fat oxidation.

Green tea can help in improving the health benefits of sports.

For the average person can be green tea is a great way to increase antioxidant support and weight loss.

Showed that green tea is extracted from the extract of green tea is its effectiveness as a dietary supplement to support weight loss which is often used to check how can also be taken as nutritional supplement diet.

But the side effects of this supplement:

The occurrence of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, confusion and insomnia.

And contraindications: prevents use for people suffering from problems of blood pressure and migraines.

Dietary supplement contains extract of caffeine:

When you think of caffeine you may think about in coffee and Cola however it can be caffeine to the process of slimming and weight loss as possible if used properly because caffeine is a bitter substance found in coffee beans, tea leaves , nuts, whole cocoa beans.

It is present in food products and beverages such as coffee , tea, colas and chocolate, however, some caffeine is also found artificially in some energy drinks and medical drugs.

Caffeine, a potent compound that helps in weight loss and reduce energy consumption, have shown the analysis that caffeine intake is associated with weight loss, and doubled the body mass index and fat mass.

As if people who consume more coffee and drinks with caffeine are more likely to lose weight.

Side effects for nutritional supplements that contain caffeine:

  • The consumption of caffeine is safe in general most people drink to drink in moderation.
  • The heart patients on the use of it for slimming.
  • Must also be pregnant to refrain from caffeine intake because it may increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • So when the caffeine is consumed (as long as you’re not in these groups, high-risk) can be the caffeine is a great way to help boost your efforts for weight loss and slimming.


If you notice disturbances in sleep or headache or anxiety to reduce or stop consumption of caffeine and your health care professional or your doctor.

A dietary supplement that contains carnitine slimming:

This combination of amino acids has been examined on a large scale to prove its effectiveness in supporting weight loss even if the body produces carnitine as it is in animal products such as meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products.

Within the cells of the body plays carnitine play an important role in breaking down fat, it acid amino transports fatty acids across the cells of the body with instead of storing it.

Also, in addition to its usefulness in increasing muscle mass helps L-carnitine to reduce body weight and reduce physical and mental fatigue.

Supplementation of carnitine can download it from one day to a year at a rate of up to 2 grams per day.

Side effects of supplementing the food plan two

  • Side effects include the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps andbody odor bad.
  • Because some antibiotics and anticonvulsants may interact with L-carnitine you should consult a nutritionist or physician before starting the intake of this supplement.

Supplement contains chromium for slimming:

There is often this sense in your products to lose weight so it is not surprising that it’s among the list of Best Supplements For Weight Loss.

Is there such quantities is rich in broccoli and grape juice, baked potatoes and pasties, but most other foods contain less than 2 micrograms of chromium per meal, so if these are not Foods present in your daily diet will be useful supplements to compensate.

Studies conducted on Chromium that chromium supplements have great effects on weight loss if the results of these studies warrant further research.

But in a recent study conducted on the effect of a dietary supplement contains cinnamon and chromium for slimming and weight loss the results showed that after four months of eating this supplementing the persons who suffer from overweight or obesity and diabetes have decreased blood sugar during fasting and the lack of weight and burning rate of the existing fat in the body.

Side effects of supplementing the diet with chrome:

  • It’s safe in most cases.
  • But it might interact chromium with some medications so you should ask your doctor before starting a diet every day, in which the element chromium.

A dietary supplement containing glutamine for slimming:

This amino acid is not necessary an important source of energy for many cells of the body, but it also demonstrated its support for slimming and weight loss where involved glutamine in many metabolic processes in the body so it is found abundantly throughout the body.

Glutamine can help to improve the energy balance in the body by helping to improve blood sugar levels and the production of glucose intestinal thereby maintaining the balance of glucose, this metabolic factors are important because they are usually associated increase the ability to lose weight.

Side effects supplementing food palette:

  • Supplementing food palette is generally safe for most people.
  • But some of the side effects, no nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, andskin rash.
  • For example have associated glutamine some medications and interact with them so be sure to consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

A dietary supplement containing selenium slimming:

This fundamental element necessary for the body has a significant role in the metabolism of the thyroid gland DNA synthesis and protection from oxidative damage.

Although it is found in many foods such as Brazil nuts, fish, yellow and rich and where it is not the consumption of these foods by many people per day had the intake of a dietary supplement containing selenium because it is useful for most people.

Research shows that dietary supplements that contain selenium can help in slimming and weight loss effect on the burning of body fat.

In addition to its help in weight loss contributes to Selenium and also in metabolic health, the effect of selenium intake on insulin resistance and reduction rate.

Tell your doctor about your intake of supplementing a diet that contains selenium, especially if you are taking certain medications.

A dietary supplement containing whey protein for weight loss:

Know this supplement as a powder protein eat athletes who practice fitness to provide a source of protein during development or empowerment, however, has shown that supplementing the diet also it is an effective complement to support weight loss.

Whey protein is one of the proteins first present in dairy products that can be added to soft drinks and foods increase the intake of food or athletic performance, what matters is the food that contains whey protein helps in improving the overall function of the body, and build muscle and bone mass, improve muscle recovery after exercise and body weight and fat mass.

As to supplements protein whey reduce fat in the abdomen, where it can combine diet low calorie and nutritional supplements containing whey protein which can help in maintaining fat mass in the body.

Side effects of supplementing the Diet Whey Protein:

  • Must not be used by people who suffer from allergies to dairy or allergic to whey protein because it may cause digestive disorders.
  • Also it must be taken with caution for those who use of certain antibiotics or medicines for osteoporosis.
  • It is important to monitor people who suffer from lactose intolerance if you were able to carry combinations lactose reduced whey protein.

Finally ….

  • It is important to know that supplements, multi-vitamins and in many cases increase of appetite and obesity, has also been linked to zinc, vitamin B1 and iron supplements to increase appetite in obesity.
  • If taking supplements will definitely create some problems, although considered safe, so treatment should be monitored supplementary diet by a nutritionist.
  • Because the health of each person is different as to vary its requirements of food, not all people can lose weight with dieting and fitness this is why there are food supplements for slimming lose weight to support the efforts of some people for weight loss.
  • Keep in mind that just because that supplementing the diet works well for someone doesn’t mean that it works as well for everyone.
  • Remember, you’ll get the best results from any dietary supplement for slimming and weight loss by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise addition to taking the supplement diet.
  • When choosing a dietary supplement to support weight loss important to take into account safety and efficacy because some dietary supplements for weight loss can have serious side effects.
  • Don’t waste your time and money on something that doesn’t work make sure you consult the person and the qualification before you start adding any new supplement for weight loss especially if you suffer from heart problems or diabetes or other chronic diseases.
  • Regardless of the objectives of slimming and weight loss your important when you lose weight you should keep it long so don’t go your efforts in vain.

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